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John C. Reilly Confirms ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’

Yesterday at the Galway Film Fleadh, one of Ireland’s leading film festivals, John C. Reilly told reporters that he had “signed on” for a sequel to Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. Reilly voiced the eponymous lead, Ralph, in the original 2012 film directed by Rich Moore.

According to a tweet by the Irish Independent, Reilly told audiences that he made the deal with Disney “right here in Galway, on the phone.”

John C. Reilly voiced the lead in Disney's "Wreck-It Ralph."(Photo: Jaguar PS /Shutterstock.com)
John C. Reilly voiced the lead in Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph.”(Photo: Jaguar PS /Shutterstock.com)

Disney itself has not yet announced the sequel, but both director Rich Moore and actress Sarah Silverman (voice of Vanellope von Schweetz) have hinted at the possibility of a sequel in older interviews. Reilly’s announcement, which according to him is based on developments from the past few days, strongly suggests that Disney is now pressing forward with the follow-up.

The first Wreck-It Ralph grossed $471.2 million globally, which although modest by the standards of the studio’s last two films, is sufficiently respectable to merit a sequel. In recent years, Disney has made “brands and franchises” the centerpiece of its corporate strategy, essentially guaranteeing a sequel or follow-up of some sort to any successful project.

  • YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!! I watched Wreck-It Ralph like 20 times ! My fav animation movie along with Tombeau Des Lucioles from Ghibli.

  • ScamScum

    I approve. Now all we need is Inside Out 2.

    • AmidAmidi

      Don’t worry. There’ll be one soon enough. ;)

      • starss

        Pete Docter: “I don’t ever want a sequel. I wish to move on to ne–BZZZZZ– There Will Be A Se-quel Due To Dis-ney Re-Prog-ram-ming My Mind To O-bey.”

    • Matthew Koh

      Seriously? I just simply don’t want to see every sequel of Riley’s stages of life until she dies of old age!

    • Please no. Wall-E, UP and Inside Out never need sequels.

  • Josh Moore

    Yes, the only recent Disney film that I wanted a sequel the most is finally getting one. There’s so much else you could do in the gaming world with the sequel.

    • Manuel Orozco

      The only recent Disney movie i want a sequel from too

  • Manuel Orozco

    Waited two years for this moment! Wreck it Ralph is one of my favorite Disney flicks. Bring on number 2

  • starss

    One of the few movies I WANTED for a sequel!

  • Jonathan Lyons

    I think Wreck it Ralph could be the beginning of a major franchise. The video game universe it created has huge potential for expansion. I’m sure all the “no sequels” crowd will chime in shortly, but I loved the first film, and will be very happy if Rich Moore returns for the next one.

    • starss

      Disney Infinite Smash Bros.?

    • Ronnie

      So you could say you’re onboard, if Rich wants Moore? *rimshot*

      • ZibZabZo

        I want Moore, Rich!

        • starss

          So he could be rich moore!

    • AnimatedMadness

      Title Suggestion; “Wreck-It Ralph: Online”

    • ea

      For the sequel, Ralph goes into Miss Felix 96 Nude, a Korean Fix-It Felix Jr. knockoff that shows pr0n on every level.

  • tt

    Please no……Revival Era is having too many sequels. Winnie the Pooh, Frozen 2, now this. I know it has potential but no other Disney era has this amount of franchise sequels……this is breaking me….

    • AmidAmidi

      Brands and franchises is Disney’s corporate strategy. They won’t be stopping anytime soon: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/business/secret-to-disneys-record-profits-franchises-113996.html

      • Zsxd

        For me it’s just disappointing to see a sequel to Frozen, easily the worst movie out of this “New Disney Renaissance” that started with Bolt.

        • Tim Tran

          just your opinion, tho.
          but the major consensus is 1) Princess and Frog started the Revival Era, and 2) Frozen is one of the best.
          tbh, I found Princess and Frog the worst, but if you add Bolt, Bolt would be the worst. but i digress.

          • Zsxd

            Do people really not like Bolt? I loved it, it was the first movie that gave me hope for Walt Disney Animation since The Emperor’s New Groove.

            Also, The Princess and the Frog and Bolt are both easily better than Frozen, as well as Tangled and Big Hero 6. I would say that Wreck-It Ralph has them all beat though.

          • Tim Tran

            still, your opinion. Princess and Frog and Boly both easily are trumpED by Tangled Frozen and Hero. there’s a reason why Bolt and Frog are forgotten.

    • starss

      Keep in mind Ralph is one of the few movies today that is widely DEMANDING of a sequel, much like The Incredibles.

  • Good. The Wreck-It Ralph universe is so expansive and there are so many more stories to be told. It’s nice that Disney still sees potential, especially considering a certain snow movie BLEW UP in the public consciousness a year after its release.

  • I really wished they didn’t. Not because it can’t be good as a sequel, but hearing them going for another one is getting tiring. It’s like all the other animation studios are adopting DreamWorks’ game plan and having better success at it.

  • siskavard

    If they don’t name it Super Wreck-it Ralph, I will be dissapoint.

  • Graham Finch

    To the commenters saying that WiR’s universe is expansive, I have to ask: How? It takes place in an arcade, and they’ve explored all the possibilities for classic and modern games alike. How can they change things up so it doesn’t seem rehashed?

    • I think I read they were considering the online multiplayer gaming world too at some point.

      • So in the sequel Ralph gets to be called slurs by Call of Duty trolls who’ve never talked to anyone without their headset? Fantastic!

    • Kyle_Maloney

      Easy. Take on console games rather than arcade.

    • starss

      They could feature more games, and somehow incorporate consoles and more current platforms like online games. Rich Moore expressed interest in doing that, so it’s possible.

    • Barrett

      There are any number of other arcade games they have yet to visit, not to mention lots of other characters who they could expand the personalities of beyond what little we now know. To say NOTHING of whatever fictional games & characters they can come up with, in different eras. Calhoun and Vanellope could just be the beginning.

      Wreck-It Ralph just scratched the surface.

  • TheDisbeliever

    If you’re going to do a sequel to a (CG) Disney film, this is by far the best choice and, in my opinion, the only film that deserves one… money arguments aside.

  • aquapyro

    I’ll believe it when I see it from Rich Moore himself.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Much like the Incredibles, this is one of the few animated movies that DESERVES a sequel–and will probably be just as good as the first one.

  • Max C.

    I loved the original…

    …until I watched it again in 2015.

  • George Comerci

    The only upcoming Disney movie that really sounds good! Can’t wait!

    • I’m excited for the next Princess movie. I don’t know what its called but the animation will be cool.

  • We already knew there was gonna be a sequel. Pretty sure this website itself had an article about Sonic or Mario being in the sequel or something.

    • Kyle_Maloney

      They had hoped there would be one greenlit, but last we heard was that it wasn’t happening any time soon.

  • JodyMorgan

    So, in terms of sequel quality, are we looking at “Toy Story 2”, “Kung Fu Panda 2”, or “Despicable Me 2”?

    • Both Toy Story 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2 were significant upgrades from their original films, in my opinion. Haven’t seen DM, so I have no opinion.

    • starss

      The first one, I hope.

  • CliffClaven

    “Wreck It Ralph Meets Tron.”
    There. Somebody had to say it.

  • Justin CartoonSmart

    Fix-It-Felix Jr. meets Fix-It-Felix Sr. Too obvious, or too awesome? And can we dust off Rick Moranis for the voice.

  • Nudibranch

    Met my closest friend through this film’s fandom, so needless to say we’re both really looking forward to it!