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Disney’s “Planes” going theatrical

Look out Turbo, here comes Dusty!

Disney has decided to chase after Dreamworks’ Turbo next summer with its movie “Cars-inspired” movie: Planes. Disney has just announced it will release this film theatrically on August 9th, 2013. Originally designed to go direct-to-DVD, Planes will now play in theatres all over the U.S. with Jon Cryer is voicing the lead plane, “Dusty”; Klay Hall (Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure), an aviator himself, is directing.

We posted this teaser trailer over a year ago, here it is again to remind you what to expect.

  • Dana B

    …I’ll pass.
    All these sequels and spin-offs are finally starting to give me a headache.

  • Charles

    Wow! Nothing says children or family fun like a Rob Zombie sound track! If the regular feature follows the same musical leads then maybe this has a better chance than Cars. Perhaps Marilyn Manson could be the next Randy Newman. Here’s hoping!

  • e

    and here i was saying disney was back on top after the last few…..and it’s gone.

    • Joel

      They’ve been doing too well as of late for me to lose hope, but a theatrical release for this doesn’t seem like the best idea (to put it lightly).

    • To be fair, this is done by Disney Toon Studios, not the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

      • Tim

        Funny thing about Disney Toon was that the DVD market was a lower-stakes game and they could afford to be a little adventurous. Disney Toon made a couple really surprising, original films — remember Lion King 1 1/2 and Goofy Movie?

        I think the straight-to-DVD market *could* be used as a great laboratory for experimenting with dangerous ideas. If the film sucks, you meet expectations. If it’s good, you win! I’m glad to see that Planes was judged good enough for a theatrical release.

  • The whole idea of cars as living life forms didn’t make a lot of sense to begin with, much less appealing. Why are they milking out this idea further? Normally I’m an optimistic person, but Pixar seems to have truly entered a period of mediocrity.

    • There’s a TON of merchandise for Cars. It’s a gravy train that keeps on bringing in money. Someone’s gotta fill that John Carter crater.

      • M. Danby

        Funny. I think we should all just agree to call that it ‘John Crater’ henceforth.

    • Sarah J

      Agreed, I don’t get why it’s such a cool idea that they have to keep making more. Judging by how much “Cars” merchandise I see, I think that’s a factor.

  • Hellohue

    So next summer Japan gets Miyazaki’s next film, a profound biopic about the man who made the Zero fighter jet, and the movie we get about planes in cinemas is this.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It is pretty ironic really.

    • Sam Schulz

      Wow, this high artistic posturing is all WAY overblown. Japan may get a Miyazaki film – but also about a dozen harem comedies with fan service, a bunch of cookie cutter angst ridden teen dramas with giant robots/zombies/girls with guns and probably something truly weird ala X rated hamsters from Gainax. So what’s wrong with a fun animation for kids that adults might like as well?

      Get over yourself.

      • Haruna

        Ghibli is evil

      • James

        Except this “Planes” film is a theatrical feature film coming from an industry leader and those you’re comparing it to are primarily made-for-TV genre money-makers.

        Might as well use the something like CN’s Adult Swim block as a means to backhand any serious attempts at feature filmmaking in the Western Hemisphere.

  • tim

    cant wait for “Segway” the movie…….should be awesome….

    • Sotiris

      You’re joking but Disney is already developing movies around trains, boats, and trucks. Segways can’t be that far away.

  • James

    N-No…. NO!

    Cheap-quels shouldn’t hit theaters. I thought they learned their lesson from Jungle Book 2, and this one definitely wasn’t meant for theaters.

    Be prepared for Cars cameos.

  • Walt

    It truly is the end of the world. I expect to hear Pixar releasing Finding Nemo 2 next. Oh wait…

  • Polecat

    I may be one of the few people here who actually thought the original was a nice movie, but the truth is I have Cars fatigue. Maybe someday, after Planes has been on DVD long enough for me to have recovered, I’ll take a look.

  • Oy. Vey.

  • Kev Craven

    It’ll never take off……….

  • Mark R.

    Pixar can do no wrong!

    My family loved Cars 2!

    Can’t wait for this!

    • Kyle Maloney

      Lets just entertain the idea that this were true, that Pixar can do no wrong. This is not even being done by Pixar. Which is why I can justify skipping this one. I’ve never skipped a pixar movie theatrically, but this ain’t Pixar, its a spin off of something they did. I’ll probably torrent or dvr it at some point out of sheer curiosity, but I’m not giving them a dime. We should not be encouraging this idea.

  • ELB

    The above Segway line is classic, good one. Have seen lots of the production work on this and It’s really cool. Plenty of top talent on it too. Dismiss at your potential crow eating risk. Looking forward to it and happy it got a theatrical release.

