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First Look: Looney Tunes Platinum Vol. 2

Unabashed Plug: Out next week is Vol. 2 of Warner Home Video’s Blu-ray cartoon collection, Looney Tunes Platinum Collection. I’m a little biased because I helped put together the set which includes fifty Warner Bros. cartoon classics, restored to pristine condition, now in glorious 1080p Blu-ray format – containing such masterpieces as A Wild Hare, Book Revue, You Ought To Be In Pictures, the complete Cecil Turtle trilogy, The Nasty Canasta collection, the Chuck Jones’ Bugs-Daffy-Elmer Hunting trilogy, the complete works of Beaky Buzzard, A. Flea and Tex Avery’s Art Deco classic Page Miss Glory. Not to mention a nifty 28-page color booklet (written by yours truly).

The complete contents are listed here. I just got my advance copy and can’t be more pleased about how it turned out, especially as it restores original titles to several films, and a lost ending gag to the seminal Hardaway-Dalton rabbit-hunting cartoon Hare-um Scare-um (1939). Pre-order it now – and yeah, it’s available on DVD (minus a bonus disc and several bonus features). Highly recommended!

  • Gav Herron

    Is the platinum collection original and uncut?

  • Um just a small question. Apart from being in HD what’s the difference between these platinum collections and the previously released golden collections?

    • James

      There are some newly restored cartoons that weren’t on the GCs.

      • Faithful Eediot

        It’s a pretty crummy way to encourage sales. It’s 90% what you already have, plus a few fistfuls of new cartoons.

        Hopefully we’ll see some more Tom and Jerry and Popeye soon. Cause there’s nothing of Value coming out of WHV Looney Tunes-wise.

        • James

          I’m pretty sure having all of the cartoons on the set in HD for the first time ever has something to do with it.

          I mean, that’s the primary reason why blu-ray market exists.

      • Ah I see. I still not sure if it’s worth the purchase since over in the UK we have just gotten vol 6 of thee golden collections, and they play fine on bluray players.

  • I love these sets. On a purely personal level, the one cartoon they haven’t released yet that I REALLY REALLY want is Hopalong Casualty. The Earthquake Pill gag is my favorite Chuck Jones routine ever–makes me bust a gut every time I see it. But, unless I missed it, I don’t think it’s available on DVD other than as part of the Coyote-Road Runner compilation in “The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie.” I’d love the original cartoon intact. But that’s just me whining about my personal preferences. These latest sets of cartoons are fantastic.

  • DT

    I can’t remember the circular logic, being the Cartoon Brew blog or the L.T.P. Vol 1, that brought me here, but both have really enriched my love of this site. I’m no animator, just a schmuck who likes cartoons. (Mind you, I’d love to be a voice actor for them.)

    So much material has been packed into the first collection that I still haven’t fully explored all three discs. It’s for this reason that I’m chomping at the bit for Vol 2. The hunting trilogy is one of the greatest moments in comedy, in my opinion.

    Thanks, from some random guy who doesn’t take film class or work in the industry. Thanks, from a person who grew up with these cartoons as good friends, and loves hearing of their back stories. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Tex Avery’s MGM shorts are included in this set (!!!!!!!), but in Standard Definition… in the High Definition Blu-Ray box set only!?? It’s still a major selling point to me, but… !

    • akira

      Where did you see that the Tex Avery cartoons are in standard definition? I left a comment asking Jerry about that earlier but I don’t see it anywhere now…

      If it is in SD, then WHY?!?!? Those cartoons deserve top treatment. Why didn’t they ever put the complete works out on dvd? The laserdisc set from (20?) years ago was so awesome, why can’t they just redo that on dvd or blu-ray…. I just am sad that they probably think this inclusion of Tex Avery will satiate his fans who have been dying for decent home video treatment of their hero.

      • I got this information from …

        The obvious answer as to why they’re in SD is because they aren’t restored and included as a bonus. It’s a step above nothing at all, but still…

        • akira

          That’s too bad, I had asked Jerry about it but he probably can’t share his opinions/comments on certain things due to his contract. I’m sure there are probably few who would love a full Tex Avery HD blu-ray set more than him. I just wish they had embarked on a mission to release the complete Looney Tunes (in order), and not just re-do the discontinued Golden Collection… I don’t know about everyone else but I’m not buying these for the extra features, I’m buying them to collect the most complete, highest quality version of these classic cartoons as possible.

          • akira

            actually maybe it’s good news that the tex avery MGM shorts aren’t in HD… maybe that’s an indication that they’re saving the HD version for the complete Tex avery MGM blu ray coming soon!!!

  • Faithful Eediot

    Pass. One restored opening sequence and one restored ending aren’t enough to make me cough up big bucks for content that I mostly already own. And as some of my more cynical friends have noted, the rare still will likely be put online anyway.

    • Faithful Eediot

      Also, except for “A Horsefly Fleas” , all the other “original title” restorations only affect the opening rings, not title sequences.

    • Jow

      Oh, it’s not just that.

      There’s new to DVD cartoons, tons of bonus features (new & old), all the cartoons are in HD and then there’s the booklet.

      Either way, sad to know you’ll miss out.

    • On the standard release, you get ten new-to-DVD cartoons restored from the original negatives, all kinds of original titles, some new cool bonus features and 30 seconds of footage that hasn’t been seen in almost 75 years. For under $20. That’s “big bucks”?! Do you have any idea how much money film restoration costs these days? With your kind of logic, your alias is appropriate, Kenny.

