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Tomorrow in NYC: Lillian Schwartz Retrospective

This should be a good one. Tomorrow evening, the Museum of Modern Art is presenting a retrospective of work by legendary computer animator Lillian Schwartz. The 85-year-old Schwartz will be present at the screening to introduce her work:

New York–based artist Lillian Schwartz (b. 1927) became a pioneer of computer-generated art in the late 1960s while a resident at Bell Laboratories, where she continued working as an artist, filmmaker, and art historian for over three decades. She was among the first American artists to employ computer language to create motion-graphics-based film and video art. Schwartz joins us to introduce a selection of her technically complex, finely executed investigations into visual perception. The program includes 2-D/3-D films from the 1970s to the present, such as Pixillation (1970), UFOs (1971), Enigma (1973), Olympiad (1973), and the newly released Before, Before (2012).

Tickets are $12 regular admission and $8 for students. Screening starts at 7pm. More details on the MoMA website.

Here’s a 1976 documentary about Schwartz’s work:

  • Robert Schaad

    Unfortunately, gonna miss this. But thanks for posting about it. There was some really innovative stuff happening at Bell Labs back in the day!

  • Thanks for posting this and these videos. Cool work.

  • Genius!

  • GW

    I like most of her animations. The thing that makes me smile looking back on early computer animation is knowing that many of the things that were done on the computer could have been done by hand with a talented enough draftsman. It’s sort of like synthpop where the keyboardists deliberately play a certain way to make the song sound more technological even though you could play the same thing on a church organ.