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“The Floyd Gottfredson Library”

Deservedly nominated yesterday for a Harvey Award (Best Domestic Reprint Project), Fantagraphics Books’ Floyd Gottfredson Library is an ongoing pleasure for cartoon buffs, Disney historians, and fans of great cartooning everywhere. We’ve plugged the first two volumes before, and I just got the third – Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse – High Noon At Inferno Gulch – and it remains the gold standard for such presentations of classic comic strips. The reprints are crisp, clear and complete; the “bonus materials” assembled by co-editor David Gerstein are informative, thoroughly researched and illustrated with gold nuggets of rare images and art.

This is Gottfredson at his height (in my humble opinion) with serialized adventure stories including the infamous Bat Bandit saga. Gerstein includes rare unproduced storyboard sequences, trade ads, model sheets – even Gottfredson’s 1935 Disney Employee Identification Card! I can’t recommend this book (and the whole series) highly enough. They are planning two volumes per year for the next decade – Volume 4 is on the way. I can’t wait. This project is truly worthy of your support.

  • Wasn’t the “Bat Bandit” used in “mickey vs the Air pirates” underground comic?
    Definitely have to buy the set-Gottfredson’s work is amazing!

  • Can’t wait but really 20 more volumes.

  • Ben

    The only reason I don’t have volume 3 is because if I wait until vol.4 (in October), I can get ’em together in a nice slipcase set. That’s how I picked up 1 & 2, and now I’ve got a mind to keep getting ’em up in pairs (cheaper that way as well).

    Gottfredson’s Mickey is the only Mouse for me, it’s so much more fun than anything else they’ve done with the character.

    • Chuck Halverson

      I am waiting too… I love the slip boxes!

  • Jessica

    Excellent series. You guys should promote the Carl Barks Library too, even if it doesn’t have as many extras.

  • FleischerFan

    Could not agree more! Just received my copy last week. This series was long overdue and David and his team are doing a great job with the presentation and all the extras!

  • Glad you’re enjoying it, Jerry!

    Re: “two volumes per year for the next decade,” we’re presently only planning to go for the next five years (which will carry us through the duration of Gottfredson’s full-length stories; after 1955, he only did gag-a-day strips).

  • Dennis

    Question for Mr.Gerstein: the Eega Beeva comics will be featured in later volumes right? (They’re my favorites!) Can you tell in which volumes they will be included?
    PS: My copy of #3 arrived today, keep up the GREAT work!

  • Dennis, Eega Beeva won’t be arriving for a few more pyears yet—but our favorite ptime ptraveler will be in pbooks 9, 10, and 11 of the daily pstrip pseries.

  • Dan

    That Pdavid! Palways pkeeping the ptheme!

    Pthanks for all your hard work & research, been I’ve been waiting for this series of books for 20+ years! – Dan

    • Chuck Halverson

      I wasnt sure about the length of the planning of the series, now after David’s posts, I am truly estatic! These stories are my all time favorites coming from a mickey fan since I was 5. David, These are of brilliant and outstanding quality. I really hope these sell well. Jerry, Thanks for the post.

  • Here’s another question for David: In addition to reprinting all the dailies until 1955, do you also plan to do Sunday strip volumes (preferably in color) of all those longer Sunday strip stories that Gottfredson drew in the 1930s? I really hope so — those would make the collection of Gottfredson’s adventure stories truly complete! (The Sunday strips shifted to gags already in the late 30s, if I remember correctly, so you probably wouldn’t need too many books to cover the adventure Sundays.)

    • We have tentative plans for Gottfredson’s 1930s Sunday strips (both gag- and continuity-based). More news to come when we know.

      • Great to hear, David! In case you haven’t decided on this yet, I vote for COLOR all the way for the Sunday strip collections.