  • Glowworm

    Movies like this make me want to watch an old childrens show that used to be advertised on video ad nauseum as a child called “Jay Jay the Jet Plane.” At least that looked cute…

  • Matthew Koh


    With those comments, I can easily tell that they’re all pernamently traumatized by the release of “Cars 2”.

    • Joel

      I can tell you, it wasn’t a fun experience (for me).

      • BANE

        FOR YOU.

  • Samjoe

    “My head hurts”.

  • John

    Way to go Toon Disney India, your first theatrical release! If this is really successful maybe Disney and Pixar will consider making more films or all their films at the India studio. Won’t that be great?

  • MC

    Boo. Hiss.
    Wonder what label they’ll distribute it under. Pixar Movietoons?
    But I’m sure there is a deep, integrity-filled, story-driven reason why this movie just HAD to be made. Uh huh.

    • Jow

      It’s under the standalone “Disney” label. Pixar is not involved.

  • wever


  • Skip

    I realize that Cars made Disney a tun of money, but was that money a fair trade for the way that it tarnished the Brand name. Coming out with theatrical releases in recent years like Tangled, and Wreck it Ralph re-established faith in Disney animation, at least for me. Releasing something like Planes in theatres may help to sell toys, but is it really a worth while trade for watering down the brand name?

    • infusions

      The only people who would consider this move tarnishing to the brand name is the animation community, who are hardly responsible for bringing in the numbers needed to make a profit.

      Is making the animation community upset worth the millions Disney will make off of this property? Yes, it is.

  • Sotiris

    The trade papers are reporting that Jon Cryer is no longer attached to the film.

    I wonder if they are planning to release theatrically the sequels to Planes as well.

  • aj

    I have been cured of Pixar-envy

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Please Disney,make a Bolt II.

    • Joel

      I whole-heartedly agree. Regardless of whether or not it’d actually work in practice (unless done well, of course), I’ve REALLY wanted to see more of Bolt for four years now.

  • Crap-tacular

    Wow…. “Planes” *and* “Turbo” next summer? quick….find me TWO sharp sticks…. one for each eye, so I don’t have to watch this crap.

  • 3D guy

    Yes! The world is coming to and end! Everyone shoot thy’selves, Disney made a movie that was not inspired by Japanese folklore and aimed at people who would rather criticize than make something themselves! Here’s a couple hints. Disney is a business… big business. Movies like this bring in money. Lots of it. It keeps the studios going in the lean times and keeps hundreds and hundreds of people employed. Movies like this expand their brand and add to their theme parks (Disney CarsLand added 5,000 jobs in the Southern California area alone). But mostly, movies like this are LOVED by children. Movies like this are HARMLESS!!! They are made for CHILDREN!!! They are silly, and stupid, and over-the-top, and harmless. They aren’t made for you. They are meant to entertain. You should judge a movie by what it is, not what it isn’t. Stop being the Grinch who stole fun. Relax. If it doesn’t appeal to you, don’t see it.

    • Sarah J

      “It’s for kids” is no excuse for low quality. The movie may be made FOR kids, but it’s being made BY adults that should be expected to know quality.

  • Lauren

    Is “Planes: The Male Demographic” the sequel to “Tinkerbell: The Female Demographic”? Or possibly even “Kids Are Stupid: The Movie”?

    • Jow

      Chances are it’s a Sequel to “Buy our Toys: The (Hour and a half long Commercial in disguise as a) Movie”.

  • unusedSUITCASE

    what happened to the animation world. The Goon cant seem to get made but the same bad idea can be rehashed over and over.

  • Jow

    Before anyone says anything like “I Hope someone makes Trains next”, read this:


    • James

      Yep that, and the confirmation the long-awaited screen epic “Boats”

  • Toonio

    Keep feeding the monster and it will keep bearing atrocities.

  • Julian

    Pixar is starting to get on my nerves. Not because of their staple films, some of the best, actually the best 3D films I’ve seen. They’ve made very high quality films over the past 15 years and have very much earned their success. However, in recent times it’s seems they’re taken that success to their heads and are (what I call) getting high on staying power. Especially with this “Cars” franchise, which I think is their most overrated, and most over zealously marketed. Not that the film was bad to any degree, just for what it was and the fact I can’t walk into a super market (or any store really) in 2012 and not have 20 Cars products in my face is saying “come on guys, you’re losing my respect”. It’s not like Toy Story (their other over zealously marketed property) where they’ve actually made the sequels into a well written appropriately fitting trilogy. Every new “Cars” related movie seems to riding the “it’s got McQueen and Mater attached to it! It has to be good!” bandwagon. Not that I should be really surprised, entertainment companies have a history of doing this, especially the one Pixar’s attached to.

