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Friday in LA: Rare Stop-Motion Classics

I think all twelve programs compromising the latest Platform International Animation Festival are terrific – not a bad show in the batch. Otomo, Pes, Disney’s Paperman crew, The Cartoon Network creators, the festival screenings and animators panels. One program in particular has me very jazzed – a tribute pioneering stop-motion animator Ladislas Starewitch.

Platform will present a rare screening of four 35mm archival silent short films (accompanied by live music) by this influential surrealistic filmmaker. Starewitch, who lived most of his life in Paris, made films using unique, bizarre puppets and on occasion, manipulated real (dead) insects. The program will include: 1921’s L’Epouvantail (The Scarecrow), 1923’s Amour Noir et Blanc (Love in Black and White), 1927’s La Reine des Papillons (Queen of the Butterflies), and 1925’s Les Yeux du Dragon (Eyes of The Dragon).

This program is actually the opening night event for Platform. It’s on Friday night, Oct. 26th, at 7:30pm in the Redcat Theatre (at the Disney Music Hall, Downtown L.A.). For more information and tickets, click here.

  • Sounds excellent. I’m a big Starewitch fan. But Jeez, do we have to have two big animation events less than a month apart? And in LA, again! I know there are a lot of animators and animation fans there, but I thought Platform was a big success when it was in Portland,

  • Hannah

    It always has saddened me that that Starewitch never gets the attention that he deserves, despite that stop-motion and special effects owe so much to him. Glad to here about this event! Hopefully we can eventually get some of his work released here in the states.