New <em>Up</em> trailer New <em>Up</em> trailer

New Up trailer

  • Sam Filstrup

    At first the film seemed as if it was going to look similar to the other Pixar films from the first trailer. Although not a radial departure the art style has it’s own new twist and I can’t wait to see it.

  • I’m sorry, but based on this trailer, Pixar’s future doesn’t look too bright.

    The old man design just seems cluttered and unappealing to me.

    And that boy Scout looks like he belings with the other humanoid blobs in Wall E.

    Prediction: Monsters and Aliens will gross 1.5X times more money that this film.

    Not that Monsters and Aliens looks too good, either.

    (copied from what I said on Jamie oliff’s and Angie Jones’s blog)

  • A Miyazaki film but by Pixar; can’t be bad.

  • Jay Sabicer

    I got some chuckles from that. It tells me a little more of what’s going to happen without completely spoiling it. The dog had me scratching my head on his part in all this and the ‘Kirk Douglas’ character appears to be the antagonist, so it appears the film will have some decent conflict.

    Disney should probably not give anything else away, as not to fall into the trap that so many other trailers do- give me no reason to see the full movie.

  • this looks absolutely charming. i love that dog. let’s hope he keeps the laughs coming and that wasn’t the best joke in the whole flick!

  • I don’t know why all the negativity with this movie and its designs. The designs are ok, Pixar has never been super-experimental or overly cartoony with the designs, maybe they are not a huge evolution from The Incredibles, but they look cute and funny.

    I personally can’t wait to see it and I think it actually looks better than Wall-E. It seems more cartoony, funnier, more quirky (in a good way) and packed with adventure and imagination.

    It looks like a Miyazaki film with gags and characters more similar to american animation (which I prefer when it comes to entertainment).

    I also love the fact that the hero is an old man. I think this is going to add a lot of fun and emotion to the story.

    I actually laughed out loud at some of the gags in the trailer and it didn’t happen to me with the advertising in other Pixar movies. That dog is really funny and Russell looks entertaining too. To me is a quite better design than the humanoids in Wall-E.

    Considering Monsters Inc is my fave Pixar movie yet I believe this one, another Pete Docter’s effort, has the chance to become at least second place, if not first.

  • Pixar, you’d done it again: You’ve succeded in making me wish the weeks prior to the Summer release of this movie pass by as quickly as possible.

    Have you no shame?? Won’t you let me enjoy Spring ever again??? I’m getting old, for Pete’s sake!

  • BB

    I don’t know but I’m beginning to think Pixar is starting to lose some of their originality. The dog looks very similar to Gromit from “Wallace and Gromit”, the boy looks like a character right out of Wall-E and lastly what is Kirk Douglas doing in this movie…

  • Kris

    There are 5 awkward silence jokes:

    1. “Please let me in” “No” *awkward silence* “Oh all right”
    2. Carl coming down the stairs in the chair. The chairs stops *awkward silence* he thumps it and it starts again
    3. “Squirrel!” *awkward silence* “Hi there”
    4. Kid scrapes along glass as the antagonist old man slowly follows him with his eyes *awkward silence*
    5. “With this GPS, we’ll never get lost” He throws it out the window *awkward silence* “Oops”

    Whats up with that? Is this the awkward silence joke movie?

  • NOW I got an idea of what the final result will be like! Can’t wait!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Looks promising, and I may fork over another dozen or so dollars in case the theater near me gets it in 3-D as well!

  • Gobo

    I find some of these criticisms kind of bizarre.

    Russell looks like a character from Wall-E… because he’s fat? Besides his chubbiness, he’s an Asian kid in a scout costume. His design has nothing to do with the immobile humans from Wall-E.

    The dog looks like Gromit.. because he has round eyes and is a brown dog?

    I really don’t see any signs of Pixar slowing down or getting lazy from this trailer. They took a cute, simple idea that they could’ve skated with as an Odd Couple comedy… and added airships, biwing airplanes, talking dogs, crazy flightless birds, and some sort of airborne supervillain. I’m eager to see this, it looks barn-busting.

  • Holly

    This film looks amazing! It has charm and appeal written all over it, no doubt in part because Ricky Nierva is the production designer. Brilliant! And since it’s a Pete Docter film, it will have a ton of heart. May can’t come soon enough.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Looks fun.

  • The film looks charming, but the trailer seems to be selling it a little off. I’m still pretty excited for “Up” hearing the spectacular early-buzz about it.

    P.S. Seriously though, a perfect example of under-promoting a Pixar film: Last year’s “WALL-E” promotion. First off you start with three beautiful almost-pantimine trailers with music from “Brazil” then suddenly a drastic turn had happened with the fourth NA trailer pitiching the film as a straight-forward adventure film.

  • All I can think of when I watch this is what Windsor McCay would have done if he had access to Pixar’s technology.

  • Chris J

    Put me down as one who really likes the character design I’ve seen for UP.

    Austin, I think you’re confusing your own opinions on character design with the general public’s. Most people out there want appealing, balanced characters to look at, which is what Pixar produces time and time again.

    There’s a reason John Kricfalusi’s design sense, for instance, has never been adopted in a film that’s trying to appeal broadly. His work – despite being original and full of awesome – is also largely grotesque (in the best sense of the word) and it simply turns as many people away as it attracts.

    The old man looks “cluttered” to you? I have the opposite reaction. I love that design – it instantly tells me something about the character and yet is not over-done. To me it seems they took it just as far as it needed to go.

    Different strokes, I guess.

    Also – the color design on that electric stair-chair scene is simply wonderful.

  • BobT

    As an asian person I’m offended that the kid looks asian but is also fat and is apparently not that bright. I really hope they’re not implying something about Asian people….

    I’m kidding by the way.

    This looks fun. It doesn’t look ground breaking, but I don’t think Pixar sets out to make groundbreaking films. It’s just that most of their films just happened to be better than the competition.

    And this is a senior citizen action adventure. I just love that idea, much more that Wall-E.

    And the characters look just fine.
    I’d start worrying if the human characters in Toy Story 3 look like this (because those always were intended to look more realistic). But I don’t see why they shouldn’t use this style for this film.

  • BB.
    How on Earth does this dog look like Gromit, other than the fact that he looks like a dog?

  • Look like a Winner to Me !!!

  • Kirb

    Nothing is new under the sun.

    Personally, I’m liking the designs. The old man reminds me of something Jim Henson might have made.

    The kid does look similar to the blobish humans in Wall-e, but I think he shows much more character and spark, and the elements definitely fit a chubby boy scout better.

    I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  • Jardinier

    @Roberto: “It looks like a Miyazaki film”: precisely. Specifically, I was reminded of my favourite Miyazaki, ‘Castle in the Sky.’ I once described that film as a surprisingly un-Japanese Victorian adventure novel perfectly translated to the screen, and that trailer raises my hopes that I’ll be able to say much the same thing about ‘Up.’

    An exotic locale, animal experiments (including, possibly, genetic engineering à la Moreau?), airships, old-school biplanes, from the looks of it a mad scientist… add in the whimsical element of baloon-powered flight and the unlikely adventuring duo of an old guy and an annoying-yet-adorable kid sidekick… Sign me UP!

    So what if the designs aren’t particularly noteworthy? ‘Madagascar”s designs were interesting, but the film they were in was crap. The “Incredible” humans worked in 2004 and they continue to work today.
    Maybe it’s just me and my atrocious visual-art skills, but I would deem the contents of characters and story to be far more important than their looks. In fact, I’m not a big fan, for the most part, of the drawing style in Miyazaki’s movies, but that doesn’t make me enjoy them any less (the ones with good story and interesting characters, at any rate). And regardless of style, I can appreciate quality of animation where it exists, and that is present in Miyazaki’s more recent films and in the trailers for ‘Up’ so far.

    ‘Monsters,Inc.’ isn’t my favourite Pixar film, but I do consider it both their funniest and their most emotional, so I trust Pete Docter quite a bit to beef up what looks like rollicking, grand adventure with lots of humour and a few ol’ tugs at the proverbial heartstrings.

  • Could I cast a vote for animators not using the word ‘appealing’ and instead use words that actually mean something. It seams a lazy shorthand for not very much, no offence intended. The film looks great, I love the timing, but I have to say I thought the ambiguous teasers worked better to entice my interest and I thought this one gave a little too much away.

  • messy

    I’ve seen about half of it, and the opening sequence is one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a Pixar cartoon. The dog is golorious.

  • messy

    I forgot to add…the protagonist looks exactly like Spenser Tracy.

  • Saturnome

    I love it. I hope the old man doesn’t lose the spotlight to anybody (unless it’s another old man!)
    Sure Monsters vs Aliens will bring back more bucks since it seems they always do at dreamworks, but Up seems way more in touch with my kind of stuff! As long it concerns a old guy with a flying house I’m sold. I haven’t seen anything in films as pretty as this house, alone with balloons in the sky, since a long time.

  • I’ve seen “Up,” and I found the film delightful.

    Of course, I’m somewhat prejudiced having worked with Pete Docter before.

  • Well, I think it looked great and can’t wait to see it.

    BB – giving a dog a large nose does not make it a Gromit clone. Even from this small snippet, I see no resemblance to Gromit in design nor personality.
    Secondly, it’s not Kirk Douglas, it’s Christopher Plummer.

    And what is so criminal about Pixar using the classic Odd Couple formula? It’s a tried and true protagonist combination, Pixar do it damn well and I see no reason why they should be obliged to avoid it lest they be called ‘unoriginal’.
    You may as well complain about Miyazaki being unoriginal because he likes using young girls as his lead characters.

    With the protagonists being a little boy and a grumpy old man having an adventure straight out of an old Boy’s Own annual, I see no reason why everyone can’t enjoy this movie.

  • Mesterius

    Wow… I may be wrong, but judging from the trailer, this looks freakin’ FANTASTIC!

    …Now to avoid all other commercials/trailers Disney puts out so the entire story won’t be spoiled for me…

  • Cameron

    You may be getting at something, Ewan. “Appeal,” is a word I’m coming to hate.

  • Tom Pope

    The word “appeal” is used alot, but that’s because it’s exactly what you want to do: (giving in to complete obviousness) appeal to your audience. It would be interesting to see films that grab an audience without appealing designs, though some would say “Shrek” did that. Your film would have to have EVERYTHING else going for it. Some artists work under the pretense of not caring what the audience thinks. When that works, in the hands of a true talent, it’s the very air of disconnect that attracts some people. Pixar’s films are designed for TOTAL appeal. That’s a large part of the reason they haven’t had a failure.

  • I hope they don’t give too much away. I’m already very excited for this film.

  • >>There are 5 awkward silence jokes:
    1. “Please let me in” “No” *awkward silence* “Oh all right”
    2. Carl coming down the stairs in the chair. The chairs stops *awkward silence* he thumps it and it starts again
    3. “Squirrel!” *awkward silence* “Hi there”
    4. Kid scrapes along glass as the antagonist old man slowly follows him with his eyes *awkward silence*
    5. “With this GPS, we’ll never get lost” He throws it out the window *awkward silence* “Oops”
    Whats up with that? Is this the awkward silence joke movie?<<

    Even though that kind of awkward silence joke seems to be a trend right now (see the Planet 51 trailer) I think this is a huge stretch. Jokes need some kind of pacing and it just happens to be adequate sometimes. The dog joke can’t possibly be qualified as the same type of gag. The gag is that even though he can talk he’s still a dog and he’s distracted by a squirrel, the fact that there is some kind of awkard silence is only to indicate a change from the more instinctive dog feelings to the more “humanized” behaviour. The “awkward silence” here is extremely brief. There is not even awkward silence in the glass joke I believe the sound of the kid scrapping along the glass is permanent during the joke. In the chair joke if the chair stops, the sound disappears, but it’s not about the awkward silence but more about the chair not working, making the situation even more monotonous than it looks.

  • It’s no “Fly Me To The Moon”… thankfully.

    My interest is officially peaked.

  • CVG

    I saw the first 45 minutes of the movie at Wondercon last weekend. The theater was roaring with laughter. And don’t worry Firefly, that wasn’t the best joke! Oh man the best one is later on. And I can’t wait to see the rest now! Some things I’m glad to see:

    Don’t read beyond this if you don’t want to know more about the movie.

    1. They were not afraid to put some blood on a guy who gets hit really hard. (It’s a part that really emphasizes the scene the main character is fighting in the wake of his emotions). Meaning it’s not gratuitous violence.
    2. The beginning introduction of this man will make you cry, laugh, and genuinely feel for him. I think the whole theater was sniffing back tears during one part. And his attitude is well justified during the whole thing I saw.
    3. The kid is cute but also annoying sometimes. Expect a bit of “nature survival” jokes, and “fat kid getting dragged around” jokes. He’s really innocent in a “gee mister, you’re old” kind of way. The only joke I didn’t like was the bathroom in the woods joke with him. Bleh. It wasn’t explicit like in Open Season but it hinted enough–although it was making some others laugh a lot. Luckily no fart jokes.
    4. The dogs are the highlight for me and made me laugh SO hard. I really haven’t laughed like that in an animation for a long time. And my god, whoever thought up the Doberman’s part was a genius.
    5. The bird is good too, so far. He reminded me of a dodo and the ostrich in this old Donald Duck cartoon…where it’s eating stuff whole (like balloons hint hint) and its funny and wild and ultimately super loving in nature, despite Karl’s anger and frustration to the creature. You can tell they took that Ostrich as inspiration although it’s definitely not a direct copy because it’s also like a bird from Alice in Wonderland (seems to easily disappear and reappear despite its huge size).

  • Jason

    Huh…I…don’t know…quite…what to say.

    Well, it looks a lot better than the last trailer.

    I like the dog.

  • Nic Kramer

    Looks like another winner to me!

  • It looks sort of “Spielbergian” with a bit of Miyazaki thrown in. This ought to be interesting!

  • Holly

    “You may be getting at something, Ewan. “Appeal,” is a word I’m coming to hate.”

    Why? Most animated films out these days are NOT appealing to look at. And less than .0000001% of videogames and Japanese cartoons are appealing to look at (with most videogames being complete garbage). Hubley animation is WILDLY appealing to look at and to watch. Shrek is not appealing in any way, nor was Antz or Prince of Egypt. Road to El Dorado was, but it was a horrible film. Even Ren and Stimpy are appealing!

    Anyone who hates the word “appeal” must not be able to do it.

  • bug

    Could you people please stop your abuse of the poor innocent English language for one second and listen to me. What you’re attempting to do is lock art in a 6x6x6 box and throw away the key. Now keep in mind we’re talking about all of art here, and is that is a very large thing and a relatively small box to put it in.

    So for instance if I supplied you with a yam, a ham, and fan and said “Eat one of these.” You wouldn’t dare touch the fan for it being too large and made of metal, not to mention you might seriously hurt yourself.

    But what if one did eat the fan? If all the fans in the world were eaten there would be nothing to blow hot air onto us. Now one might take that as a bad thing but I for one welcome our fan eating saviors.

    And so by removing the fan from the equation we are left with the ham and the yam and choosing either of these would be difficult at best. The ham for instance has a savory flavor unlike any meat in the world, but the yam is not savory or even a meat.

    And yet the yam has a exterior that hides within it the best potato like substance this world of ours has to offer and not from any other world real or not. Or to put it correctly the physical world.

    In fact by opening the yam and feasting on the goodness inside it would be a lot like opening such 6x6x6 box and letting all the art of the world back into the world (keep in mind we’re still talking about the physical world)

    In conclusion one cannot lock all of art into a box the same way yams cannot lock their unsavory goodness inside themselves. All must be opened sooner or later due to brute force or not. I thank you for helping me help you help us all.

  • Bruno

    It’s about time a major animated film featured a protagonist over thirty years of age! This should bring a lot more work to Spencer Tracy. Oh, wait.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    If the movie is anything like this, it’s going to be awesome!

  • That gps joke made it EVEN more equal to the history of the brazilian priest who went to fly in balloons and lost the gps and was found (his body) something like 100 kilometers of the brazilian coast …. wicxh makes it all more awkward =x

    ….that being said …. i LOVED the first dog joke … i know sooooo much people (including myself) wich would do exactly like that xD

    Loved the small for the birds reference =3

  • Matt Sullivan

    I can’t wait. Can’t…………wait!


  • I am much more interested in this film than I was in Wall-E, so the trailer served its purpose (for me, anyway).

  • I can’t wait! :D

  • Ok, now I’m excited. I loved Monsters Inc, so I have faith in Pete Doctor.

  • Oh man. The problem with “appeal” is that it is and always has been subjective. I’m sure it’s the aim of any endeavor to be appealing. I always hate how in the news they list all the points a politician will make in his speech days before it happens and begin debating what hasn’t been uttered. Why do they do that? How do they know exactly what he or she will say? What’s the point? Likewise, you can’t conclude how the movie you’re working on will turn out based on dailies (unless you’re the director maybe)-same goes for trailers! There are so many elements that make up a good movie, that you can’t isolate the character design and write it off based on that. I guess I think this back and forth that keeps recurring is getting old. Other than that, I think the movie looks like fun. That dog was funny, and I can see in this trailer the emphasis of 3D shots that make me want to see it in 3D for a change.

  • @Jardinier: “Sign me UP!” Haha, I’m going to steal that one.

    First thought that came to my mind after seeing the trailer before Watchmen last night: CHARMING. I am so charmed by this movie! I can’t wait to see it!

  • rhinotonight

    while we’re on the dog..

    any one remember that episode of dexters lab? the one where dexter find that dog, and finds a way to make the dog talk? because the dog wouldn’t stop barking? and the even though the dog can talk he still acts like a dog?
    and has no attention span?

    I’m not gonna say its the same dog, but i will he say he looks like him. “check the poses, and the nose) that just… jumped out at me.

    the film looks great, and i can’t wait.

  • AdrianC

    Floyd Bishop pretty much summed up what I am thinking.

    The film looks like it could be great. I just hope it is.



    I LOVE THE TRAILER…HMMM…Something wrong with that?

  • It’s looking very good visually so far. If the story tops its previous movies, we’re in for a good ride.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I enjoyed the trailer immensely, and look forward to seeing the final film this Summer.

    As for appeal, I’ll go get a banana. :awesome:

  • Andrew

    My only gripe is that none of the characters look like they belong in the same film. They each have a different head design… but that’s minor and I’m confident I am judging this on a first impression. The film looks fantastic. And I hope we see more creatures like that bird!

  • I love that dog.

  • Royston Dann

    “There are 5 awkward silence jokes:”

    Just because there’s no sound doesn’t mean it’s an awkward silence; otherwise everything Buster Keaton ever did would be considered awkward. Maybe you’re confusing an awkward silence with (beat) comic timing.

  • Mark K.

    “any one remember that episode of dexters lab?”

    No. Was that a tv show or something?

  • Jay Taylor

    I must be jaded. Nothing looks good to me anymore, and this is no exception. :(

    I did like Coraline, however…

  • P.N.


    The beat or pause is an important part of joke telling. There’s nothing awkward about the silences in your examples 1-4. They’re just jokes with longer beats. These lend themselves well to trailers because they give the audience the chance to absorb the setup.

  • This movie is pretty damned cool. I saw a couple of early screenings that were really good. The thing that continues to bug me is how they feel the need to list their entire filmography every time they promote a movie. Do you list your entire resume every time you meet someone? Of course you don’t because that would be annoying and desperate.
    I don’t blame Pixar for this, I blame those incredible geniuses at Disney Marketing.

  • Will

    I don’t care what anyone says, it looks amazing! I live in England and it doesn’t come out until like OCTOBER in our country – it ain’t fair!

  • Anna

    This movie just keeps looking more and more fun!!
    can it be summer now? plz??

  • Matt H

    That bird look like it could be the next “Mater” from Cars. He’s hilarious! I could imagine some great shorts with him! Can’t wait for this movie!

  • dogs with robot collars
    grumpy old men
    giant freaky birds

    yes i am looking forward to this oh my

  • WmWallace

    Wait-a-minute…….the kid wasn’t on the front porch when the house lifted off…..where in the heck was he hiding?Seriously….this movie looks like it’ll be loads of fun…loved the bird.

  • Looks like fun… but I would rather see it in standard definition than 3D.

  • From the first trailer I wasn’t so excited about this, but now, when we have more information, it looks awesome!

  • Tim Drage

    Most of the posts in this thread would have more appeal if they consisted entirely of awkward silence.

  • matt

    John, I think it’s pretty obvious why:

    Pixar: O.K. guys, here you go. It’s a love story – about two robots.

    Marketing: Zuh? You mean, like Heartbeeps or something?

    Pixar: Erm, it’s sort of a silent movie. With romantic robots.

    Marketing: Jesus Christ! What else you got?

    Pixar: Um, an adventure story where a guy uses balloons to go up in the air.

    Marketing: Like Danny Deckchair?

    Pixar: No, he ties the balloons to his whole house. And he’s really old. And a kid annoys him.

    Marketing: WTF??!! (turns to other gurus) Listen boys, these are getting worse. The one with the rat for a chef was bad enough, but… the only way we’re going to save these increasingly ridiculous premises is by distracting the audience. Plaster the trailers with every past hit so they don’t notice the new one. Ignorant audiences and opening weekends are our friend. We’ve got to save these Pixar goons from themselves. Go!

  • mike

    wow matt. it’s no wonder animation is relegated to kiddy fair when audiences like you refuse to acknowledge risk taking and creative concepts.. i don’t know about you, but i would much rather have an original concept that falls flat on its face than shrek 8. at least pixar is trying to push the medium forward.

  • Now I’m REALLY looking forward to this! Based on the Pixar track record I would have seen it anyway. And Monsters Inc. is still my favorite of theirs so bonus points.

  • Bobby D.

    Sorry, gonna need to see more…a lot more. And is it just me, or are we seeing a trend in the “accidental” tossing away of important items or information, like the GPS gag?

    I do like Pete Doctor and his direction of Monsters Inc., (in my opinion Pixar’s funniest film to date)… so I’m looking forward to better/funnier bits than those in the trailer.

    I also challenge everyone to take a side NOW before the film comes out as to whether or not Disney’s marketing of the film will be the reason for its success or failure…no Monday morning quarterbacking:)

  • Killroy McFate

    I’m one of the grouches who thought Wall-E was only half a great movie. This, however, looks like pure gold.

  • Chuck Rekow

    Mike, I think matt’s comment was pro risk-taking. Read again, it’s actually pretty funny.

    I’ll just add myself to the growing number of Monsters Inc. fans out there showing some love for the Doctor. I think this will be another great one.

  • Keith

    “And is it just me, or are we seeing a trend in the “accidental” tossing away of important items or information, like the GPS gag?”

    I know, right? That was played out back when Greatest American Hero did it with the super-suit’s manual. :P

    The GPS gag’s fine, it’s a kid being a kid. I loved the trailer, looks fun! And I like the old man’s design. Jim Henson-ized Spencer Tracy.

  • Hal

    PIXAR FOR THE WIN: Making talking dogs hilarious? CHECK. Lost world straight out of Doyle? CHECK. Amazing animation? SQUIRREL!

  • matt

    Yeah Mike, Chuck’s right. And I thought I broke the sarcasm-meter on that one! Oh well, it is the lowest form of wit after all…

  • Rob T.

    To be fair to the Disney marketing gurus, the best movie marketing campaign I’ve ever seen tied in with several of the studio’s then-recent classics. That would be the one with the little blue critter intruding into scenes from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King. I don’t think Disney could have done a better job of 1) letting people know Lilo & Stitch wasn’t the sort of thing one would usually expect from Disney, and 2) making people curious about the movie anyway.

  • looks alright, the designs are kind of ugly though. At least it’s not another personified inanimate object/animal film, except for the talking dog. Lassenerd loves making those silly personified jokes. LOLZ !!!!

  • Mike

    That dog is totally a Pete Docter dog.
    My kids lost our walkie-talkies in similar fashion.
    This things gonna be fun!

  • Tom

    david, you know there’s already a John K, right? The job isn’t open any longer. It’s okay to develop your own identity.

  • Pixar’s Gran Torino.

  • greaney

    hoho, the timing on that “squirrel” joke is classic, it’s so true to the way dogs act.

    As for the film, i am hanging out for May it looks like another super fun pixar flick.

  • Rodrigo

    I heart Pete Docter.

  • Inkan1969

    Gee, Benjamin, I hope not. I’d hate to have THAT happen to poor Carl. ;-)

  • Angry Anim

    Looks like… Pixar… which is fine. I’m sure it’s solid.

  • Tom, you’re hilarious!! Do you work for pixar? I hear they have a bunch of comedians over there, real FUNNY BUNCH OF GUYS, making awesome movies!

  • Homer

    The kid getting dragged across the glass is a complete rip-off of a Simpsons episode!!!