    • Mike

      Please note, this is not at all Pixar’s fault. I readily admit that Cars 2 and Brave were not up to the Pixar standard and that they should be held accountable for the times they fall short, but this isn’t one of them; this is pure Disney-ordered money-hungry executive doing. It’s not being made by or in conjunction with Pixar.

      • Daniel

        more like Lasseter ordered money-hungry executive doing..

        wait.. isn’t he from pixar?

  • OK, I’ve finally gotta say something. I agree to disagree I’ve in the past (and as a ex employee of the Company to which we are talking) a FEW (relativity) of the DTV titles…..Jungle Book 2 see I’m thinking was one of the rare exceptions, the quality of work was a little better and it it “fir” wihtin” that artisit range we enjoy.
    And NO I’m not saying everythign had (lesat we forget Cindy and LM 2’s and 3’s NO NOT everything fit but give it a chance it might be better than u think

  • Alê Camargo

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Pogo Stick the Movie.

    • Jow

      Here’s my requests for stupid Movies about inanimate objects coming to life:

      “Junk Food”
      “Walt Disney’s frozen Body”
      “Cars”….OH WAIT.
      “The Incredible Adventures of your Floor”
      “Books” (Scratch that, a Movie Studio would never influence people to stop watching their Movies and start reading Books.)
      “Justin Beiber’s Brain”
      And perhaps the stupidest idea ever, “Toys”….OH WAIT AGAIN.

  • Pixar will be remembered as the studio that was once great, but Disney brought the shotgun to their heads and forced them to make crap. Which triggered the greed and now stuff like this is spewing out of their company. I won’t be surprised if there are people who both work and formally worked for Pixar hate Pixar in the direction its going now. They wont admit it, but they hate where the studio is going. If they do a Toy Story 4 that would even cross the line for both fans of the film and animators in general. Pixar is now becoming the Disney studio that we all hated(when Michael Eisner took office for the company era).

    At this point, the Cars series is nothing but a complete annoyance to me. the fact that Pixar went ahead with Cars II is a complete embarrassment to Pixar’s name. Nobody asked for a Cars sequel, the demand for a sequel was only for The Incredibles. Yet, Pixar is blind by the fact that The incredibles has more demand for a sequel then Cars. Cars II only happened because the toys that were made based off of the film made more money than the film itself.

    This makes me hate Cars even more. This is pure proof on what happens when you sell out to Disney. Pixar, just make a freaking sequel to the incredibles movie, and get Brad Bird to do it. You have already hurt your image by doing sequels to movies nobody wants, Finding Nemo II shouldn’t have even been greenlighted. I will be avoiding planes like the plaque.

    • Jow

      Just so everyone knows, I liked Cars 2.

      And now, with that out of the way, LET THE FLAME WAR BEGIN!

    • Is it Disney’s fault, though? I mean, if anyone seems to love Cars it’s Lasseter.

      I don’t ‘hate’ Cars or their characters. I watched Cars 2 and I was entertained and I think Cars Toons are ok. But yeah, I’m not planning to buy the Cars 2 dvd anytime soon.

      This is definitely more ‘childish’ stuff than other Pixar material. Not ‘bad’ but definitely not up to their standards. And the concept is not even visually interesting. If you make talking cars in CGI you end up with very stiff characters. I thought the first Cars was thematically interesting because of Radiator Springs and their ‘people’ but once the ‘old town’ concept is abandoned for races or spy stories it looses its ‘humanity’.

      Personally I wasn’t crazy about Toy Story 3 either. It had two or three great scenes but I felt it was basically the same story of the second one with bigger stakes but nothing new in terms of character developement. I’m ok with Toy Story Toons (first one was meh, but Small Fry was hilarious).

      I think they should reduce the sequel thing in general.

      Also, I don’t see what’s so bad about Brave. At least the subject, the genre of the main character and the visuals were new for Pixar. Maybe it’s because I don’t consider all their other movies the perfect masterpieces everybody thinks they are, but , while I don’t think Brave was flawless or the most engaging story in the history of cinema, I thought it was entertaining for both kids and adults, was well animated and had charismatic and new characters. That qualifies it as a quality animated film to me.

  • Sarah J

    Ugh. Is the merchandising really worth continuing to make these movies? Okay, I get that they’re making a TON off the merchandising, but I mean, surely they can make some original movies with lots of merchandising potential.

    • Jow

      “Merchandise: The Movie”.

      Seriously though, they should just stick to making Movies for the sake of telling stories. This is Disney after all.

  • Tom R

    It’s sad to know that Lasseter is probably thinking entirely of the cash at this point.

