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Popeye DVD


Here it comes!

The first official release of the classic Max Fleischer cartoons on DVD, from Warner Home Video (who own the master film elements) by arrangement with King Features Syndicate. The first sixty Fleischer cartoons (in release order), including POPEYE THE SAILOR MEETS SINDBAD THE SAILOR and POPEYE THE SAILOR MEETS ALI BABA’S FORTY THEIVES, all restored from the original negatives. All Paramount titles restored.

This is the real thing. If you love these cartoons your eyes will POP at the restorations. If you’ve never seen them you are in for a revelation. Four discs, over five hours worth of bonus materials, including audio commentaries by the likes of Mark Kausler, John K., Eric Goldberg, Leslie Cabarga, Mark Evanier, etc. (yes, and me too!). This is Vol. 1 and it goes on sale July 31st. Mark your calender now.

Popeye The Sailor: 1933-1938 Volume One. I’ll have more info in the weeks that follow.

  • Mike Russo

    Commentaries by John K, huh? I’m gonna love hearing how he’ll tie Bob Clampett into THIS.

    A definite must buy!

  • This is history in the making; The FIRST time in history of home video that a classic Paramount cartoon series has been issued on home video with its original openings reinstated AND the first ever non-Public Domain DVD release of a Betty Boop cartoon (the First Popeye from 1933)).

    The one thing I’d like to see WHV do with this set is to do a featurette on the restoration of the Popeyes, and maybe one on the horrific colorization of these cartoons by Ted Turner (when compared to the originals they were close, but no Segar)

  • Finally…and it looks like they actually did the cover art in a way that is somewhat fitting (unlike the bizarre choices made for the Looney Tunes Golden Collection). Thanks for the great news, Jerry!

  • Just as I’m about to finish recording them all off of Boomerang’s late night THE POPEYE SHOW. It figures.

  • Nathan Strum

    Outstanding! I can’t wait for this one. It only makes me wish all the more that Warner would do a complete chronological release of their own theatrical shorts.

  • Esn

    WOW! This is like Christmas all over again!

  • Wow. Great news. My Popeye DVD collection until now has consisted of what I found at various dollar stores. I’ll be sure to pick this up.

  • B. Baker

    Blow me down!

  • Oh man! I am getting my ‘geek on’ over this one and I don’t care who knows it! Popeye was always my favorite cartoon character as a kid! Spinach? Fighting and smoking pipes? Hot skinny chicks? HAHAH! Yes sir! Let me at it! :-)
    Seriously though, lately I’ve been watching old Popeye cartoons on the Boomerang channel with my daughters and they’ve fallen in love with him too. Now Popeye has a whole new generations of fans! I can’t wait for this!

  • This. Is. The. Best. News. This. Year.

    I can’t wait to turn on my kids to this, and to see them again since they were broadcast on TV in my childhood.

  • Paul

    I’m SO there!

  • Bill Field

    Makes me so happy I need to go walk down the street—“Skimbamskittleydaddidoo Skimpabliobodootliahtitoo”– why does he recite that when he walks any way? Did that Grand Piano hit his noggin harder than we thought? Hey—He Iz What He Iz.

  • johnnn

    yeah! looks great, count me excited

  • Just try and stop me from buying this dvd set.

  • Will Finn

    Hallelujiah! Let the bells ring out and the banners fly! I love these cartoons and cant wait to show them to my kids in mint condition, (although I’ll keep a first-aid kit handy when doing so). IMO these remain some of the most technically sophisticated, artistically gutsy and riotously funny shorts ever.
    Please tell me that what is pictured is the real package design and that the usual crap marketeers won’t change it with the usual slop that they invariably come up with.
    Thanks for the head’s up!

  • Man, that sounds great. I can’t wait. Except for one thing.

    I’m gonna go ahead and be the one to say that John K. does terrible audio commentaries on other people’s work. Every track I’ve heard from him consists mostly of him rambling about a) the influence the cartoon had on his own work, b) reasons why Bob Clampett is better than hacks like Jones and Freleng, c) the reason WB cartoons were great was because of how filthy they were or d) nothing, as far as I can tell. Half the time he seems to be talking just to hear himself talk.

