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Disney’s “Planes”

That’s Little Pedro, above, from Saludos Amigos, Walt Disney’s 1942 package film. Many feel Pixar’s Cars drew inspiration from Pedro and a later short, Susie The Little Blue Coupe.

What goes around, comes around. So today Disney – or more accurately “DisneyToon Studios” – announced a new direct-to-video CG feature inspired “from the immensely popular Disney/Pixar’s CARS world”. PLANES will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD in Spring, 2013. From the studio press release:

PLANES will introduce an entirely original and hilarious crew of daredevils from every corner of the globe and draws inspiration from the immensely popular Disney/Pixar’s CARS world.

“We had such a great time exploring the world of ‘Cars’ over the course of two films, so it seemed only natural for us to see where our imaginations would take us in a film where planes were the main characters. By expanding the Cars world, ‘Planes’ gave us a whole new set of fun-filled situations and a great opportunity to introduce some fantastic new characters,” commented John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios.

“The team at DisneyToon Studios has done such an amazing job creating a heartfelt story filled with great comedy, adventure, and emotion. I know audiences are going to love taking off into the wild blue yonder with these daredevil characters, as they experience a whole new kind of animated adventure.”

PLANES takes off with an international cast of the fastest air racers around, in a comedy packed with action and adventure starring Dusty, a small town dreamer who longs to enter the most epic around-the-world air race … despite his fear of heights. With the help and support of a fleet of new and hilarious characters, Dusty wings his way into the biggest challenge of his life.

  • X

    “a new direct-to-video CG feature”
    … D:}

  • Well, the airplane’s answer to CARS

    Just no conspriaces like what happened ten years ago.

    That put a big boo-boo in the Lilo and Stitch movie.

  • Anthony D.

    I’ll have to look into this. Though, I’m still a little skeptical about it.

  • chipper

    The little plane (and Suzy for that matter) is cuter than any of the Cars designs.

  • WHAT! NO!! I THOUGHT THEY WERE DONE WITH THIS!!!! I thought Disney was never going to release a direct-to-video sequel again. HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO MEEEEEE

    I’m very upset.

    • 2011 Preteen

      Sequel to what? Not Cars. It will feature new characters with a new story.

      • It’s “expanding the Cars universe.” Call it a spinoff, if you want to be nitpicky. Whatever you call it, it sounds like a bad, bad idea.

  • Perfect; now Pixar can blame Disney if it is complete disaster or take credit if it is actually good. It does seem a little weird since Lasseter pulled the plug on all of Disney Direct to Video movies when he took over but only time will tell.

  • Mesterius

    Sigh… can they please stop milking a consept which has been weak from the beginning? Besides, they’ll never top Disney’s Little Pedro. Animation about humanized machines should obviously be done in the handdrawn medium.

  • Michael

    There’s no “many feel” about Susie The Little Blue Coupe influencing Cars. Lasseter has come right out and said so on several occasions, even on a DVD special feature if I recall correctly.

  • ZN

    All they need is Trains and they’ll have a Hughes movie.

    Those are the precious moments, Woody. They don’t come round again.

  • Mark

    No one said Lasseter would pull the plug from all direct-to-video films. Just the cheap sequels And I believe the Tinkerbell films were too far down the pipeline to put the kabosh on. That and they’ve turned an enormous profit. Each one of the Tinklerbell fils has made more than Tangled.

    I just hope the Planes stuff is better than the Tinkerbell films.

  • Anyone else think that the perspective on the planes propeller is a bit off? Shouldn’t it lean more in the same direction as nose cone? And shouldn’t we be able to see more of the side closer to us, and less of the side further away?

    These sorts of problems wouldn’t happen in 3D!

  • Bruce Wright

    “Each one of the Tinklerbell fils has made more than Tangled.”

    um. no.

    Tangled is up to half a billion worldwide, and still counting. Tinker Bell’s dvd sales is 43 million. Box Office Mojo says the WWBO of Tangled may get up to 600 million.

    Compare dvd sales last year of Tinker Bell vs Princess and the Frog.

    Princess was the number 5 dvd. Tinker Bell was the number 20 dvd. DVD numbers alone, Disney’s theatrical animation outpaces its direct to video animation.

  • Will they install TSA Scanners in the lobby of Disney Toon Studios?

    • dbenson

      Or will they let you use your Frequent Flyer miles to upgrade to Toy Story?