      • Kevin Martinez

        Touche. Good point, Thad. No need to be insulting

    • Occams Breadknife

      MY biggest worry is that they still won’t get all the shorts in this set, just like they did not complete the golden set, just like they did not complete the vhs set.

      Here’s an idea – release a full set of what you have, unrestored, un-souped up, warts and all. I’d buy that.

      Then use the money to finish restoration and make a definitive set. And charge good money for it.

      I am with the crowd that has spent too much money on various WB sets to feel much moved to start in on another one that significantly overlaps with what I have, regardless of the amount of “Ohh shiney!”.

      Maybe I’ll get the next series they make, after they abandon this one, if they add significantly more toons.

  • Chuck Halverson


    Very much looking forward to this, Book Revue is a
    Masterpiece… One question, is it still in book casing like the first one?



    • No, it’s not in “DigiBook” casing. It’s in a standard blu-ray package with the 28-page booklet tucked behind the front panel.

      • James

        Good call. I personally prefer booklets over the digibooks (although digibooks over no booklet).

  • William

    I, too, will pass as I did Volume 1.

    I really want to see the Golden Collection mindset return. I’ve abstained from all post-GC releases due to the clear uncertainty projected by Warner Home Video with every subsequent title or series.

    The Platinums and the Super Stars are great (and I think the only) examples; both have collector-friendly content, but they both also come with a hefty helping of double-dips (indeed 90% or more on the Platinums). Both are single, mass retail releases that seem to want it both ways by targeting collectors and general consumers alike. And neither reflect the GC model of no repeats.

    I understand the home video market has changed since the Golden Collections, but why do consumers have to be the only ones to adjust? I’d love to see WHV take the TCM Jolly Frolics approach and
    actually attempt to finish the series by targeting collectors on a smaller scale. Balance the cost out with everything else, like the two aforementioned series, at Big Box.

    Or WHV can bite the bullet and finish the series on its own dime. Since it’s, you know, their flagship franchise and all.

    • Kevin Martinez

      I actually agree with William. Even beyond TCM, Warner Archive is doing good stuff with live-action material like Perry Mason and the Bowery Boys. Maybe it’s time they were allowed to get their hand into the Looney Tunes as well.

      • William

        As long as they’re fully restored and on pressed discs, I’m all for it!

  • I heard the MGM cartoons were in standard definition as well. That is my only problem with this collection. They should release the MGM cartoons on a separate blu-ray in HD. I wish they had included something like the new CG theatrical cartoons in HD instead. I have all the Golden Collections but I don’t mind buying the same cartoons over if they’re in HD. I love the quality. I just wish they’d restore the extras as well. But money, money, money!

  • Jon

    I’ll pass on the Blu-Ray but I’ll pick up the DVD, just for the new-to-DVD cartoons. As to the lack of bonus features on the DVD, I don’t care about those, anyway, because I rarely get around to watching them.

    Regarding the Golden Collections, I think it’s time to stop grieving over those, folks. They’re gone and they’re not coming back.

    • William

      Sure, the Golden Collections are gone, but they only covered about 1/3 of the catalog. How else will the remaining cartoons be handled if a similar MINDSET doesn’t come back?

      • Jon

        Part of the problem is that Warner is, at present, no longer willing to pay to restore the 50-60 cartoons a year it took to fill the Golden Collections. That’s why we’re getting fewer newly restored titles each year. Even if the Archive took over the cartoons, you’d still have the problem of having far fewer newly restored titles each year to work with.

        • James

          Also, many of the restored cartoons are going to the Super Stars DVDs. The # of new restorations still seems pretty steady, though fewer B&W cartoons lately.

        • William

          I’m not sure what your comment about the Archive means, but any LT cartoon released (either retail or Archive) should be fully restored. That’s part of the business, it’s an almost decade-long standard, and it shouldn’t be up for debate (within Warners) just because the Archive doesn’t usually restore films.

          I understand WHV isn’t willing to do the same number of cartoons each year, but that’s precisely the point. They need to figure out how to get back, or at least closer, to that previous output. These 90% double-dip Big Box releases certainly aren’t the answer.

  • top cat james

    Double-dips aside, that cover is a vast improvement over Volume 1.

    • Is that the actual cover at the top of the post? The Amazon link has a much different, and far far worse image.

  • Mark

    To justify the cost of full restoration Warner need to double dip. I have the original sets but with a HD TV the difference is obvious and there are some new discoveries. The general public will not buy the sets if stuff they don’t know aren’t included. To me the big mistake with the Golden Collections were that they put all the best stuff on the first few volumes. I say stretch it out along with unreleased stuff.

    • William

      Things are already stretched out and we aren’t getting too far. A few “new discoveries” doesn’t make headway if the idea is to finish the catalog.

      WHV must think outside the box and focus on collectors, rather than general consumers who won’t “buy the sets if stuff they don’t know aren’t included.”

  • Anthony

    I’m really looking forward to this set. The double dips are fine as the difference between SD and HD is amazing for these cartoons and my aim is to have the best possible looking versions of all the classic cartoons.
    With this release, the Mouse Chronicles blu ray set and Porky Pig Superstar (sadly dvd) release this year is one big year!