    Occasionally he’ll give a useful tidbit about who’s animating what sequence, but that seems to degenerate into bashing those who would do it differently.

    Say what you will about the man’s own work, but he has no business doing audio commentaries when he in no way attempts to educate or enlighten.

  • I can’t wait! I’ve heard great things about the restoration of these animated classics, a great deal of love and care has been put into this project and Popeye deserves it. Glad the traced and colorized Ted Turner versions of the late ’80s aren’t included, at least I hope they’re not.
    Also looking forward to commentaries by you, John K. and Leslie Cabarga. I still enjoy Leslie’s “The Fleischer Story” book, and recommend it to all Popeye fans.

  • Sam

    Oh Joy!

  • J. Allen

    If you were trying to get me to pop an erection – mission accomplished.

  • Fantastic! I have some of the cheap knockoff discs – they look terrible. Can’t wait for this to come out.

  • It’s about time!!!!! woo hoo!!

  • Grrl

    this… I will get my hands on..

    Popeye…. childhood memories….damn Popeye…was a childhood hero!!

  • Awesome. I used to tape these when CN did Late Night Black & White (which has now returned, yay!). Will definitely buy this, the voice-acting on these old shorts was utterly hysterical sometimes.

  • David Gold

    Well blow me down! I wast jesk gettins tired of 14th generaskin bootleg copies of deez tings! Waytl I tells me Pappy!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Pinch me! PINCH ME!! I want to make sure this is REAL!! :-)

  • A sheer delight! Who could ask for a better release?
    I really loved Cabarga’s book “The Fleischer Story” looking forward to hear his comments, along with the other experts!

  • What a pleasure to see Warner releasing cover art with integrity. This actually looks like a video release produced by and for someone who appreciates the character. That means so much.

  • James Kormann

    AWESOME! I’ve been a Popeye fan for a long time and will definitely be adding this to the DVD library. It will be great to be able to see a good quality version of Popeye The Sailor Meets Sindbad The Sailor for once. I have a really horrible version of it on one of those cheapo DVDs that I got for my birthday so I’ll be glad to see it as it should be seen.

  • Oh Me, Oh My.

    I used to watch the old POPEYE cartoons on television all the time when I was little. Then they stopped showing them.

    I hope they have these on Netflix.

  • LNG

    Max Fleischer will again influence a whole new generation or three. The world is overdue for the welcome return of his brand of surrealism.

  • Ron

    Oh Happy day! I’ve been waiting for this for ever so long! I’m gonna go eat some spinach and get an anchor tatooed on my arm to celebrate. I was born not far from where the Fleischer studio used to be in Miami. I like to think that as a baby I absorbed some of their creative energy which is why I’m a cartoonist today and such a huge Popeye fan! Those of you not wanting to hear John K’s commentary may have a valid point BUT you’re complaining about it only makes me want to listen to it…and I almost never listen to commentary on DVD’s. Did they say Eric Goldberg was going to comment as well? He seems like the kind of guy who would know his Fleischer history.

  • It’s going to be hard to store on a shelf with his left foot sticking out like that (snicker). That’s some great cover art there.

    Is Tom Hatten going to provide any commentary?

  • To everyone – The restoration of these cartoons is simply amazing. I’ve seen them. You’ll throw away the copies you taped off Cartoon Network’s POPEYE SHOW. The Sindbad and Ali Baba specials will have you drooling. Long time fans will see things in this set you’ve never seen before.

    J. Allen – I love your comment, but I have some more DVD news to announce next Tuesday that will really give you a “Woody”.

  • Thanks for sharing the DVD cover with us, Jerry! It’s simply outstanding, like a movie poster or a graphic novel cover! I’m glad to finally see something that isn’t public domain, which we’ve been stuck with for over two decades.

    I am definitely looking forward to this release!

