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It seems the more CG becomes the prevalent form of contemporary animation, the greater the desire that young artists have to rediscover hand-drawn animation techniques and styles. Animation smears already have a Tumblr. It’s only fitting that there’s now a Tumblr devoted to one of the earliest major styles of animated movement–rubber hose animation.

(Thanks, Charles Kenny)

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  • Aaron Long


  • Caty

    -Adding personal *squeeeeee* due to Aladdin and the King of Thieves shots. Another of my secret faves from Disney.


    Thanks so much, Amid! Gif’s also a precious little gift too

  • Rubberhose Animation

    Thank you for the feature, I’m glad so many people are rubber-hose fans!

  • Bob Harper

    This is great. Disney and the rest of the companies who own libraries of Rubberhose animation are missing out on a gold mine.

    When I took my youngest daughter to Disneyland and we went to Mickey’s theater – she and the other kids her age were mesmerized by the vintage animation. Every time I play some of that for them and their friends, they sit and stare in amazement and ask why they don’t see anything on TV like that. All agreed they’d watch that over Dora.

  • Mel

    If possible, field tighter on the walking characters. The cyclical pop-off of the hanging nuts cloth bunting at upper left screen corner distracts and begs for a site of its own.

  • uncle wayne

    Wow! Now that IZ a great Sunday morn picker-upper! Being as old as i am, growing up on 50s-60s tv had nothing BUT!! Thank YOO!!

  • Shawn Dickinson


  • Matt Sullivan

    I know I should acknowledge the historical importance of it but..I never liked rubber hose. S’ just me I guess. Always creeped me out

    • Ryoku85

      It isn’t just you, I’m not a big rubber hose fan either.

      It dosen’t creep me out, but it does show a lack of attention put into anatomy, paticularly on still drawings.

      Rubber-hose animation isn’t something to celebrate, it was a technique that was used my animation studios back then in order to save time, it was good that it left for some time.

      The fact that it has come back in full force and is seen in so many cartoons (in an even more blatant manner) is concerning for me, can anyone draw elbows or knees anymore?

      I am a bit of a classic cartoon buff myself, but I prefer the more solid animation of the Golden Age.

  • Professor Widebottom

    Rubber hose but primitive, uninhibited and never pretentious. Before Adam and Eve became self-conscious and covered their “privates” with fig leaves, they were undoubtedly rubber hose.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    This oughta please many!

  • john smith

    Thanks for putting this up. Never knew this style had a name.


    This is a very cool thing! The old rubber hose style is so damn appealing and fun!!