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“Tangled” Disney’s Biggest Animated Opening EVER!


Disney’s Tangled bulldozed its way past analysts’ expectations earning a FINAL $48.9 million over the weekend, and boosting its five-day Thanksgiving holiday total to a towering $68.7 million. Disney’s first CG princess cartoon was a couple hundred thousand dollars shy of Harry Potter’s first place box office finish, however, its three-day total still ranks as the biggest opening ever for a feature produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. Some more figures from Box Office Mojo:

Tangled had 2,461 of its locations presenting the picture in the 3D illusion, and they accounted for 56 percent of business. Disney’s exit polling indicated that 61 percent of Tangled‘s audience was female and 57 percent under 25 years old. Tangled also earned a rare “A+” from moviegoer pollster CinemaScore.

DreamWorks’ Megamind finished in third with a FINAL $12.6 million bringing it to $130.2 million after 24 days. Universal’s Despicable Me tacked on $363,000 in its 21st weekend lifting its total to $249.7 million. Next week, it’ll reach $250 million. The film now ranks as the 10th highest grossing domestic animated feature of all-time. Prior to this, all ten slots were owned by Disney/Pixar and DreamWorks features. And finally, since no other website deems independent animation worthy of box office coverage, let me report that Paul and Sandra Fierlinger’s My Dog Tulip earned $7,257 from two theaters in its 13th weekend. Its total now stands at $132,102.

  • Wow, that totally beat my expectations! Way to go, Disney!

  • doop

    Alright Disney! Congrats WDAS, you should all be proud. Now that you’ve ended princess movies on a high note, make something risky, new, and creative :)

    • Scarabim

      Yes, and in that vein, I’m one of those who’d like the Snow Queen movie to be un-shelved.

      • Mike P.

        I just checked out this page just now, after just learning of the upcoming release of “Frozen”, and say excitedly, yes, Scarabim, your wish will soon come true :)

  • Tangled, should be nominated, next to Summer Wars, and Toy Story 3 (which I think should have a nomination for Best Picture as well)

  • well deserved, let’s see how much money they make with Tangled Merchandising and Toys this Xmas

  • MC

    Well done, Disney

  • Mike Fontanelli

    No reflection on the quality of the film, which I haven’t seen, but savvy Hollywood publicists routinely dispense with inconvenient truths like adjustments for inflation. So SNOW WHITE’s average 1937 ticket price of fifteen cents gets stacked up against TANGLED’s 2010 receipts, and TANGLED miraculously emerges as the new box office champion!

    Who’da thunk it?

    • amid

      Mike – Comparing films today to films from the 1930s is apples and oranges. It was a completely different universe back then. Yes, there were more admissions back then, but movies also had no competition from TV, videogames, and the Internet.

      Tangled‘s admissions are obviously below Snow White‘s, but so is every single other blockbuster released in the past decade. We’re just reporting the conventional way that movies box office figures are reported today. I realize some people are nostalgic for a world of 15 cent movies and 5 cent apple pies, but that world has little relevance to Tangled or its earnings, and it doesn’t take a Hollywood publicist to realize that.

      • Shawn’s Bro

        You’re right. It is an apples vs oranges argument.
        In an oranges vs oranges argument, Snow White would be this year’s AVATAR – an entirely new advance in media technology and quality. But let’s just skip that and try just comparing Tangled to 1994’s Lion King then. I mean they had TV and baseball and video games then as well, right? LK made an opening weekend take of apx $41 mill, which with ordinary CPI inflation would be $58 mill now or about a 40 percent better take.

        I used to take Jim Hill to task for being over pessimistic and down on Disney and Pixar. Which doesn’t mean I care to listen to Disney corp publicity department wanna bees either. You have a nice site here, but to maintain your credibility some objectivity wouldn’t come amiss.

      • The Brewmasters

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      • Michel Van

        >Comparing films today to films from the 1930s is apples and oranges.
        let see happen if you try it
        Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937
        make $3.5 million in the US & Canada, in 1938
        one 1938 US$ has value of roughly 24 today US$
        so Snow White make in today US$ 84 Million in US & Canada
        but that was time of 1938
        there were no big release sytem, no Video, DVD, Bl-Ray, TV

        Today you go a worldwide release sytem, then pricy DVD and Pay-TV, iTune, Games, books…
        here Disney make big buck: with marketing, not in box office !