  • Paulie J. Waddle

    I don’t see why Disney had to waste all that money to make this movie when they could’ve just released the toys by themselves. What is this…1985?

  • Brad Constantine

    Just make it entertaining!! That’s all! I don’t care who does it. Just do it well.

  • I thought Pixar had learned a lesson from Toy Story 2–that having a single studio with two different sets of standards was (as Ed Catmull put it in his lecture “Keep Your Crises Small”) “bad for the soul”.

    Maybe not.

  • Taylor Armstrong

    Anyone else think the first shot was exceptionally phallic? Oh! And the 40,000 pounds of thrust!

  • Dennis

    sometimes, i wish someone would nuke Disney’s studio

    seriously, the world doesn’t need Disney anymore. They are not making films anymore, they’re making crap, overrated crap, that gives them tons of money, but after 2 or 3 years people forget about it, seriously, Wreck-it-Ralph’s popularity will wear off and no one will give a damn about it.

  • Eman

    One would think the poor response to Cars 2 both in viewership and reviews would encourage them to steer clear.

  • Steve M.
  • chris

    Everyone who is shitting on this idea or any other idea from Pixar/Disney, or anything else they have done…..Please tell me what you are doing with your life.
    Not one of you has anything creditable on screen.
    I want responses… go.

    • Bandit

      I’ve got one, I’m a prospective game designer who happens to have had a lot of his inspiration born from animation, particularly Disney and Pixar’s and I don’t like seeing great companies, responsible for great ideas, and films that influence people around the world, making crappy, boring movies about cars being cars and making car puns just because cars are easy toys to sell. Things like Up, and Wall-e, and Toy Story explored ideas and concepts that were new and novel and fun, with sometimes heartbreaking moments and super memorable characters. Cars is basically a Disney version of the talking gas-station cars doing things that people do but with a car-theme. I can’t remember more than two characters from that movie. Can I make a better movie? If I had an entire studio and millions of dollars at my disposal, sure. But I don’t, because I’m starting out, and I’m just a fan. It’s a completely baseless argument to tell someone they can’t criticize because they can’t do the same thing. I’m not the director or the producer, I’m the audience, and as the audience, I have a right to be dissatisfied, and because I’ve seen many a better production before it, I also have to ability to reason out what could have been a better story using the material. Planes is being made as a blatant cash-in, just like Cars 2 was. Just because people like something, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. A guy can like a chop steak a lot, but give him a filet mignon and he’ll know what’s better. Animation is not just for kids, it’s for families, and enthusiasts, and budding-animators too, and I think Pixar needs to try a bit harder with their stories. Brave was really weak too, but it gets all the praise in the world, why? Cause it’s Disney/Pixar, everything they touch is gold and everyone just needs to get out of the way.

  • E. Nygma

    I undersatnd this is a huge money making franchise, but I just wish it was a better idea from the start. I am a huge Pixar/Disney fan but I just don’t like the idea of the “Cars” world.

    I cant believe stuff like this gets made but something like Newt gets cut. That would have been a classic Pixar film based on the concept art.

  • Erik

    I’m a bit annoyed that the blame is directed entirely at “Disney”, because it’s honestly a very vague way of addressing problems. I don’t agree with this being released in theaters, nor do I think the Cars universe is particularly interesting, but the fact is, people do like it, including some of the people who make it.

  • Mike Luzzi

    What’s interesting to me is the question of pay. If John Cryer signed on to do VO for a direct to video release I am sure his pay scale was set by that. Now that it is being theatrically released, I would assume his agent has negotiated an appropriate scale of pay.

    Is the same true of the crew of artists who worked on this?

  • Amy

    i really can’t pass judgement on this movie due to just the trailer alone but at first glance it really does look like it’s just pandering to the audience. But i think this is the problem with Disney and Pixar being such a well known company: the audience expectation is higher than it should be. Sure that isn’t any excuse to pander to it’s audience but at least these movies aren’t at ‘The Smurfs’ level of pandering. Cars 2 may have been bad but until they reach the level of Smurfs then I’ll begin to worry.

    Actually that’s one issue I have with some movies aimed at kids i.e the smurfs and Cars 2: They treat their target demographic like they’re stupid. Sure kids find the bathroom and gag humor hilarious and it doesn’t mean every movie should teach them a valuable lesson but it shouldn’t treat them like they’re stupid either.

  • Pixar Disney fan

    I find that it’s funny how parents or adults are saying this about a children’s movie. Grow up these movies aren’t meant to entertain you all it’s meant to entertain are the kids. I hate doodle bops doesn’t mean I wouldn’t let my child watch it, grow up and watch a rated R movie. I hope that make a Boats before they move on to something else.