Tom Hanks as Walt Disney Tom Hanks as Walt Disney

First Pic of Tom Hanks as Walt Disney

Twitter user Melissa Farley snagged the first photo of Tom Hanks as Walt Disney. Hanks is portraying the role of Walt Disney for the film Saving Mr. Banks, a drama about the making of Disney’s Mary Poppins. Hanks spoke about the role recently in this Hollywood Reporter interview. So what do you think of the pic: does Hanks evoke Walt or does he evoke Tom Hanks with a mustache?

  • SnappyC

    He kinda looks like Higgins….

    • Madman Mike

      Are we sure this wasn’t taken on the set of Magnum P.I. the movie?

  • Robert Palmer

    Definitely Tom Hanks with a mustache. Couldn’t they do better than that? There must be some unknown actor out there that could play the part.

  • I love Tom Hanks and he can play almost anybody, but he does not look enough like Walt.

    • Zac

      He can play Tom Hanks like nobodies business, that’s for sure.

  • Karoly Matyas

    Would be rather premature to judge his Disney-ness based on what looks like a photo shot with an old smartphone.

  • Andrew T. Smith

    He actually looks more like David Tomlinson!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Look at the people behind him. They never would have gotten inside Disneyland with their old dress code.

  • Brian O.

    Max Fleischer visits Disneyland.

  • Actually he looks like Howard Hughes. It will be interesting to see though. I am sure Hanks has got the voice down and how Walt spoke etc and that will push the believe ability to us seeing Walt. A still picture doesnt speak the whole realm.

  • Hank

    Where’s the cigarette?

  • whoiseyevan

    I think Jean Dujardin from the Artist looks like Walt, but I don’t know if he could pull off the accent.

  • How are they going to depict Walt Disney accurately if they aren’t allowed to show smoking in movies anymore?

    • Oh, I just read the article and it says he’ll be smoking all the way through it…never mind.

    • Pedro Nakama

      They’ll paint out the cigs just like they did to Pecos Bill.

  • Tom Hanks as Walt Disney. To prepare for his role, Hanks took several visits to The Walt Disney Family Museum and interviewed some of Disney’s relatives including his daughter Diane Disney Miller. Hanks also stated that Disney’s notorious vice of chain smoking would be incorporated through the course of the film.[9] FROM WIKIPEDIA

  • John A

    They should have called Kevin Spacey, or used a heavily made up Kevin Kline. Hanks is too “pudgy”, even for old Walt.

  • Tom Hanks in a mustache, Walt Disney had extremely expressive eyebrows.

  • whoiseyevan

    Who is playing Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke?

    • Will Mendes

      Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy, in that order, and for the record, the picture looks like Tom Hanks in a moustache, though he may do a good job portraying him in a movie.

  • wever

    Eeeeeeeh……. the jaw shape doesn’t fit but other than that, it’s a really good imitation.

  • Hanks looks so-so as Disney. I’ll buy it based on his performance. However I agree with the earlier post that the background atmosphere is all wrong. Shorts? Fanny packs? Not in 1963, or whenever the story takes place. That’s way too slovenly and casual for back then.

    • Polecat

      My guess is that those people aren’t extras but just a bunch of bystanders putzing around the set.

    • DanyTheMe

      This is a picture of him on set. It’s clearly not in front of the camera I strongly doubt that those are the actual people who will be in the film’s BG.

  • Greg Jones Jr

    Sounds like a cool movie but I would have thought the making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would be more interesting.

  • Jacques Muller

    Tom Hanks as Walt Disney ?..all of his great actor’skills put aside, what a stupid idea! Why not having Danny De Vito as Tarzan, Arnold as Tom Thumb or Clint Eastwood as Maid Marian ? Louis Zorich from Dirty rotten scoundrels would have made a muchh better Walt Disney, but he is probably dead now (,r:8,s:0,i:92)

  • Drew

    i like it. i rather have a great actor who kind of looks like walt then have a crappy one who looks exactly like him.

  • Mel

    Because of Tom Hanks’ global renown it’s impossible not to recognize the guy in that photo as Tom Hanks. The Walt of 1963-64 also had a paunch but looked older than does Hanks, possibly due to a lifetime spent chain-smoking and as yet undiagnosed pulmonary problems. Walt aged rapidly between the late 1940s and 1966. Just compare live action footage of him introducing his classic “Alice in Wonderland” shot for the 1950s ABC “Disneyland” show with almost shot-for-shot verbatim footage made in the early 1960s for that same film’s color NBC telecast on “The Wonderful World of Color.” Both pieces of film exist as DVD extras and any actor tasked with playing Walt Disney would benefit from studying this filmic comparison.

  • Matt ford

    He’s too chubby.


    I was thinking Tom Hanks looks a little like…Adolph Hitler. Here’s hoping that thats only a BAD picture.

  • TJR

    It doesn’t matter if he looks like Walt or not. What matters is his performance. And given his track record, I will be very surprised if he doesn’t pull it off. If you need proof, go see the movie Cloud Atlas (one of the best movies that I have seen this year BTW) to see just how much range he has an actor (and be sure to stay for the closing credits where you see all the roles he did in fact play).