      • jic

        “I used to take Jim Hill to task for being over pessimistic and down on Disney and Pixar. Which doesn’t mean I care to listen to Disney corp publicity department wanna bees either. You have a nice site here, but to maintain your credibility some objectivity wouldn’t come amiss.”

        I admit that I haven’t been reading this site for that long, but this is the first time I’ve seen Amid accused of being too friendly towards Disney…

    • Jorge Garrido

      “I realize some people are nostalgic for a world of 15 cent movies and 5 cent apple pies, but that world has little relevance to Tangled or its earnings, and it doesn’t take a Hollywood publicist to realize that. ”

      Amid, if this is true, if that world has little relevance, what is the point of saying a particular statistic is “Tangled is the biggest opening EVER?”

      Maybe biggest opening IN THE PAST 5 YEARS, but if you’re going to say “BIGGEST EVER,” you HAVE to include the world where the economics and reality of box office was quite different, regardless of it being apples and oranges.

    • Mark

      I’d like to see modern films mention the number of tickets sold. With all these 3D films inflating the intake, it makes it seem like they’re selling more tickets than they are and it makes quoting the money made less and less relevant (unless of course you are getting a cut of said money).

  • Rico

    Congratulations to Disney and Glen Keane!! I saw the movie and loved it. Animation was incredible and enjoyed the story. It even made my 23 yr old cousin tear up. A must see if you love animation!

  • Captain Hollywood

    Regardless of the spin- a big congrats to Roy, Byron and Nathan and the whole team.

  • WhooHOO! Disney is SAVED! I’m so happy!

    • Scarabim

      Agreed. That’s the REAL happy ending for “Tangled”!

    • Funkybat

      I’m very pleased that Tangled did as well as it did, and I expect it will do well for several more weeks. However, I would have been ever happier for the future of Disney Animation if Princess and the Frog had done almost or just as good as Tangled.

      I worry that, once again, the decision-makers will conclude that “2D is passe” and greenlight only 3D features. While I’m a excited to see Disney have a thriving Features division, regardless of the number of dimensions in their films, I feel something important will have been lost if Disney once again gives up on 2D.

  • James E. Parten

    “Tangled” deserves its success.

    Chuckles and I went to see it last night. We were both highly entertained.

    Say what you will about “princess pictures”–nobody does them better than Disney, and when Disney is at the top of their game–as they were on this one–then, watch out!

    We saw this at a 2-D showing, as I don’t get anything out of 3-D presentations, due to lousy eyesight. House was pretty full, and quite appreciative.

  • Seeing it tonight. Can’t wait!

  • Such a good way to end this year for the industry.
    great job DISNEY feature Animation crew !

  • Ana K.

    It was beautiful to watch.
    The script was lackluster (I think because I’ve become spoiled by Pixar), but I’m so happy for Disney Animation. ^.^

  • This is great news. My girls loved it and I was floored by the animation. It was obvious that the people working on this put their hearts into it and they deserve this opening. Congrats and great job! As a side note, it had a higher per theater average than Harry Pooter!

  • Dave

    Great news for Disney! I look forward to seeing what they do next. It might be a minority opinion, but they shouldnt give up on the princess story entirely. It’s working for them, and they tried it once before with atlantis,treasure planet, etc.

  • Nathan Last

    This has made my day!!!!

    Great to see that the massive negative campaign in the build up..not helped by one dodgy trailer has not effected the outcome for this picture.

    Rotten Tomatoes has the film at 87% with an average score of 7.6 out of ten!

    Long live Disney Feature Animation!!

  • Ethan

    Wow, good numbers ! 10M$ more than I expected !

    It’s a record breaking budget for a Disney film too, estimated at 260M$… more jobs and all… it’s a good thing I think, but I still wish in the future they’ll make two or three higher risk films with the same budget.

  • Its good to see positive comments on Cartoon Brew about Disney. Everyone worked very hard and I am one of many who would say thank you to the people who stood behind us from the beginning and the ones who had a change of heart. We are glad the movie is being well received in and outside of the animation community.

    all the best

  • Angry Anim

    Well deserved!! This is amazing news– Go Tangled!!