  • J. J. Hunsecker

    The cover art looks great! I can’t wait until July.

  • I agree with what Morly said. This box art is beautiful in its simplicity unlike the Looney Tunes ones which are drawn really off model and kinda look disturbing. This is great. I hope these have been restored so they look sharper.

  • With all the great animation due out on DVD this year – all those Hanna-Barbera sets, Milton The Monster and Batfink, The Ant and the Aardvark (out today) and now this authentic release of the Fleischer Popeyes, it’s a wonder if I have any money left in my wallet.

  • S Coats

    Oh man! We are getting so spoilt with these classics of animation coming out so regularly. No previous generation had it so good. Audiences in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s would have had the pleasure of seeing great cartoons regularly in the cinema but it would have been pot luck what you saw depending on the movie you went to. We can pick and choose from so many awesome animated DVD sets that it is hard to watch one properly before the next ‘must have’ is released. There are worse problems!
    PS. Animation fans need to support well made collections to ensure that the owners of the material continue to see benefit in restoring and releasing them.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Friends: that IS the cover art–I’ve seen it, and props to Frank Caruso and King Features for the sleek look of the entire package. I’ve seen mock up covers for the next few sets, and no one will be disappointed with their design, let alone the genius cartoons contained therein. No mistake–this is a must get kind of thing.

  • Next tuesday, Jerry?

    Can hardly wait! What a year for animation!!

  • I’m kvelling and I don’t even know what that means.

  • Robert A. Porrazzo

    This Popeye set has got anticipation sensors running overtime! Mark me down for a set. 2007–year of the classic animation revolution–whether it’s the F word (Filmation and their Superman and Batman releases) to this Popeye set–SHIVER ME TIMBERS and serve me up some spinach–I’m ready for this. And with Jerry doing the comments, well this adds credibility.

  • Keith of San Diego

    Got your site URL from Mark Evanier’s. This deal sounds great. Between this, misc TV show DVD releases, and IDW’s reprinting of classic comics, I will be in nostalgia heaven! Here is more info (price, etc).

  • that is truly treeeeeeeeemendous news!! Those [b&w] films were always a treasure as a child….thank Gawrd I (we) get to view them as an adult!! Can NOT wait!!

  • This is indeed great news and a day that I hoped would come. I’m only sorry that the men and women who made these cartoons are mostly gone. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if they had been released during the video era and some of the animators and voice artists who made the shorts could have been recognized?

    Ah, corporate decisions!

    Jack Mercer never realized just how many fans he had. He remained to his death a very humble man. I’m sentimental enough to hope that somehow he will be aware of the renewed appreciation of his great talent this DVD release will bring.

    Of course, I’m biased, but these shorts will show just how vital the Flesicher cartoons remain and the considerbale influence they continue to make on animation.

  • Chuck

    Oh no! Not another overblown collector’s set with one macho white male bludgeoning another macho white male over who gets to take home the defenseless damsel in distress. Geena, if you’re out there, please put a stop to this abomination now!

    Ha, just kidding. Yes, kudos to all involved in getting this out. The packaging is excellent!

  • Can’t beleive that wonderful black+spot cover! (Can’t imagine Wally-Mart displaying it!) Is it by Leslie Cabarga?

    Any chance you can tease us with a restored original Paramount & ship’s doors opening to one of the cartoons? Just the opening is all I need to see!

  • Scaramanga

    Not too wild about the cover, the yellow-ish is a bit off-putting. Personally I’d have gone for a gradient of greys. But … who cares? It’s Popeye, it’s restored and it’s finally coming to DVD, I’d even buy them if they were being sold in paper sleeves.

    Thanks for the great news !

  • joecab

    Wow — I have to admit if I assembled a “dream team” of who I’d want working on these DVDs, from Jerry putting it together to Stephen on the cover art, this would be it!

    And the line on the back claiming that this is for the “Adult Collector”? PERFECT. We loved them as kids, but if today’s parents can’t handle some parts, they can’t say they weren’t warned. People forget these were not aimed at just kids — theatrical shorts were for everyone to enjoy together.

