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A Disney Animation Filmography


At the Ottawa International Animation Festival last week, attendees recieved a unique little publicity piece. An eight-inch round cardboard disc which, on the front, was a colorful overview of Disney Feature animation through the decades. On the rear (pictured above) was a somewhat complete listing of all Disney commercially released shorts and features.

Click on the above to see a larger, readable image. All the features seem to be there, but is this really every animated short? I haven’t gone through it with a fine tooth comb… Not to be a complete geek about it, but weren’t there a few oddities that should be included? John Henry (2000)? Off His Rockers (1992)? Oilspot and Lipstick (1987)? I can understand why the Timon & Pumbaa short (Stand By Me) and the Bonkers theatrical were left off. They were really produced by other departments. Does anyone want to check for other omissions?

  • Hooper

    I didn’t see “Runaway Brain”.

  • Mickey Mouse Disco is on there , but not John Henry ?


  • And oh, yeah, let’s see:

    “Mickey Mouse Disco” made the list , but not “Runaway Brain” ? Not “Prince & The Pauper” , not “Tummy Trouble” or “Rollercoaster Rabbit” (two Roger Rabbit shorts) .

    (“Mickey Mouse Disco” for those who don’t know was a compilation film cut together of clips from old Disney cartoons of the 30’s and 40’s set to groovy late 70’s disco style musick … no new animation was done for Mickey Mouse Disco , so how is it even considered a real short film ? Did it even have a theatrical run ? I thought it was something they released only on TV ?)

  • Whoa, Bonkers theatrical?? I grew up in the 90s, and I don’t remember this. I’m ashamed!

  • Swinton Scott

    I was wondering if there is a list of the years the features were re-released. Like the re-release of Pinochio, was there one in the early 60s?

  • Chuck R.

    Wow! Oilspot and Lipstick —good catch, Jerry!

    I noticed Vincent is up there, but how ’bout Frankenweenie?
    The Goofy Movie? And the third Roger Rabbit short: Trail Mix-Up?

  • Patrick

    No “Trail Mix Up”?

  • Jason

    The Bonkers theatrical short cost north of six hundred thousand dollars and contains a gag where someone actually trips on a banana peel.

  • Wow – I’m surprised and inspired that Oilspot and Lipstick is listed. It was the first 3D short ever short of produced by Disney FAS. Tad Gielow, Mike Cedeno, and myself (Tina Price) with a small crew that included MJ Turner, Burny Mattison and Fred Cline for no pay produced this short after hours in 1984 using Disney equiptment. We had 2 SGI hardware boxes called Mickey and Minnie running Wavefront software. We sent out the film printing because there was no optical printer in house and Tad wrote the hiddenline code that was developed and composited over the 3D rendered images to create a “new” 2D/3D look. We didn’t know what the heck we were doing but we had alot of passion and ideas and talent that went on to fuel the 3D animation in feature films at Disney. We called oursevles “The Late Night Crew”. Ahhhh the memories!!!! Thanks for posting this.

  • Rat

    Frankenweenie was a live action film.

  • Hey! A friend of mine has taken this object for me at the Siggraph Disney’s booth and i took photos of it. If you want to see this disc on the other side, here’s a link to my blog where i made a little post on a few days ago (and sorry for the french commentary there, i’m just a french drawer! lol). Here’s the link.

  • There are a number of things I don’t think add up here. In the classic era, we’re missing the I’m No Fool series – educational shorts, true, but a possible omission since they include Fun With Mr Future. Finicky, but they have not included Package Feature segments that were later divvied up as short subjects.

    I have no clue as to why A Symposium On Popular Songs is in smaller text, the same for Freewayphobia No 1. I can see why Freewayphobia No 2 is smaller…this was the AKA title for Goofy’s Freeway Trouble.

    Why is Winnie The Pooh And The Honey Tree in bold – it’s not a feature. Post this Honey Tree error, there are a wealth of shorts and specials not listed. We can’t say they are not here due to have been created by other departments since the Florida features are listed. Frankenweenie was NOT animated and did not contain any animation. I’d question Mickey Mouse Disco and Once Upon A Mouse here too, since they contained no new animation, but would be a fair inclusion if the list was indeed complete.

