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“Koko’s Earth Control” (1928) by Max & Dave Fleischer

Max and Dave Fleischer (and animator Dick Heumer) explain it all in this 1928 classic cartoon.

If you had to recommend one cartoon for the world to see before we all perish – what would it be?

  • FleischerFan

    While I love “Koko’s Earth Control,” I’m thinking it would be “King-Size Canary.”

  • Tom

    What On Earth by Kaj Pindal and Les Drew


  • Oh, there are too many great films to limit it to one, here are 10 off the top of my head:

    Snow-White by Fleischer
    The Old Mill by Walt Disney (directed by Wilfred Jackson)
    Philips Broadcast of ’38 by George Pal
    Little Rural Riding Hood by Tex Avery
    Duck Amuck by Chick Jones
    Erzatz by Dusan Vukotic
    The Street by Caroline Leaf
    The Man Who Planted Trees by Frédéric Back
    The Wrong Trousers by Nick Park
    Ryan by Chris Landreth

    Or if you meant apocalyptic cartoons then:
    Das Rad by Stenner, Uibel, Wittiinger
    Balance by Christoph & Wolfgang Lauenstein
    The Big Snit by Richard Condie
    Rejected by Don Hertzfelt
    Education for Death by Disney (directed by Clyde Geronimi)
    Grave of the Fireflies by Isao Takahata
    Hunger by Peter Foldes
    The Hand by Jiri Trnka
    Sinking of the Lucitania by Winsor McCay

  • Mr.Eraser

    Monkey Meat

  • “One Froggy Evening” because lets face it, Michigan J. Frog would survive the end of the world.

    Although, for obvious reasons “The Big Snit” seems far more appropriate for today.

  • eeteed


    the milkman


    it has a good ending to go out on.

  • Ted
  • “Feelings of Mountain and Water” (1988) from Te Wei

  • “why do we even have that lever?!?”

    “Earth Control” is my favorite Koko cartoon. I first saw it at a show at the Dallas Museum of Art with Philip Glass music applied to it which gave it a much powerful effect than the whatever has been wallpapered onto it in that Youtube clip.

    Last cartoon? “What’s Opera, Doc?” or “The Band Concert”

  • MrMister

    Peace on Earth (Hugh Harman) is my choice.

    • Karl Wilcox

      “Peace on Earth” is the first that comes to my mind.

  • Gray64

    I have to think we’ll all get to 6 pm (or whenever it’s supposed to happen) and be thinking “Where’s the ka-boom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering ka-boom!”

  • nickelrocket

    I nominate Duck Amuck for the pure insanity of it all to mirror the banal insanity of our world today.

  • Courage, A Cowardly Dog

    Victory through Airpower

  • Clamplett’s Tortoise Wins by a Hare

  • Randy Koger

    Peace on Earth from MGM Studios….for all the truths it contains. (Also some damn good animation.)

  • Randy Koger

    By the way, great cartoon here. But God…where did that rinky-tink piano soundtrack come from? Doesn’t work with the cartoon at ALL!

  • Ha ha that clip was awesome. Wow, 1928 hey? That’s amazing. Still awesome today nealy 100 freaking years later. And mixing that media? Awesome. For a film to choose, I’d go for ‘spirited away’ or ‘flux’

  • akira

    this made me think of another great toon:
    don’t touch the history eraser button!!!

  • Robert Reynolds

    My choice would be Balance (which has already been mentioned).

    For the post-apocalyptic world, the choice is obvious:

    The Man Who Planted Trees

  • Eric Paulsen

    The Cat Came Back.

  • dbenson

    I’d run a 1940s Terrytoon –one with a “romantic” theme — because everybody would leave the building and maybe get a last chance to smell the flowers.

  • Man, that dog is an asshole. :I
    But seriously, great cartoon. I like Koko cartoons, even though I bloody hate clowns. XD Love the visual gags at the end with the tilting camera. XD

  • Thanks for the nifty Koko cartoon…I wish there was a cable channel that ran these and other classics 24/7.

  • Hans W.

    Anna and Bella.

  • Christopher Cook

    Hare Way To The Stars. Marvin’s need to blow us up be because we’re obstructing his view of Venus is the only reason we’re doomed.

  • NJprogfan

    Pinnochio for a feature film and One Froggy Evening for a short.

  • LIQUID TELEVISION showed an edited version of this with a much more effective soundtrack.

    It’s on YouTube: http://youtu.be/sip9ir6eoSU

    • Chris Sobieniak

      That was the first time I remember seeing the cartoon via that, and it certainly made it even more effective than I could ever imagine.

  • Bwana Houseman

    The stuff inked and shot on paper (the shots when the characters are against a white field) is the finest. Dick Huemer’s design for Ko-Ko in this cartoon was far better than later versions used by Fleischer. Amazing how inventive this 83 year old film seems today. It’s also a good example of reusing bits of animation without boring the audience, seldom pulled off this successfully. When the animated short cartoon was still young entertainment figured more into the equation than it does now. There were live theater audiences involved that threw vegetables and loose furniture when something stank rather than focus groups paid to lie.

  • cijfer

    Wow it has everything! Pixelation, cut-outs, live action mixed with animation…

  • Loco the Clown

    The song that is used on ‘Koko’s Earth Control’ as posted on CB is ‘Chasing Shadows’-a Paul Whiteman tune. Personally I prefer period music with silent cartoons. A listen at the early sound Screen Songs is a good indication of the kind of music that might have been chosen for the silent Kokos had they been made with sound.

  • Geneva

    This is one of my favorites! Thanks for the picker-upper.

  • tonma

    watch any Tex Avery and give yourself a break from taking things so seriously today……

  • Michael Moss

    I’d go for another NFB classic from the ’70’s “Hot Stuff” by Zlatko Grgic.

    Seen here http://www.nfb.ca/film/hot_stuff

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I actually wanted to post that in a list of the films I suggested, but somehow that didn’t get through for who knows why (though my list practically went all over and I’m sure I should’ve proofread that too). Certainly Hot Stuff holds great creative spurts in it’s presence at dire situations. One film that gets me at times to see again and again is Paul Driessen’s “The Killing of an Egg”.

  • Bob

    Last cartoon for the world to watch? I’m not sure which I would pick, but it would be a Fleischer cartoon! My favorite cartoon studio!

  • Andre

    @Loco the Clown, that Paul Whiteman tune is actually called “Dancing Shadows”.

  • Dave

    Pluto´s judgement day – Disney (LOL)