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Popular Science/Fleischer App

Shields Pictures, the owners of the old Paramount Pictures Popular Science theatrical shorts, just recently released their very first App for iTunes (it plays on Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and even the iPad). And happily for us, they chose the short that features a tour of Max Fleischer’s animation studio in Miami, Florida circa 1938 – in Cinecolor!

A significant portion of all proceeds will go to preserve and restore titles from this series as well as their Unusual Occupations and Speaking of Animals shorts (they’ve informed us that they have the 3 Tex Avery Speaking of Animals films slotted for preservation in the coming months!).

The introductory price is 99 cents for the HD Max Fleischer Studio Tour iShort App – the sale ends June 30th. Show your support and buy a download at The iTunes Store.

  • I clicked on that damn play button for several minutes before I realised it’s only an image!
    I suppose only Apple’s acolytes can view this studio tour footage… grumble.

  • Jody Morgan

    Is it at all possible to play this on something other than an Apple device? I’d love to get it, but only if I can actually watch it..

  • jordan reichek

    wot a neat idea! thanks for the tip!

  • You’ve got to download the app to your device. I’ve downloaded the short to my Apple ipad, and it works just great.

    This is real animation gold, worth every penny. Great stuff!

  • You can also see this film (and lots more) by buying the DVD – Popeye: Original Classics from the Fleischer Studio (available thru Amazon) compiled by Steve Stanchfield and Thunderbean animation. His preservation efforts are worthy of support, too.

  • Donomator

    Already did! Can’t wait to check it out!

  • Can’t seem to find the app on my iphone. What’s it called exactly? Thanks.

  • Hi Boris,
    So sorry for the frustration! If you would like to see a running clip of this short you can go to our DVD site and click on that image… (www.cinemashorts.com/Movie%20Clip%20Gallery.html)

    Hey Dan,
    If you search “Popular Science Popeye iShort” you have found it!

    Hi Jody,
    You can see this short on our “Popular Science” DVD (http://www.cinemashorts.com)
    – it is still a great copy – though not our new HD transfer which we will put out on DVD as soon as we finish transferring any of our other shorts that are in danger of disintegration.

    Hey Floyd,
    Thanks for the kind words… we are very proud of this App… My husband created the App with an “Apple” friend and made sure it was bug free before launching. This short has a beautiful & sharper image than seen before because this is off of our brand new High Definition transfers (which has been a lot of work – We have FotoKem in LA doing the early stages – transfers from 35mm Silver Nitrate Cinecolor & restoration work & then SpyPost in San Francisco doing Color Correction & Audio & most of the finish work- wonderful team at both post houses – intense work but sooo gratifying!).

    Donomator & Jordan, Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  • Stuart

    I found the website http://WWW.CINEMASHORTS.COM where a 140 DVD of POPULAR SCIENCE shorts can be ordered directly from Shield. In the listing there of subjects covered, it includes “POPEYE’S CARTOON FACTORY” which must be the Fleischer studios piece. I don’t have an Ipod (my kids do but they are not into vintage cinema), so the download does me no good.

  • Stuart

    By the way, I just read up on the DVD, and it is a compilation; not the complete shorts as it should rightfully be.

  • Thanks Mary. Found it! CHA-CHING!!

  • JB Kaufman

    Isn’t this the same short that is (thanks to Jerry) also included on the “Popeye the Sailor Volume Two” DVD set? Not hi-def, but still pretty wonderful.

  • *Correction*
    To JB Kaufman:
    I was moving too fast – Yes, yes yes we licensed this story sequence to the Warner Bros. DVD release – it’s the same Paramount short showing the Max Fleischer Studio tour (thanks Jerry) … I will slow down and be more accurate in the future. Cheers!

  • Professor Widebottom

    Why do I love vintage cartoon studio footage so much? It must be a sickness. I cannot get enough. My geek veins drinking in the flow of warm heroin.