The Argyle Sweater The Argyle Sweater

The Argyle Sweater


Today’s The Argyle Sweater, Scott Hilburn’s new panel cartoon, recently launched in 130 newspapers by Universal Press.

  • Fred Sparrman

    Looks like a case of Larson-y to me…

  • Ron

    very reminiscent of the far side

  • My God. How does one get away with nearly duplicating a man’s artistic style and humor?

    Gary Larson must be spinning in his grave. Which is unfortunate, since he’s not dead yet. Someone should probably get him out now.

  • granitemind

    gawd I hate plagiarists!!!

  • Single Panel… check!
    Offbeat humor… check!
    Different characters in each comic… check!
    Overweight characters… check!
    Characters that use a horizontal line for eyes… check!

    All he needs is some more comics featuring cows or women with beehive hairdos.

    He’s got some original ideas. It’s a shame the art is so derivative of Larson’s.

  • It looks just like Larson’s work, but it sure isn’t funny like his.

  • Some Guy

    Haha! Not funny!

    Also, what a wonderfully appealing art style. I guess the thin jagged scratchy line look is coming back.

  • Paul N

    Before I clicked on the comments link, my thought was “I’ll bet someone gripes about it being a Far Side rip-off…”

  • Ryan

    When I was a wee lad of 8, I managed to get a near-plagiarism of Ren & Stimpy published in my primary school’s newsletter, so I guess it’s okay that he’s getting published in 130 different papers. Maybe? Nah.

  • sean

    I wish luck Scott Hilburn the best of luck with his new strip.

    Is it highly reminiscent of Gary Larson’s work? Yeah and So What!

    Scott’s strip still gives me a chuckle and far as I know Gary Larson is not making any more NEW Far Side strips.

  • doug holverson

    Everybody loves an epigone!

    OTOH, some of Larson’s cavemen and scientists of the ’80s looked a lot like Kliban’s cavemen and scientists of the ’70s. Maybe it’s a good thing Larson didn’t draw tabbies….

  • It’s not just the art style and humor and all; it’s even the concept of the example cartoon posted here that’s derivative. I know of several Far Sides that made hay of the “showing off the stuffed trophies” gag—remember the dogs with the front end of a car stuffed and mounted on the wall? The wife saying “Oh, don’t listen to him—he didn’t catch it. The stupid thing swerved to miss him and ran into a tree”? And I could swear I’d seen others in a similar vein—Smokey Bear or something.

    Larson had many imitators during and immediately after his career (many popped up right after he retired, hoping to fill the void). It’s refreshing in a weird way to see the tradition is still alive.

  • Matt Clark
  • Jimchig

    I’ve been reading this strip online for quite a while and think it’s wonderfully funny and creative.
    It’s reminiscent of Larson, but plagiarism? C’mon, get real.

    It’s near impossible to create a truly original strip these days. It’s all been done. If it pays homage and is still funny, that’s all that matters.

    I love reading Jerry and Amid’s contributions, but sometimes I dread reading these comments. Closed minds and negative criticism abound.

  • These comics share the same humor as Larson’s strips. This one and the one he’s currently got up on his site made me laugh out loud.

    After reading his Bio it’s apparent he’s been into cartooning and writing for a while. So I don’t see the need to render something SO close to Larson, even if paying homage is the excuse that is used.

    Great strip, but not original in any way.

  • If it doesn’t look and behave exactly like The Far Side, comics page editors don’t want it, and readers will stick with Love Is or Ziggy. Don’t blame him for plagiarism, blame him for being another guy who got into cartooning not for the love of the medium, but for the hope of a greeting card deal.

  • Bruce

    I looked at some of his other cartoons. They have a distinctive voice I’d put more in line with real-life adventures than far side.

    Argyle sweater is very, VERY pun-heavy, and big with giant-talking inanimate objects, lots of self-referential humor, pop-culture reference, breaking of the fourth wall, etc. Reading a number of them, I don’t get a Larson vibe at all.

    They aren’t to my taste, but not very much in the funnies is my taste. Mutts seems to be the only strip I can stand… the images are so kinetic that it feels like animation to me, and good old golden-age character designs straight outta the black and white days.

  • Big Tiger

    I read the Far Side for years and nearly came to tears when Larson stepped down from the pedestal. Mr. Hilburn’s work is quite similiar and it certainly fills the humor void for me. I truly feel sorry for all of you who gripe because the Argyle Sweater is somewhat close to Larson’s work and those who think it is too off the wall. To each his own… religion, politics and certainly in cartoons!! Laugh on!!

  • RonC

    It is considered very bad form to imitate another cartoonist so blatantly. Looking through some of his work, the drawing style, situations and humor slant are such obvious ripoffs of Larson. This guy needs to develop something original, not just rip off someone else.

  • James

    This is really similar to a Far Side strip involving a stuffed Bugs Bunny and Bullwinkle, etc.

  • Truman

    I think Gary’s secretly come out of retirement. Everyone at the office Loves the new cartoon!