“The Apple” by George Dunning “The Apple” by George Dunning

“The Apple” by George Dunning

Tonight, a rarity: The Apple won a BAFTA (British equivalent of the Oscars) in 1963. It was directed by Yellow Submarine director George Dunning, and designed by some guy named Richard Williams.

CREDITS (via Ephemeral Film’s YouTube page)
Studio: TVC (London)
Production and Direction: George Dunning
Idea and story: Stan Hayward
Design and Storyboard: Richard Williams
Animation: Tony Gearty, Mike Stuart, Alan Ball, Jack Stokes, Charlie Jenkins, George Dunning
Music: Ernst Naser
Camera: John Williams
Sound and Editing: Alex Rayment

  • Just – great.

    I was lucky to see some films in similar style when I was a child, and I always liked the simplicity of it. Little men with big noses, running towards the horizon, staring at something for quite some time until finally reacting, long pauses, then some frantic activity – this was always my favourite kind of cartoon.

  • A rare old diamond that’s been gathering dust. Thanks for reminding me of those adventurous 60s.

  • Sat

    It’s a bit long but the ending is pretty fun. I wish someone had Dunning’s Damon the Mower around though!

  • Brian Kidd

    There’s a 720p version! Nice! I’ll be downloading that, for sure!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s nice when 720p or 1080p stuff shows up on YT. I saved a 480p copy just in case!

  • Wow, wotta masterpiece…I’m floored by the funny timing and pacing of this piece. And that music! This reminds me in odd ways of Tex Avery’s DEPUTY DROOPY and that Yogi Bear cartoon where the hunting dog “yowps” at Yogi (hiding in a hollow tree) for what seems like half the cartoon. I love it when a cartoon intentionally creates expectation or frustration within the viewer!

    • THE APPLE also reminds me a lot of Sergio Aragonés’ work, so I send a link to him and here’s what he wrote back:

      “It sure reminded me of the days of the “Tournee Of Animation” when a lot of it was author-made, simpler, funnier, personal and yes, my cartoons looked like that in the beginning of my days at MAD. Thanks, I really enjoyed it.”

  • I think this is one of my new favorite cartoons.