  • Russell H

    “Strike up the bee-and, for Paw-poy the Say-lah!”
    –Mae Questal

  • Arnaud

    “This compilation is intended for the adult collector and may not be suitable for children.”

    Does it mean no censorship ? Oh joy !

  • First Disney releasing Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and now this!

  • i think my favorite part of the “blurb” is that its cover-art is NOT “in color”….like everything else (that is so truly b&w) that gets “colorized” in cover-art. God forbid we get true, hones-tot-goodness, pristine, b&w!!!!

  • Finally! This is great news. I’m buying it as soon as it comes out, for sure. Is that the actual cover art? I love the drawing of Popeye. So classic and not horribly airbrushed, off-model like so many video covers. It’s been a long wait, but seems like this one has been done the right way.

  • Shmorky

    It’s about g*ddamn time, we only had to wait about seven decades! This will be one of the rare DVDs I will buy brand-new, 60 dollar price tag be damned! This collection will be priceless!

  • Brad Constantine

    ahh bliss….

  • Ogg

    This is the biggest release of the year! Given how much of a class act the Looney Tunes sets have been, I know this set is going to be just the same. I’m especially happy that that it’s twice as much cartoons as I expected (first heard it would be 1933-1936 instead of 1933-1938). Between the restorations and the boatload of extras, as well as the expected retail price of around $44-48, this is a steal.

    Between the Popeye, Woody, Oswald, complete Droopy, third Donald Duck, and fifth Looney Tunes sets, this has to be one of the best years for classic animation. Big thanks to Warner Bros. and King Features!

  • Wow. The first sixty Popeye cartoons, finally on DVD! The package design is great. Where exactly is the cut-off as far as what will be on this set?

    Oh, and Bill Field: I already walk down the street singing â€?Skimbamskittleydaddidoo Skimpabliobodootliahtitoooooâ€?. It’s uplifting.

    And if Jerry’s news for next Tuesday is what I think it is, I may be singing a certain Academy-Award-nominated song inbetween the “skimbamskittles”.

  • Bill Field

    Brandon Cordy- It is one of the most fun animated mantras, I ve ever heard, I also can’t wait to hear Bluto’s Zoot suite scat– is that on this set– it was a Famous Studios cartoon, I’m sure I’ll read thru harder to figure it out– meanwhile, time for another jog–â€?Skimbamskittleydaddidoo Skimpabliobodootliahtitoooooâ€?.

  • Ron

    Chuck: Love the swipe at Geena Davis

    Craig D.: “Kvelling” means “Glowing” in Yiddish. It’s something parents usually say when their kids make them proud. Appropriate in this case!

  • tom

    It is about Mother Hugging time!

  • I agree with the majority: The cover art is perfection in its simplicity.

    Brandon: I think you need to take Jerry’s “Woody” comment about next Tuesday a little more literally.

  • Thanks Ron!

    Now, once it’s been released I will plotz!

    (I’ll have such tsauris if there’s DVNR!)

  • Wow wow wow! The box art is beautiful! This is gonna be an essential buy me thinks! Also love that adult collectors comment on the back cover, these guys know their audience! Next, give us a Betty Boop set like this, complete with all the early Cab Calloway shorts, and I’ll be in heaven, as the one set of Betty Boop DVDs I did get (“he definitive collection”) only had all the dull housewife shorts. Bah!

  • Wow! So many posts on this topic. It’s great to see so many people still care about these shorts. I thought I was in the minority.

  • Eddy Brock

    King Features and Warner Bros got together on this?! THE END IS UPON US!!! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!

    Seriously, this is the one thing that I have been waiting for since I started collecting those KidKlassics tapes back in mid-80s.

    This even tops the idea of a rumor for Coal Black to be released on a Golden Collection.

    I’m happy to say that I’m alive to see this happen.

