Victor Courtright Victor Courtright
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Artist of the Day: Victor Courtright

Victor Courtright

Victor Courtright works at PUNY as an animator.

Victor CourtrightVictor CourtrightVictor CourtrightVictor Courtright

He keeps very densely packed sketchbooks which he fortunately shares on his Victor Animation blog.

Victor CourtrightVictor Courtright

Aided by his proficiency in drawing so many tightly controlled imaginative drawings, Victor created a 100-page comic inspired by the 24-Hour Comics Day challenge and posted it here.

Victor CourtrightVictor Courtright
  • Nick Bachman

    Hell yeah Victor!! Love your stuff!!

  • Jeremy

    SO GOOD!

  • Look at all the hippos!

  • Dad

    Victor, you are so messed up. Love you, Dad

  • Artist of the day? More like artist of forever!! Go Victor!!

  • Artist 3000 to the tenth power! I love u.