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Butler and Messick in “Blooper’s Soap Revisited”

Everyone who loves the classic cartoon vocalizations of Daws Butler, Don Messick and June Foray is in for a real treat. Animator Mike Kazaleh found this rare recording in his collection and gave us the okay to post it online.

Mike says, “This is actually a sequel to another record. The first record took place at a recording studio as an animation director (played by Herschel Bernardi) is attempting to record a line of ad copy with actor “Morey Ziduals” (played by Shepard Menkin) while advertising man “Miltown Jag” (played by Daws Butler) is present. In this, the follow up, Daws Butler reprises his role as Miltown Jag with Don Messick as copywriter “Herb.” Doug Young and June Foray join in the fun.”

Blooper’s Soap Revisited is a 7″ record playing at 33 1/3 rpm. Note the wonderful Tee Hee caricature on the label. Was this released publicly – or (as I suspect) was this meant to be a voice demo for advertising work? It contains too many inside references to be something the general public would appreciate. All I know is, I certainly appreciate hearing this rare recording from the golden era of TV animation. Click the audio player embed after the jump to hear it.

  • And caricatures by T. Hee! It doesn’t get better.

  • Ken Layton

    Fantastic! I love it. :)

  • Brilliant. “WHEAAAAT CHAAAF!” had me laughing my head off.

  • Michael

    A more authentic portrait of that era than Mad Men.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Loved the cameo appearance of Jinks in the “Mange Magic” shampoo spot! It almost sounds like Doug Young, the guy playing Mr Blooper, might be doing an impression of Johnny Carson. Does Kazaleh know what year this was recorded?

  • The writing is like something that didn’t make the cut at MAD magazine. But interesting to hear the voices.

    I can’t help but see “Dr. Benton Quest” when I hear Don Messick.

    Who composes that bouncy background music? That’s the most period thing of all. I suppose that was from a stock library they had?

  • uncle wayne

    So (I would assume) this rcdg is beFORE Quick Draw, and pre-Snooper-&-Blabber. A wonnnnderful treasure….what is its year??

  • Phil

    So you’re the one who outbid me! I also have the original one “all that Jazz” 45. Thanks for sharing!

  • Alexander Rannie

    Here’s a link to the original “Blooper’s Soap” routine:

  • Earl

    The original record that Mike described was titled “All That Jazz” and was made when Daws was working in advertising at Playohuse Pictures as an in-house gag. It was much funnier and a more on-the-nose satire of the meddling of ad executives in the creative process (in my opinion). I don’t even remember Daws ever pulling this one out, but he was very proud of the original (and rightly so).

    In later years, he would have his acting students read the script for the original as an exercise. By that time, he changed the name of the ad guy to Valium Jag, as Milltown was an extinct drug.

  • Mike Kazaleh

    Like Earl said, Daws was working at Playhouse Pictures. He was writing ads as well as doing voices. The copy of “Blooper’s Soap Revisited” I have came from Playhouse Pictures. I found the record there when I started working for them in the late eighties. Years later when Playhouse shut down, Producer/director Gerry Woolery gave it to me as a gift.

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