  • I’m really glad that there’s a definite release date for the Popeye collection. I still get the haunting feeling that someone is going to announce “April Fool!”. Someone like . . .BLUTO!

  • Stephen DeStefano

    I’ll take credit for the cover illustration–to a degree.

    That’s a drawing I did quite a few years ago, for King Feature’s very first Fleischer style guide. When I found out that that was going to be the art used–the art that had already been used in fact, I BEGGED Frank Caruso at King to please let me do a different version. Or at least, to let me re-ink the drawing. I can do so much better now. But King, and apparently everyone involved in making the decision, was pleased with the drawing, and there it is, smack on the front.

    The inside folds to the cover feature more older style guide art of mine. There’s only one all new illustration I did, of Popeye swinging an uppercut to Bluto’s chin (Bluto is actually an old drawing), which I’m fairly proud of—we’ll see how I feel about it in ten years.

    But I am pleased to see the positive reaction the cover design is getting from the kind folks here. Again, from what I know about the package, I really, really don’t think anyone will be disappointed with this purchase.

  • I’m really excited for this. But I do have a question, and a huge concern.

    As far as I know, many, if not all, of these shorts are now in the Public Domain. What’s to stop cheapy $1 companies from taking these new transfers and selling them? :(

  • Jorge Garrido

    I ventured to ask John K what the prints looked like, but he said he hadn’t seen them yet. My biggest fears are DVNR, but I’m still buying this thing first day!

    By the way, Stephen, that art is amazing.

  • Fred Grandinetti

    Thank goodness these are coming out-at last! To wait over 25 years for these classics is, as Popeye would say, %$#@!!!!. Fans and historians have fought the good fight and we won!

    By the way, don’t throw away your copies of The Popeye Show from the CN, I’m interested in them!

  • I posted a list of the first 60 Popeye cartoons, which should theoretically match the final contents list for the finished box set.

    Dave Silva, Only 34 of the 234 Paramount Popeye cartoons are in the public domain. Jerry Beck actually compiled all of the PD Popeyes for a VCI Entertainment DVD set called Popeye the Sailor Man: 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition back in ’04.

    Stephen DeStefano – don’t sell yourself short; the artwork is fantastic!

  • DeStefano, the art indeed rocks. It looks, not like a Segar imitation, but like Fleischer studio art for ads or theatre cards. I’d be pleased if, instead of a gallery of old toys that are way off model, we could see some of those King Feature style guides, at least the ones that show King cared about the look of the Popeye designs.

  • Unless I’m on the cutting room floor, (always a possibility), I am interviewed in this as well. I play Olive Oyl. (just kidding about the oyl.)

  • rab smith

    pristine, bright b/w 30s ‘popeyes’—- the summit of civilization’s achievements! ‘king of the mardi gras’ is spark that inspired me to become cartoonist—-‘goonland”, another special childhood memory, just seems to miss cut-off point. fleischer artists were quirky geniuses, who fully deserve this treatment.


    As a member of the Official Popeye Fanclub, I am thrilled that this POPEYE collection is FINALLY coming out. We’ve waited 20 years for this! That’s already one generation of kids who know very little about POPEYE! I’m hoping it isn’t too late to present these wonderful classic cartoons to a new generation of kids!

    The fact that the people at Warners have spent the time and money to release the cartoons in the ORIGINAL un-cut versions that Paramount released in the ’30s is fantastic news! I only wish animators like Gordon Sheehan, Myron Waldman and Dave Tendlar were here to enjoy all this with us! “Thank you, too much,” Warner Bros. and K.F.S.!!!

  • I’m looking forward to this release. I know Fred Grandinetti is, because he’s the one who’s been pushing this idea to Turner, Time-Warner and King Features/Hearst for over a decade! I think Fred, the co-founder of “The International Popeye Fan Club”, and one of THE most fervent Popeye collectors on this planet, should get the lion’s share of credit for making this opening salvo of the DVD collection a reality!!!! Without his perseverance, there wouldn’t BE a Popeye DVD release…..

