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The Sunday Funnies (10/24/10)

This week Mutts (10/17) by Patrick McDonnell; Medium Large (10/20) by Marciuliano; Thatababy (10/23) by Paul Trap; and BC (10/17) by Mastroianni and Hart.

(Thanks to Jim Lahue, Jed Martinez and the comic strip crew)

  • better by far than the usual rubbish. Not really my cup of tea but well drawn at least

  • I don’t particularly understand the Charlie Brown one, but the Dora the Explorer comic is very accurate, but I have a general hatred for asking-the-audience-stupid-questions educational shows. Dora is the worst offender, though.

    • Me too, I don’t understand the Charlie Brown one at all.

      • As David said below, I understood the Charlie Brown one all too well… gave me quite a gory image.

  • These are less terrible than usual!

  • Stefan: Charlie Brown—The Great Pumpkin is real, and proved it by taking a knife carving Linus’ eyes, nose and mouth out of his head, leaving holes like the eyes, nose and mouth of a jack-o-lantern. And I didn’t think I got nauseous easily…
    Sally’s line reads like it’s supposed to paraphrase a (horror movie?) quote we know, though I don’t know it.

    • Including Sally is unecessary and her comment pretty much kills the joke, and the GP also apparently twisted Linus’ head 180 degrees.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Certainly didn’t help me any in figure it out (other than being reminded of the opening of the special with Lucy “killing” the pumpkin they rolled all the way home from the patch).

      • David Breneman

        So, what’s the joke? It’s not obvious to me. Is Linus still alive? Why not show his face carved like a pumpkin? – it’s just a cartoon. Or is something else going on here? Wasn’t Linus horrified by Lucy carving the pumpkin in the TV special? That was the big joke before the credits: “Aaaugh! I don’t know you were going to KILL it!” As a little kid, watching it for the first time (and I mean the FIRST time), that joke was great because I’d never considered carving a pumpkin to be harming it. Nonetheless, Linus is singled out for retribution? Or is there some other joke here?

        Like I said, I don’t get it.

        And I never watch, what — is it “Dorrer the Explorer -?”, or “Dorah de Explorah -?”; I never can tell because I don’t live in New Yowk — but I just assume that any PBS offering is condescending to kids. That’s how Sesame Street killed local children’s programming in the 1970s. CTW is still reserved a special place in hell for that, the callous, self-serving swine.

      • The Gee

        I’ve never seen the Dora cartoon but I’m pretty sure it is produced, and maybe syndicated?, too, by Nickelodeon. Neither CTW nor PBS makes the show.

        So if you are advocating reserving special places in hell then you might want to double-check who deserves the room.

        And, while I know it is off-topic, how did one public network’s show kill off local programming? Those shows were on stations which could have very well continued them in some fashion, they just more likely found money makers or savers elsewhere. If you are going to blame one thing for that demise then what about the other local programming which was whittled away in the 70s-80s only to be replaced by nationally syndicated fare?

  • In the MUTTS strip, if you happen to have caught it in the newspaper, one might have also seen the strip title sprawled across the sky/clouds in the promotional typography of UP as well.

  • Rooniman

    The Dora one is too true. She treats kids like they’re retards.

  • sarah

    First one: Not funny.
    Second one: Stefan, it’s a joke to The Great Pumpkin trying to “carve” Linus like a kid would carve a pumpkin. Kinda reminds me of that Robot Chicken sketch.
    Third one: By far the funniest in my opinion because that’s probably what a lot of kids are saying. Kinda reminds me of myself whenever I had to babysit. Look behind you morons!
    Fourth one: My second favorite cartoon this week. Love the Hanna Barbara reference.

  • Uncle Eddie to the rescue!!

    No those are newspaper comics… Mutts is cool though.

  • …I think that the Charlie Brown one is a parody of Se7en, but I could be wrong.

  • That’s the first time I’ve dug B.C. in decades. It’s particularly funny when you consider H-B’s track record for “borrowing” other people’s intellectual properties. In fact, the B.C. comic strip preceded THE FLINTSTONES premiere by nearly two years, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t play a part in the creation of Bedrock…

    • “B.C.” is actually funny lately (but not always). One of the few times that a comic improved after somebody else took over.

    • Tim Hodge

      Also, Jackie Gleason had every right to sue H-B for plagiarizing “The Honeymooners”.

      • Jeepers, ya think so?

        But The Great One, in fact, DIDN’T sue H-B. Why? His management advised him that it’d make him seem like a big ol’ meanie. I also think that the previous existence of WB’s “Honeymouser” shorts probably significantly decreased the chances of Gleason winning such a lawsuit.

  • Michael F.

    The Medium Large strip was a rerun from a while ago; you can find it in the site’s Peanuts Gallery. By the way, the Peanuts parodies on that strip are my favorites. (my favorite being the Last Supper parody)

  • Steve Hogan

    I get that Linus has had his head carved like a pumpkin, but there’s something about the weird phrasing (Mostly Sally’s) that leads me to believe there’s some kind of other cultural reference (A movie?) I’m not getting.

  • Josef

    At first glance, I thought the bird house in the first comic looked liked Snoopy’s dog house. I think it would have worked better. After all, Snoopy has been flying his house long before Carl Fredricksen.

    I don’t read the funnies anymore. Is it that the cartoonists are running out of jokes or do they just have a hard time when joking about animation?

  • The Gee

    one: nicely drawn. that’s not surprising. is the bird a recurring character? I’m guessing that it its birdhouse or just some random birdhouse?

    two: ah. words. lots and lots of words. directing and misdirecting when a funny picture could fill the space……..I guess that’s why Tedium Large never fails to bring out the wordsmith in me:

    i guess there’s nothing wrong with a gruesome joke. the thing is: isn’t a jack o’lantern just a skull-like face anyhow? So, carving results in…what? Redundancy? Gruesome redundancy? Bad writing? I dunno….

    Color me cornball-ish but it would seem like a better gag to turn that Peanuts character’s roundish noggin into a jack o’ lantern and have Sally simply saying to Linus: “We need to talk.”
    That’s just one quick alternative. Sometimes that which is shown is funnier than that which isn’t shown in a cartoon.

    Okay. Now that I mention this: I’m calling dibs on Linus Pumpkinseed, who goes off his rocker and roams the land prancing and dancing, dressed in a toga with a pumpkin helmet/hat all while spreading pumpkin seeds. Bacchus would be proud. Sally would be a devoted follower.

    three: that show really irks adults doesn’t it? I haven’t seen it so I guess I’m lucky.

    four: so far, no one has mentioned that the invention of the tree phone predates the invention of the foot-powered car.

  • That Charlie Brown one? With the anguished wailing over the savage butchery of Linus’ head? That one KICKS ASS.

    A Charlie Brown commercial was broadcast a few hours ago. He was RAPPING about his Halloween special. His voice was all wrong. At the end of the spot, Charlie said, “Word”. This is a thing that really happened.

    • David Breneman

      It really happened? I find that hard to believe…

  • I thought the Peanuts one was a dig at the odd way (to me) the Schultz used to draw his characters in profile with that weird divot in the upper half of their head.

    • The Gee

      nah. Don’t think that he’s that clever.

      Plus, I doubt too many people would do visual gags like that and do them well.

  • Jorge Garrido

    The Mutts one is beautifully evocative of the film!

  • For those who don’t know, Patrick McDonnell did some story sketches for UP.