  • Matt Sullivan

    This is good. Anything that keeps our fellow animators employed, creative, and working. And if that can’t happen at the Mouse House, then something’s really wrong. I hope this is the start of a whole new era at Disney.

  • Frank Ziegler

    Wow apparently the movie going public likes Disney musicals about
    princesses. As much as animation fans would like
    to see risk taking, maybe the public likes a lil comfort food.
    Just the opposite of what all the experts said !

  • Off the charts great! Beginning to end a roller coaster of emotions, comedy, character driven moments of revelation and heart! One helluva motion picture!

  • I must admit I was with the naysayers in relation to a poor opening when I found out this was getting released so close to HP, but it looks like it pulled through on the it’s own strengths. Well done!

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    Well deserved, congrats Disney animators on a show stealing performance!

  • Way to go guys! Now lets see some more well told stories!

  • Disney proves there’s still a market for classic fairy tales.


  • Chris

    Wow, cool! I bet that means Disney WON’T be “closing the book on fairy tales” anytime soon. I hope Tangled’s successful opening doesn’t go to their heads regarding contents for future films.

    Glad that everyone has good things to say about Tangled. Looking forward to seeing it!

  • Ron

    How do you all think this will effect the future of Hand Drawn animation at Disney? I said on a previous post that I thought Tangled would’ve been just as good hand drawn but to some people, it might look like this is proof that CG is more profitable.

    • jic

      I think that will only happen if the new Winnie the Pooh movie fails to reach expectations.

    • droosan

      It also might make the Disney marketing department look like they know what they’re doing. I still have NO idea what they were thinking with that “octo-hair” trailer .. and the SHREK-like tone of the primary trailer is nowhere to be found in the movie itself. I’m inclined to think TANGLED is doing well -in spite- of its ham-fisted marketing .. but I couldn’t be happier about that..! ^_^

      • Ron

        Nail on the head droosan. This movie did succeed in spite of the marketing rather than because of it. They did advertise a “Shrek” rip-off and that’s not the movie I saw. A similar thing happened with “Inglorious Basterds” a few years ago. The movie that I saw wasn’t the movie they advertised but in that case, I was disappointed. As opposed to “Tangled” which I think was a pleasant surprise to most people who saw it.

  • I really LOVE the way the comments which were all negative, crapping on the House of Mouse all the way through the production – “This is sh*t!”, “That’s crap!”, “Why are they making a ‘girls’ movie?”, “Blah, blah, blah…” – have miraculously turned positive?

    Oh, wait – Tangled did huge box office. I get it.

    Maybe the guys at Disney actually knew what they were doing all along? Maybe the animation ‘experts’ should wait and see before trashing a film. Just sayin’…

    • Well, it seems that they should never judge a book by it’s cover.

    • majic

      Know what they did all along? For nine years?! Hmmm…

  • Looks Class!…

  • Greg Ehrbar

    With WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY coming on DVD tomorrow, this is especially nice to know, since it creates a feeling of closure from the state of the Disney Animation where that film leaves it in its history. Happy endings may not last forever, but they really can happen.

    Clearly Princess Rapunzel has proven she’s worth much more than her weight in Dippity-Do!

  • I am happy in this case to be proven wrong. Success is good for all of us, but it’s especially good for my incredibly talented pals over at Feature who needed a hit to prove to their corporate uberlords that Animation is still lucrative. Congrats to everyone invlolved! I hear nothing but good things about the movie from folks who’ve seen it, and will be taking my wife to see it and PAYING for it as soon as possible!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to all those involved!..On a side note, please don’t make a sequel!

  • Bill

    While I thought the movie was only OK, I am very happy to see this do well. Congratulations, Disney! Although I sound like a curmudgeon, I will still say there is no reason to see this in 3-D… and get off my lawn!

  • Couldn’t be happier for Disney Animation!

  • tony mccarson

    we want the old name “rapunzel” back!

    • Mark W.

