A Disney Animation Filmography


At the Ottawa International Animation Festival last week, attendees recieved a unique little publicity piece. An eight-inch round cardboard disc which, on the front, was a colorful overview of Disney Feature animation through the decades. On the rear (pictured above) was a somewhat complete listing of all Disney commercially released shorts and features.

Click on the above to see a larger, readable image. All the features seem to be there, but is this really every animated short? I haven’t gone through it with a fine tooth comb… Not to be a complete geek about it, but weren’t there a few oddities that should be included? John Henry (2000)? Off His Rockers (1992)? Oilspot and Lipstick (1987)? I can understand why the Timon & Pumbaa short (Stand By Me) and the Bonkers theatrical were left off. They were really produced by other departments. Does anyone want to check for other omissions?