    Here are several shorts that containe new animation specific to their release, that have gone missing:

    The Coyote’s Lament – 1968 (featuring Pluto)
    Dad, Can I Borrow The Car? – 1970
    Man, Monsters And Mysteries – 1974
    The Wuzzles: Bulls Of A Feather – 1986 (TV, theatrical in Europe)
    The Gummi Bears: A New Beginning – 1986 (TV, theatrical in Europe)
    Oilspot And Lipstick – 1987
    Sport Goofy: Soccermania – 1987
    Roger Rabbit: Tummy Trouble – 1989
    Mickey, Donald And Goofy: The Prince And The Pauper – 1990
    Roger Rabbit: RollerCoaster Rabbit – 1991
    Bonkers: Petal To The Metal – 1992
    Off His Rockers – 1992
    Roger Rabbit: Trail Mix-Up – 1993
    Mickey Mouse: Runaway Brain – 1995
    Totally Twisted Fairytales: Little Redux Riding Hood – 1998
    Totally Twisted Fairytales: The Three Little Pigs – 1998
    Totally Twisted Fairytales: Jack And The Beanstock – 1999
    John Henry – 2000 (completed) / 2002 (released)
    Grievance Of A Starmaker – 2002 (produced by WDTVA Japan)
    One By One – 2003
    Home On The Range: The Three Pigs – 2004 (direct-to-video)
    Mary Poppins: The Cat That Looked At A King – 2004 (direct-to-video)
    Lilo And Stitch: The Origin Of Stitch – 2005 (direct-to-video)

    – Ben.

  • Chuck R.

    Oops! Sorry about the Frankenweenie faux-pas.
    When I think Tim Burton/Disney, I think animation. Or maybe it was Shelley Duvall that made me think I was watching a cartoon.

    Tina, Thx for the O&L background info!

  • There was a Bonkers theatrical short? I never knew that.

  • Paul N

    Jeez – I thought I was a Disney geek… :0)

    Would love to see Oilspot and Lipstick again. Caught it once many years ago, but I remember it vividly. Or at least I think I do…

  • Paul N

    Oh, and the quote on the front of the disc is incorrect. Walt said “…it was all started BY a mouse…”

    Geek cred restored :0)

  • Paul Trotter

    The 1956 Donald Duck short is “How to Have an Accident in the Home” not House as was printed.

  • There’s nothing there earlier than Plane Crazy and Steamboat Willie. Where are the Oswald and Alice cartoons?

  • chris robinson


  • Galen Fott

    “Mickey’s Surprise Party” from 1939 is missing.

  • I’m wondering about the blurb on the front of the disc that David Gilson shows at his link above… “Chicken Little is Disney Animation’s first completely CG generated film”.

    What part of “Dinosaur” (several years earlier) was real dinosaurs?

  • Mike Russo

    The Bonkers cartoon “Pedal to the Metal” was, I believe, animated by Walt Disney France. I think it was made before the actual Bonkers TV series starting airing, and featured Bonkers as he appeared in “Raw Toonage”. I’m not sure what live-action film it ended up getting attached to, but I’m positive it ended up being incorporated into the television series when it began in 1993.

  • “Petal to the Metal” was shown before “3 Ninjas”.

  • Dinosaur used live action background plates, and place the CGI dinosaurs over them.

  • Irene

    They also gave this away at Siggraph this year!

  • Sean D.

    The actual quote is, “My only hope is that we never lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse.”

    Looks like Disney Co. lost sight of Walt’s ONLY hope. Sigh.

    Here’s a nice propaganda film called “It all Started With a Mouse”

  • Andre

    I guess the Disney Toon Studios features were left off, including the pre-DTV era Duck Tales movie, released well before the era of Sequels……. [I think A Goofy Movie was after DTV’s started, though still, it was a theatrical release meant to be one, wasn’t it?]

  • Fidel

    How about the rarely seen “Winnie the Pooh Discovers the Seasons”? And I’m surprised they actually put “Once Upon A Mouse” which is pretty much a clip show, mostly seen at the beginning of the old Disney Cartoon Classics Limited Gold Edition series, but no “John Henry”! No Roger Rabbit shorts? And then no “Ducktales The Movie” or “A Goofy Movie”…

    And then, perhaps this is an only 2-D and 3-D animated list, but what about “James and the Giant Peach”? Like 80% of the film is stop-motion animation and it was officially released under the Walt Disney Pictures banner, unlike “Nightmare Before Christmas,” which just recently on its 3-D theatrical incarnation did it become a Disney-branded film, rather than Touchstone.

  • Patrick

    What?! No Toy Story or The Incredibles?

  • Ryan W. Mead

    Toy Story and the Incredibles were produced by Pixar before it became a Disney subsidiary. This list is only supposed to be films produced by Disney’s animation department.

  • “Dog Watch” (1945) seems to be missing.

  • Vince

    I recently made a list with all those titles, only I included the Alice Comedies and The Oswald shorts that were made by Disney.

  • I think br’er rabbit was laughing in once upon a mouse 1981.