      Hear hear! Although the marketing people that thoroughly misrepresented the movie are probably congratulating themselves on a job well done, I wonder how many of the actual audience members actually think, as I do, that the story should have been called “Rapunzel”? Wouldn’t it be great if they changed it for the video release? A guy can dream, I suppose…

  • I second that, Mr. Sanford.

    It’s great to see a hit film from Disney animation because it’s a win for all of us. The film clearly kicked butt, and this jaded animation veteran left the theater with a smile on his face.

    You done good, guys. If Walt was around today, he’d kiss you full on the lips.

  • Julian Carter

    If Walt would like it, it must really be good then! Will see it when it opens in my country next January.

    In the meantime I’ll be visiting Mike Barrier’s site to see if he posts a review. I don’t really expect him to be positive, but maybe he’ll have some good things to say about it too.

  • A dude

    What Floyd, no tongue?

  • The Gee

    Ah, if only this were Ebay then I would Bid You, A dude.
    Now, goodbye. (see how easy it is to make comments which need not be made? It is a cinch, isn’t it?)

    So, the movie succeeded by somehow staying in theaters for five days, huh? Pretty darn impressive. My hat’s off to Disney for sticking with the film for as long as it has and to the theaters who haven’t shown it the curb in favor of the Yogi Bear movie or something.

    But, seriously….and more sensibly….when are the Perils of Pauline jam sessions going to stop online? Everytime Disney or Pixar is scheduled to release a movie the initial and *sustained!* reaction seems to range from: “on noooooooo!” to “oh no, they didn’t!” to….oh, you all know the range. It is just dismissive instead of supportive or very positive.
    Part of the problem with this movie: the anticipation for a tragedy has been in the air for years. Geez. And, even though it is over there’s still people complaining about the dang name. Living to complain until entertainment is released can’t be that entertaining. It just can’t be. Though, I’m sure some would A dude that…ha. I mean some would do that.


    I wish that the studio (both Disney and Pixar) could just get beyond those predicaments you people have put in front of it. It is like you want to see the studio tied to the tracks….

    And for those of you complaining about the Snow Queen….wait. and accept whatever happens next or later. For most of you that is the only choice you have anyway.

  • the proof is in the pudding

  • qwerty

    The horse doesn’t seem pleased by this.

  • Congratulations!!!=) I can’t wait to see the movie!=)
    But I hope it doesn’t mean the end of 2D-Animation.

  • majic


    My box office prediction wasn’t even close!

    I’m so happy for Disney… but bummed that it had to be CG. Now execs will continue to think that CG is the highest priority.

    • Deaniac

      Lasseter announced back in 2009 that Disney would to a traditionally animated film every other year (i.e Winnie the Pooh in 2011) and a CG film following (i.e Reboot Ralph in 2012/13? presumably).

      Nothing to fear.

      • Funkybat

        While Lasseter may wield considerable power at Disney, he could still be overridden by Iger or others in the office suites if they believe that being “hand-drawn” somehow was the Achilles Heel to any box-office disappointments. What was Gospel Word in 2009 could become just another “well, that was before….” broken promise come 2011 or 2012.

        I really hope that Disney keeps working in 2D for at least some of their features. Disney TV animation is more stylized and less “cinematic” than it was in the days of the Gummi Bears and DuckTales. If it’s not done by Features, “classical” 2D animation is just not going to show up, period. For those of us who live to see beautiful Disney-style 2D, the apparently overwhelming success of Tangled in comparison to Princess & the Frog is a source of mixed emotions.

        Hell, when I watched “Enchanted,” the animated sequences elicited in me the same emotions that a starving person has upon seeing a half-eaten sandwich. (“Half-eaten” only because the film was mostly live-action, not because the art itself wasn’t top-notch!) The 2D drought really bummed me out, and I hoped that P&tF was just the beginning of a second renaissance.

  • Thomas

    I enjoyed the movie and I loved the songs, but what the hell was with that disgusting blocky looking rabbit in the movie? You’d think Disney would’ve designed something that didn’t look like it was from Hoodwinked.

    ..and I still think the movie should have been 2d.

  • James E. Parten

    It seems that few of the above comments have anything to do with how GOOD the CGI animation was!