  • Tom Hanks IS Bob McKimson!

  • Gerard de Souza

    Having never read the books
    I saw the stage musical of Mary Poppins recently, which compromises P.L. Travers’ stories with Disney elements , new songs and changes to the context and lyrics of the Sherman Bros,’ songs (because Disney did not hold the rights to the Poppins stories and characters). Storywise the story was a flipping klunky train wreck nightmare IMO. Although he apparently abandoned much of the source material (as he had with many films), the play only reinforced my love for Disney the man’s ability for adaptation.

  • Nope, he’s fat. He’s Tom Hanks right? THe great TOm Hanks. He’s not going to loose weight for something so mediocre.
    His drama-queen performances just work out of context on every movie I watch of his. Probably watching this movie… at home

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Hanks isn’t lean enough. But I like the title “Saving Mr. Banks.” I’ve long thought that he was the focus of the movie, and that moment when he sets up his own Zen koan (“…when there’s nothing to say, all you can say… “) and contemplates the twopence that triggered the bank run, was the moment his character attained the upper middle-class British equivalent of Buddha nature.

  • Laura

    Moustache Hanks doesn’t even mildly look like Walt.

  • Randy

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too fat to be portraying Disney. Bad casting.

  • Chuckster

    Hmm, he looks like a moon-face Tom Hanks with a mustache. Perhaps a mile away, he could pass for Disney. Oh well, it’s done deal, love it or hate, right? LOOL Actor Ryan Gosling would have been a better fit for the role, I think.

  • I guess they picked Hanks because of what he represents- the protagonist of ‘family friendly’ or crowd pleaser films that usually plays the role of a good and well intended american citizen- rather than physical resemblance. If the performance is good maybe the fact that he doesn’t look like him won’t be a problem. I must admit a part of me would prefer a not-Disney film portraying Disney. Even though I am a big fan of cartoons Walt’s life is relatively unknown for me and I didn’t read a lot about it. I would rather see a movie that portrayed both his virtues and flaws than something made by the company that will probably show an idealized version of him.


    He’s got the mustache…but as far as someone I trust to get it right…. Hanks has got it! That’s all that matters…I hope the script is as good as the concept. Looking forward to seeing the film.

  • To me, Hanks lacks Disney’s charm, besides being too well known himself to play an icon. Sceptical, but would be delighted to be proven wrong.

  • Doug

    C’mon! He doesn’t look like Walt one bit. As far as whether he can play Walt or not, Hanks plays the same character in every movie. So, if Walt fits into that character, then it will be a good portrayal. In other words, I hold no hope for this movie. Please please please, isn’t there any creativity left in Hollywood? It’s a safe choice – nothing more.

  • Bryan

    I think the biggest problem is that Walt’s voice was much deeper than Hanks’

    Maybe they’ll use some digital magic to drop his voice a notch or two.

  • Unlike the fanboys here, I’ve been on set with Mr. Hanks and he’s giving an amazing performance as the Old Maestro. And no, Walt Disney is not chain smoking in this film. That comes straight from Tom, by the way. There’s not many of us left from the “Mary Poppins” days. Hopefully, I’ve been able to provide some insight for the film makers.

    • John A

      So what about the rest of the cast, Floyd? Denzel Washington as Floyd Norman? Jack Nicholson as Milt Kahl? Al Pacino as Marc Davis? CGI Roy Williams as park security? Daniel Day Lewis as Mr. Lincoln? How about it?

  • Ron

    I’m sure Tom Hanks will do a great job as Walt Disney, whether or not he looks exactly like him, I’m sure he can capture Walt’s essence. I think it’s a solid choice. Also, Tom has a very similar public persona to Walt at that time in History: “All-American, regular guy who everybody loves”. Who knows? Maybe after Tom Hanks dies, they’ll start calling him a cryogenically frozen, Anti-Semite.

    In terms of pure LOOKS, though, I’ve always wanted to see Kevin Klein play Walt at that age. Maybe they’ll do another biopic about a different time in Walt’s life.

    • Funkybat

      In terms of pure looks, I don’t think any major actor alive today could beat Nicolas Cage as Walt Disney. When he grows out a mustache, he is the closest thing to a dead ringer for mid-life Uncle Walt I’ve seen. Problem is, no matter Cage’s level of talent, the fact is his voice is way too distinctive, and after so many clunkers, the casting would probably be derided even if he gave a great performance.

      • Ness

        Oh god, I never realized how much Nic Cage looks like Walt with a mustache until you said that. Wow. I’d still be wary of his acting given his history, though.

  • Kiko

    I wonder if the movie will make light of the rumours regarding Disney’s as born Spaniard (nee Jose Luis Girao)

  • Chris B

    A bit off model, I’d say.

  • Pez

    This looks just like I expected.


  • Hold everything! Based on everyone’s comments, Hanks called in Robert Zemeckis, of Polar Express fame, and he’s going transform Tom into
    the perfect image of Walt with CGI. But Walt will still look dead.