  • Ryoku

    Hm, with cars they had a lot more stuff to work with and cars that were more familiar to watchers.

    I’d wish they’d start work on the characters before calling them “hilarious”.

  • I’m surprised that they are going with this direction, and cars is one of the Pixar movies I don’t like. Hey Pixar. How about doing a sequel to the incredibles? Be better to give us that than this!

    • Mesterius

      No… That should never happen unless Brad Bird himself does it.

    • Gobo

      I’m not. Cars, in terms of merchandising, is their most profitable movie; the merchandise has made over $5 BILLION dollars so far. Billion. It’s astounding.

  • Lilo

    I bet they’d make a kaboodle (more) in merchandise sales if they made a Cars TV series. Why do this spinoff when a Cars series is a sure thing?

  • TsimoneTseTse

    all this motion so kids will never leave the

    • I liked this stuff better when it was called “Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch.”

      (…Or maybe not. Way not.)

  • Blasko

    Weird. When I was studying organizational communication years ago, I couldn’t understand the idea that an organization could, even without explicit rules, shape it’s member’s behavior. I had always thought that the members’ behavior shaped an organization. Since that time, I’ve come to understand.

    This is another good example of how the Disney corporation has reshaped Lasseter and Pixar, and not necessarily vice-versa. Sad stuff.

  • 2011 Preteen

    As an online reviewer said, “This sounds like a PARODY of Pixar movies!” … in this case, it may very well be, since it is not being produced by Pixar.

  • Steven M.

    Any direct-to-video sequel from Disney is gonna blow chunks, ths looking like no exception.

  • Vzk

    Next thing they’ll do is resurrect Circle 7’s scrapped Toy Story 3, do a bit of changes and call it Toy Story 4.

    • 2011 Preteen

      “No more sequels from us!” – Lasseter

      Way to keep that promise!

      • Dan Ang

        [Citation needed]

  • Larry Koster

    I think that the Tinker Bell series was a cut above the rest and far better than the Cheapquells that Lasseter killed, thankfully.

    I’m willing to give this a chance.

  • Well, the Tinkerbell movies had charm, maybe Planes will too.
    I don’t hate Cars, it’s a nice movie, but outside of merchandise-driven purposes, it doesn’t deserve a sequel, a spin-off with new characters…we’ll see how that works out.

  • John

    Disney Toons Studio is in India, gotta love Disney for outsourcing American animation jobs to another country!

  • Spencer Morin

    Waste of time. Nothin’ original.

  • Ryoku

    While we wait for this to come out we have Jay Jay the jet plane! I remember watching that as a kid and not liking it at all.

  • I remember years ago, in 2005, hoping against hope that John Lasseter would take over Feature Animation and dreaming of the amazing films that would come pouring out as a result. When I heard the news that John took over I remember hooping and hollering and shouting for joy! be that naive again.

  • I like… Pedro.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Looks nice. Btw Disney,when’s Bolt II coming?

  • OtherDan

    I”m excited about this one. I’m one of the Cartoon Brew minority who loved Cars. All I can say is there better be a Cessna 152 in it. YOU HEAR ME RYAN!? Gotta have one for Dan.

  • OtherDan

    How similar is the storyline to “Rio”? And, will it be low polygon (look second-rate)? Those are the only real concerns I have. I’ve gotten used to the outsourcing thing. Haven’t we all by now? I remember despising the direct-to-video sequels to classic films. And, they were terrible. But, guess what happened? Over time they looked pretty good. I mean the quality improved to a high degree. I still hate the idea of those sequels, and think they are the reason Disney 2D became saturated/diluted/unappreciated,etc. And, it’s hard to understand why top animators would willingly train them up only to kill our own jobs…But, what’s the use in fighting it anymore. It’s already a lost cause, and soon animation done in India will be indistinguishable from…Dreamworks for example. So, what’s not to embrace about a movie about planes? I-err, my kids love the Cars toys. Planes toys will be fun too. Isn’t that ultimately what it’s all about?-the toys?

    • snip13

      It becomes something to fight about when it prevents people who have trained their whole life as animators from getting jobs here in the States.

      • OtherDan

        True. But, I’m just pointing out that we have lost that fight.

  • JuJu

    Planes? Really? What’s next, talking toasters? Oh wait, I forgot…

  • Austen Davis

    I’m sure it’ll be fine as long as John Lassetar is on board.

  • What’s next? “Dildos”?

  • Is this what happens when you marry your cousins?