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A “Beany And Cecil” website!

I love Bob Clampett, and I’m happy to announce that is now online! This is the official family website of Bob Clampett and for his characters Beany & Cecil.

The site is still a work-in-progress, and you’ll note a hard-sell for Beany and Cecil Vols. 1 & 2 DVDs (and everyone reading this blog should own these – two of the best DVD compilations ever, loaded with great cartoons and important historical bonus material). That said, the site has much to offer as is – and I recommend you visit there today.

A couple of tips: When you check it out, hold your curser over the black and white logo in the top left corner…after a second it animates! The video on the TV will be rotated out regularly. The first video is Beany and Cecil taglines.

There are video interview clips under “Our Creator/The Surreal Side of Bob Clampett.” Much more will be added over time including interviews with people who worked with Clampett. I’ve been told there will also be feature pages added like, “The Night Ronald Reagan Opened for Beany and Cecil“.

A newly digitally remastered Bob Clampett’s Beany and Cecil The Special Edition: Volume 1 is in the final stages of authoring. It will have some ADDED elements including new menus and audio commentaries by Bob’s kids: Cheri, Rob and Ruth Clampett. It will have a rare unproduced storyboard, Cecil’s Scrapebook, with Rob’s commentary. This same storyboard will be added to the website in sections. The first section is up now, you can find it under Creator/My Life As a Sea Serpent. Readers will be notified when the DVD available, if they go to the order page.

The family has also just set up a “BeanyandCecilChannel” on and an Official Beany and Cecil FanPage on You should “Like” that too!

Much Clampett goodness to explore and enjoy. My highest recommendation!

  • Christopher Cook

    I have both volumes 1 and 2 plus recordings of all half hours from the 1989 syndicated run which played here locally (as well as the ill-fated ’88 Kricfalusi eps). I’ll definitely check the website out as we were definitely a Beany and Cecil family when we were kids.

  • This is EXcellent! For those of you “young’ns”….B&C was THE Ren & Stimpy/ Beavis & Butthead/ Family Guy/ Simpsons of its DAY!!! VERRRY cutting edge, satirical, adult in humor, and downright funny!!! I highly condone the 2 dvds (but then, again, we ALLL have them, right!?)

  • The site looks great. I’ve only got Vol. 2 right now, but I’d love to get my hands on Vol. 1, especially if it’s got even more bonus stuff!

  • Will the reissued Volume 1 avoid the really *really* bad DVNR that the first one had? (For that matter, does Volume 2 suffer from this?)

    • Brian O.

      John K. said via his blog that he made Rob promise no DVNR.

      Fingers crossed!

  • FleischerFan

    Great news that Volume 1 will be back in print!

    I passed on the opportunity to purchase this when it was originally offered. Since then, I have not wanted to pay the inflated prices 2nd hand sellers are asking.

    I immediately put myself on the e-mail list to be notified when its available again. Thanks for the post!!

  • I remember Beany and Cecil from my very young years and it’s always a pleasure to reacquaint myself with these memorable characters. Thanks for posting this, Jerry!

  • Scarabim

    In my opinion, Beany and Cecil deserve a GOOD live-action film treatment (but not with puppets). The characters are still appealing and funny and deserve revival. Just keep the producers of the Chipmunks and the Smurfs away from them.

    • Professor Widebottom

      ‘Money it would be 3D. Depressing.

  • Steven M.

    Oh, happpy day!

  • and to my dying day, my FAVORITE Christmas morning is to find my (talking) plush Cecil under the Tree. To which I still have (with its accompanying Beany!) They are prominently displayed in the heart of my (toon) HOUSE!!!

  • When I graduated High School I thought it would be funny to have my then girlfriend bring my Mattel Talking “Beany Boy” doll to see the event. My Mother and her began discussing the idea that if there were ever to be a fire I would probably try to save the Doll before either of them.

    At this point I had to point out to them that THEY had legs that actually worked… but Beany Boy NEEDED me.

    I was mostly joking of course.

  • Scarabim

    Just wanted to add: I’d PREFER than any Beany and Cecil film be animated in 2D. But we all know that would never happen….

  • Will Time for Beany be coming to DVD too?

  • Doug Drown

    I agree with the Beany and Cecil-as-live-action-film idea. That could really work, if the right people were involved (Spielberg could do it).

    I remember the ’60s cartoons from my childhood — gentle spirit, really clever satire and puns, and a slight touch of tenderness without being cloying. Not every director (in animation OR live action) could pull that off, but Clampett did. The Kricfalusi entries were a little edgier, but just as much fun in their own way.

  • Beany and Cecil were one of my absolute favorites as I was growing up..My sister in law presented me with a [email protected] Jack in the Box on my 6th birthday (1963)..I made the mistake of waiting to buy the first DVD set only to see it go for astronomical prices as they became quite rare.

    When Vol. 2 came out with some “found” copies of Vol. 1 in 2009, I snapped them both up..Now I see they are redoing Volume 1 again with new interviews..Perhaps when it comes out I might decide it’s worth buying again..

    There are a couple of Time For Beanys on the DVD sets already out..

  • Rick Farmiloe

    Jerry, Like you, I knew Bob pretty well. He was such a great guy, and loved hanging out with us ‘young guys’ back in the late 70’s, early 80’s. He was so happy that we wanted to make great cartoons, and loved his stuff so much! He helped me get my first job in animation because he liked this film I did in college. ALL of the Clampett’s were so welcoming and friendly. I’ll never forget his kindness. This website is such a great idea. I really hope it’s a serpent sized success!!!