  • Jim Holm

    I, too am looking foreward for this release. But since we have become soooooooooo afraid of offending anyone, will this include such cartoons as “Scrap the Japs” (world war II) or “Pop-pie-al-a-Mode”? These cartoons were banned from television because of racial stereotypes. In recent years we have been trying so hard to be “politically correct”, it stinks. Even in the last Looney Tunes release there was a disclaimer. Let’s see those classic cartoons complete and uncut as they were made.

  • Jim – “…will this include such cartoons as “Scrap the Japsâ€? (world war II) or “Pop-pie-al-a-Modeâ€??”

    Yes. Scrap the Japs will be on Vol. 2 and Pop-pie ala Mode will be on vol. 3. All the cartoons will be released, uncut.

  • Andy Novak

    Wonderful news indeed. I copied alot of stuff off of Cartoon Network about a year or so ago when they had a weekend long Popeye marathon. Look forward to getting rid of those!

    I’ve been drawing Popeye since I was 3 and I’m 48 now. My kids have become Popeye fans as I’ve introduced them to all those great characters. My son’s favorite is “She-Sick Sailors” – the Famous toon where Bluto is a “Superman” imposter.

    How many total volumes again? 3? 4? Anyone have the correct year ranges for each volume? I assume this will stop with the theatricals and the 60’s made-for-TV toons will come out in later sets.

  • Andy Novak

    “Only 34 of the 234 Paramount Popeye cartoons are in the public domain. ”

    What characteristic or criteria is used to determine which ones go into the public domain? Has it always been the same 34? Did some go in during recent years?

  • Melissa M.

    I found this site while searching for my favorite Popeye cartoon–‘She-Sick Sailors’ (which I haven’t seen in years)–Huzzah! My dad and I used to watch these together on Channel 5 in SoCal (haha, whoever said Tom Hatten, I remember him too!). What a great part of childhood this was! And no, some of it wasn’t PC (my own favorite has Bluto taking shots at Popeye–so not cool today!) but dang it was funny.

    Oh, I don’t know if I can wait until July! Eeeee! ^_^

  • A happy day indeed! I grew up on these cartoons and I still love them.

  • Vic Pratt

    This is splendid news! The package looks great! Can’t wait for this, and to be able to throw away my £1 DVDs! And hoping for Betty Boop someday! Just wondering where I will find 550 minutes to watch them all…

  • Been waiting for this for years! The first Christmas toy I remember (circa 1960) was a Popeye musical Jack-in-the-box (wish I still had it)

  • Fred H

    This is like restoring the Mona Lisa after it’s been rescued from a trash dumpster. I just can’t wait. To be honest I wish it had gone as far as including “Goonland” but am glad WB is taking their time and doing it right. I grew up in the 50’s too watching these classics on our black and white TV. Personally I felt Popeye “jumped the shark” when Fleischer ended production and Jack Mercer wasn’t allowed to add his asides anymore.. The later Famous Studios cartoons were flashly but just not that funny or special anymore. Like the Andy Griffith Show color episodes and the Stooges shorts after Curly’s stroke the later Popeye’s I just don’t care to bother with.

  • Courtney Wallace

    Just for kicks and giggles I decided to do a google search on Popeye videos, and my wish came true! I haven’t been this excited since The Beau Hunks released the original Little Rascals music on cd. It’s been waaaaay too long coming. As far as Betty Boop goes, I know I have an older (90’s?) vhs boxed set. I’m pretty sure it’s complete. Here I always think I’m such a huge fan when it comes to cartoons and Little Rascals, etc. and then I read these comment boards and see what an amateur I am. *sigh* And just why is it that WB decided not to release the LT and MM collections chronoligically?

  • Guillermo Poblete

    Popeye is Great. Not only great, He’s EXTRA WWWWWWOOOOOOWWWWWW. Like Other Popeye Fans, I’m Excited and Impacient by the release of this DVD Set around the world.