    Personality animation is hard enough to accomplish in 2-D, hand-drawn style. But you can’t tell me that any of the scenes with Maximus don’t show personality animation rivaling good hand-animated stuff!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t some reel of hand-drawn pencil test animation of Maximus, done by the studio’s specialists in such things, then handed to the CGI boys, with the admonition, “Here! ‘Rassle with this!”

    And the CGI crew proved themselves up to the task!

    Further–or alternatively–the CGI boys may have been encouraged to look at the wealth of hand-drawn personality animation in the Disney vaults, and told to see what they could do to equal that!

    • DisneyBoy

      There were no Maximus hand-drawn tests that I’m aware of. There was only one of Rapunzel that Im aware of. Other than that, it was all a result of lots of back and forth between the animators and Glen/John/Clay in the early stages, until the animators got the hang of it and took off.

  • John Tebbel

    Most fun I’ve had at an animated feature since Ratatouille.

  • Milo Thatch

    I think Tangled not only sets a new standard for personality animation in CG, but honestly, it renders the CG vs. 2-D debate pretty much useless and subject strictly to personal preference.

    Now the debate is no longer what 2-D can do that CG cannot, but which medium do you personally prefer. I grew up on handdrawn classics like most, but it was Toy Story that turned me on the path of animation as a career. I’ve always been more forgiving of CG’s limitations, but now there’s no need to make apologies for either 2-D or CG.

    As Glen Keane once said, (paraphrased) “CG takes the shackles off of 2-D and lets handdrawn animation be something more personal and expressive than it ever has before.”

    It’s the goal of CG animators to match the heights of the 2-D masters. Now it should be the goal of 2-D animators to create expressive works in ways we’ve yet to dream up…

    Congrats to the “Tangled” crew. My jaw was left on the floor of the theater somewhere. I’ll be sure to return for a second viewing very soon!

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Come on, guys. We’ve gone far too long in this thread without some frothing rant about how CGI pales in comparison to the wonders of Hanna Barbera animation, or the dreaded “Dead-Eye syndrome” that amazingly only seems present in PRODUCTION STILLS. Zis is unaczeptabul! Come on, bark! Bark like John K. on a bender!

    Haha. Anyway, I was hesitant to see this at first, but hell, with someone from Pixar running the animation dept (can’t recall his name ATM), I should have known it was gonna be good. I may actually go to see this today.

  • Michel Van

    news from Europe
    Disney’s Tangled is push in francophone Media
    Most newspaper give 4 page coverage about Disney’s Tangled
    (the death of Leslie Nielsen get only few sentences)

    The Movie come unter titel Raiponce ( Rapunzel)
    in French and francophone Belgium at 1 December
    same time Disneyland Paris will give Raiponce Musical show
    in mean time toy store and Hypermarkets dump Raiponce toy
    (mostly Dolls in competition against Matell Barbie for Xmas)
    and advertising campaign Blitzkrieg hit France and Belgium

    In Germany Tangled will be release at 9 December under name
    “Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt” (Rapunzel – newly blow-dries)
    Don’t ask me why the Germans marketing take so stupid Titels…

  • Those darn Europeans! How dare they called this movie by its correct name!

    • Mark

      if they release Tangled as Rapunzel in Britain, that’s where I’m buying my copy from. It was a silly marketing decision to change it to Tangled in the first place.

      • jic

        I doubt they will; but if you care that much, it’s likely that the continental European DVD releases will include the English-language soundtrack.

  • Beautiful film! Congratulations to all the people who worked on it!

  • Jabberwocky

    I went to see Tangled for a second time yesterday and it was just as good, although I still found the duet during the lanterns a little irksome. My three friends also enjoyed it, and were pleasantly surprised because they’d seen the trailers and were unsure of its quality. :D

    It really is a great film. I admit, I want it on DVD and I want it on DVD NOW, not months from now.

  • I hate Tangled even more now. Megamind was the best movie of the year and IT should be getting this moolah…unlesss it would mean a sequel.

  • John

    I saw this today it was pretty good!

  • Michel Van

    News from Europe

    5 Day until D-day in Germany and Austria
    and Disney bombarded us ready with advertising campaign
    also ToyRus, Fastfood (they pay billion for exc rights for Kidmeals toys)