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“Happy Feet” knock-off: “Tappy Toes”

Speaking of Cartoon Dump – from the people who brought you Chop Kick Panda and Puss In Boots: A Furry Tale comes: Tappy Toes. This new 41-minute, direct-to-dvd Happy Feet knock-off may not be entirely awful – like the previous two, it’s done in the style of a Jay Ward cartoon, by our buddy Darrell Van Citters (Renegade Animation). Here’s a peek:

(Thanks, Teddy Hose)

  • After watching the trailer for this, I went to youtube and watched a trailer for Happy Feet (a movie I’ve never seen) and the trailer for this came across as a lot more interesting than the one for Happy Feet.

    • Rod Tejada

      Same here!

  • Mike Johnson

    1) This has been available for like 2 or 4 months in the $5 bin at my local Wal Mart. As has Puss In Boots: a Furry Tale.

    2)Looks like it could be fun…though it kinda lost me after the ‘eat our own boogers’ line…

    3) Will pick it up because of Darrell Van Citters though!

  • Clint H.

    Hey, I’ll take this over the original HAPPY FEET anyday!

  • LazyBoy

    Just like for other cartoons from Renegade : why putting an ugly and non-representative cover on the DVD box ?

    • wever

      Because the marketers know that people expect cartoons to be in lavish CG, so they paint the cover like that! >:(

  • Toonio

    Despite all the flak these guys may get, I have to say they are doing it right.

    Instead of waiting eons to get their series picked by a major network, they are publishing and selling their stuff and putting their name out there.

    And their cartoons are not that bad, at least they look better than any of Seth McFarlane’s half baked productions.

  • I think I’d rather watch this than the dreadful ‘Happy Feet’

  • DonaldC

    Looks more entertaining certainly…but that cover…

  • What I find terrible is that whoever puts these things out onto the market is banking on the fact that a number of people, who know little about animation, will pick up a copy thinking it is something else. This scam has been going on for decades and I think it stinks.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It does Uli, I would not approve of this either.

  • Bob Harper

    My kids watched this and Puss n Boots ones on Netflix. They thought that they were unfunny Fractured Fairytales. The art and the animation I dig, being a big Jay Ward fan, but the writing – uggghhh!!!!

  • Shpickle

    The bugger joke at the beginning made me LOL


  • The Gee

    The fact that little penguin is wearing Wingtip shoes is just funny to me.

    Though, a funny little bonus about the cover is that he looks like he’s doing Jazz Fins.

  • Julian

    These put an interesting spin on mockbusters. Are they original ideas? No, but neither are the movies they beam off of. As for the stories, can’t say they’re that special, but for the anticipation they get, they’re alright. Animation and art is not the next big thing, but who cares? I’m not into animation to see the Mona Lisa, and 3D never really amused me, I’m actually really digging the style to be honest. All in all, I think they’re films are actually pretty good, the only real thing I have against them is the cheesy misleading titles and covers. It just kind of takes that charm out of them.

  • Dan

    I saw these for sale over the weekend. I didn’t see ‘Chop Kick Panda’… What I saw ‘The Way of the Panda’ which surprisingly looked even worse and had the tag line “From the artist and animators of Shrek”.

  • …It just doesn’t have the hilariously-bad charm of the Video Brinquedo films.

  • tritone

    Tappy Toes and some of the other related videos (Chop Kick Panda) are also available on Netflix.

  • David

    Not much different tactic than Snakes on a Train. Or XXX-Files. Chop-Kick Panda was horrible. Truly wretched.

  • Silence Dogood

    Aesthetics are nice. Now all they need is a writer and they may get somewhere.

  • David Mackenzie

    Not exactly slick, but a hell of a lot more interesting looking than Happy Feet. I was expecting craptastic CG like the cover art, I’m disappointed!

  • Ryoku

    Loosely inspired by Jay Ward, very loosely.

  • sunpunch

    My kids love this on Netflix, way more than Happy Feet. We watch it once a week. They are 8 and 5.