  • Mike Lacy

    Taped every one of the wretched Turner colorized versions as voraciasly as a dope addict deprived of his fix seeks pale alternitives. Better a wattered down version of my dope than none at all. Now I am going to get the real thing!!!!! My ink syringe is at the ready when the postman (better ring twice) delivers my ultimate fix! It will be a “Hap Hap Happy Day”! Thanks Jerry, I know the Fleischer boys will sleep soundly due to your efforts!

  • BossRighteous

    I just hope to GOD it is not an interlaced DVD.
    I bought the Tom goes to the Mayor DVD set and got severely burned when the picture got all chewed up everywhere. I thought it was my TV, but it looked worse on the PC. I then had a very clear picture of how bad the interlacing was.

  • Hi Jerry,
    Confusion in the marketplace. The listing for your site indicated the Popeye films from 1933 to 1938 with additional material and commentary. There is however, a listing on the web for The Vintage Theater.com that offers all 230 cartoons up till 1957. Considering the travail of getting King features to approve the release of the cartoons, what’s this all about? how come these guys have all the cartoons?

  • – Don’t buy any collection except the Warner Bros. one – The Vintage Theatre.com listing is a bootleg.

  • Lara Sauvola

    This is such exciting news — like some of you, I remember watching them on KTLA and just HANGING off of every word that came out of Tom Hatten’s mouth. Wasn’t he marvelous?

    I’m so glad my daughter will have these to watch. I’m thinking that when she’s old enough, we may have to have Sunday morning T.V. of “The Little Rascals”, “Popeye”, and “The Three Stooges”. All the by-the-book moms will have heart attacks if they know (OMG SHE IS LETTING HER CHILD WATCH VIOLENT CARTOONS!), but I imagine my child will grow up a better person by knowing Popeye. ;))

  • My Dad and I watched Popeye after school together every day in the 1960’s on TV…it means a lot to me, to have these restored. Got my copy today…

  • jeff j

    Does anbody know if this will be available in canada?

  • Herb Sebranek

    I even bought a new DVD player, the better to enjoy this fine collection. Still, the big question is, when is Vol. 2 coming out? And will it be complete? By this I mean will the “embarassing” (to some) WWII episodes be cut or included?

  • Heather

    The Warner Popeye DVD is very good, and is a must-have item for any of us in the industry. However, female animators who purchase the collection are strongly warned to avoid the Disk 3 commentary beneath the Fleischer Popeye cartoon “I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski”. It is sexist in the extreme.

    This is not owed to any fault of John K or the other male animators heard narrating. It is entirely the fault of a young woman they brought along for the ride, who contributes nothing except giggles and cheerleader-like ego-boosting to both men for four straight minutes, and says virtually nothing relevant to the animation she is watching. I was left wondering, who the hell is this, John’s f**ktoy?

    As a female animator, I found it nauseating and insulting.

    If you can get past that, this collection is probably one of the best and most fan/adult collector-friendly animation DVDs I think Warner or any other distributor has ever released. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to hire a cute young man who knows nothing about animation to giggle at everything I say for the commentary portion of the animation DVDs I produce so my breasts and vagina will seem bigger when I look in the mirror. Thank you. :)

  • Laura

    Wow Heather.

    That’s very sexist of you.

    Katie is not a f**ktoy, she is an artist and they were obviousy having a good time watching the cartoon.

    Is it really such a crime to laugh at a cartoon?

  • Paul E Musselman

    The commentary of the Giggling Cheerleader has also shown up on the Warner Bros. Classics Vol. 5 commentary.
    It’s not a crime to laugh at a cartoon. However, if someone has not seen the cartoon and is expected to make comments about it, they ought to see the cartoon off-mike, laugh at the funny bits, then be ready to make some valid comments about the animation, its creation, its creators, or how some themes showed up in later animation (re: the Kitty and Marc Anthony being honored in Monsters, Inc.).
    I think I could have made better comments than the Cheerleader!

  • Ed diaz

    will they evey release famous stuio carton short and rest of 60,s tv popeye catoon? need to know