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The Best Of International Rocketship

Animator Marv Newland is the only person I know who doesn’t have a website or an email address. I don’t know if he even reads the internet.

Yesterday I received a small package from him, it was a DVD with a letter telling about his new compilation DVD. He wrote:

“Dear Jerry,

Enclosed is your copy of the freshly released BEST OF INTERNATIONAL ROCKETSHIP dvd. No voting. No warnings. No Extras.

There was a limited number produced as the potential audience may also be limited, numerically and in other departments not fit to remark about in this missive.

The dvd is for sale at $20. (U.S. or Candian dollars) shipping included. Send check to: International Rocketship, 278-1857 West 4th Ave. Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1M4 Canada. DVDs shipped via the miracle of the postal system.

Hope you are keeping well and remember your name when wake up each and every morning.


As the limited potential audience for this disc is mainly composed of the readers of this blog, I think Marv was fishing for a plug. I’m only too happy to comply.

I’m not sure if the International Rocketship shorts have been compiled before, but I didn’t have them – so I’m grateful to have them now. Anijam, Lupo The Butcher, Black Hula, Sing Beast Sing, Pink Komkommer, Bambi Meets Godzilla and more – all remastered from original 35mm camera negatives. Wonderful stuff. For twenty bucks – it’s a steal!

So send Marv $20. and tell him I sent you. He’ll probably include you a hand-written note to thank you.

  • Riccardo Riguzzi

    Any idea of what someone living outside USA and Canada should do to order it?
    Send a check with $25/30 and full address?

  • Lila Martinez

    I was lucky enough to have Marv as a teacher, and yes, he is not a hi-tech person, at some way he doesn’t need it. I wonder if there is a way to get that DVD by living outside USA and Canada

  • Marv has a website/tumblr:

    It’s awesome

  •  Great news!!! Congrats Marv and the International Rocketship people! I’ll be getting a copy for sure! :)

  • In the early 90’s, a number of shorts did see a release under the title “The Rocketship Reel” on laserdisc from Lumivision as well as a VHS release I once found at a Musicland that was released oddly through PPI Industries (the Peter Pan Records folks).  This DVD might be the best we’ll ever see of these shorts in the best way, the thought of them being remastered from the negs is too much to think about, the endless possibilities it can hold!

  • Dbenson

    Eons ago we had a late-night horror movie show called “Creature Features,” hosted by the hilariously dry and unassuming Bob Wilkins. One night, with no fanfare, he ran “Bambi Meests Godzilla” before the movie. If memory serves, he ran it again a week or so later, announcing it was coming up at the next break so we had time to wake up parents and call friends.

  • Marv was my Final Film Instructor at VFS. He’s the best.

  • I’d kill to own these. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Peter Huestis

    I just posted an item on my blog a couple of days ago featuring Marv’s depiction of me after getting violently mugged. Such a nice guy. Great that they included the little-viewed Pink Komkommer on the DVD.

  • Ryan Davies

    I also would like to know how to get hold of this… Being in the UK as I am.

  • Marv is currently my instructor at VFS! Really helping me out with my student film. He’s been extremely helpful!
    He came into class with those DVDs and a couple of sketch books of his to sell. A classmate wanted him to sign a sketchbook, and Marv told her it would devalue the worth of the book if he did that. Classic Marv.

  • Jiff

    The cover could have used a little spicing up with some graphic design lovin’.