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Rare Animation on TCM: “Silent Cartoons”

Here’s a fun gallery of actual film frames from the collection of Tom Stathes – the collector extraordinaire who provided the rare prints that ran on on TCM’s Rare Animation night (Oct. 21st 2012). These films were shown as part of an hour of Silent Animation From New York Studios – and included shorts from Bray Studios (poster #1, logo #2 and trade ad #3), The Artists Dream (#4), Bobby Bumps Starts For School (#5), The Haunted Hotel (#6), Mutt and Jeff in Fireman, Save My Child (#7), Jerry on the Job in The Bomb Idea (#8), Koko the Clown in Trip To Mars (#9), Al Falfa in Springtime (#10), Krazy Kat in Scents and Nonsense (#11) and Van Bueren’s sound cartoon The Farmerette (#12). More information on each short is posted here.

  • Loco the Clown

    It’s about time Giant Hideous Heads got a national audience!

  • Boy oh boy, beautiful HD scans of almost 100 years old cartoons, thanks.

    • Julian Carter

      I wish there were confirmed good quality DVDs of these silent cartoons. A search on yields quite a few compilations, but who’s to know they’re not a murky, almost indecipherable mess?

      • Hi Julian,

        Please check out my selection of unrestored titles at Hopefully, economics will improve (especially with the help of special events like the TCM show) and I’ll be able to produce new DVD collections from HD remasters of these great, rare cartoons. Enjoy tonight’s show!


  • Ray Pointer

    Inkwell Images was pioneering in this field as far back as 1997. We have seven DVD programs of silent animation that has been acclaimed by Jerry Beck as being perhaps the best quality out there. One of the title mentioned above, TRIP TO MARS is featured on our two-disc set, MAX FLEISCHER’S FAMOUS OUT OF THE INKWELL-Bonus Edition. You can see this and our other products on our web site: