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RKO Executives “Snow White” Lunch Menu (1938)

Not pictured in that Animation Auction catalog we posted about last week is this extra piece that comes with the autographed Snow White storybook. It’s the menu (below, click to enlarge) for the private luncheon of 24 RKO execs at their international distribution convention in Paris, at the Hotel George V on September 6th, 1938.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on Snow White’s Magic Pears or have a taste of Clarabelle Cow’s Creamy-Butter!

  • KV

    This is a family website – keep your hands (and thoughts) off Snow White’s magic pears, please!

    • John A

      wouldn’t that be Snow White’s “magic pair”?

  • John A

    They baked the three little pig’s mother into a pie?Roasted Wolf legs? That’s one crazy brunch they had.

  • I wonder what the “Big Bad Wolf’s roasted Legs” was in reality?

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    The thought of Clarabelle personally lactating herself for the sake of making butter for the picnic……YEEEESH!

    • John A

      That’s udderly ridiculous!

  • julie svendsen

    Sacre bleu!

  • Roasted coyote legs.

  • Emma

    I’d pay an obscene amount of money for that lunch.

  • John A

    Is that a french loaf in front of the dwarf or is that Happy to see you?

  • Poor Zeke Wolf—cooked, himself, just hours before he could enjoy eating one of the Three Pigs’ relatives (at the same meal, no less).

    Simultaneous observation: BLEECCCCHHH!

  • Mike

    This is probably the closest thing to a Reddit thread I’ve seen on CB.

  • Ermy

    I have an old autographed menu from the Disney commissary dating from the early 1940s. You could buy several brands of beer with your meal! :)

  • David

    Interesting how the illustrator was able to sign his name under the copyright notice on the front page.

  • Mark Sonntag

    Clarabelle Cow’s Creamy Butter? sounds wrong in so many ways.