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Animation Block Party ’08

Animation Block Party

Brooklyn’s homegrown cartoon festival Animation Block Party will return for its fifth edition from July 25-27. Over 100 animated shorts will screen during the three-day festival, chosen from 800 plus entries.The line-up of films and ticket info was officially announced today. If the event’s promotional materials (above) are any indicator, this is not to be confused with traditional festivals. It has an informal and indie spirit with plenty of opportunities for mingling and partying. I’ve heard positive things from everybody who has attended. Here are more details from their press release about the various festivities:

ABP opens on Friday July 25th at Rooftop Films, featuring live music from Plushgun, followed by a screening of ABP’s most fun and fan friendly cartoons. A party at Bar Matchless will follow ABP-Rooftop screenings with free beer from Radeberger.

ABP continues on Saturday July 26th at Bam Cinematek, with experimental works and music vids in Program One and a storytelling focus in Program Two. Screenings will be followed by an after party at Cherry Tree with free Newcastle courtesy of America’s Finest News Source, The Onion, Inc.

ABP closes on Sunday July 27th at Bam Cinematek, with top professional-independent works in Program Three and narrative local-international shorts in Program Four with an after party at Habana Outpost, featuring streaming toons, food specials and free beer courtesy of Autodesk.

Bonus Amid Geek-Note: The guy who did the drawing above is Doug Crane, who was the primary inker on the Terrytoons classics Flebus and The Juggler of Our Lady.

  • Amazing! I would love to go to that. It’s sure to be awesome- and I love the drawing, too!

  • I’m very proud to be from Brooklyn, home of this great animation festival.

    PS: The above image is one sexy lady–if Doug Crane used a live model I’d like her phone number, woohoo!!!

  • Man, if I wasn’t goin’ to San Diego for the Comic-Con, I’d definitely head over to that! & Doug always does an amazing job on these flyers. I remember the one he did for last year too. I can’t wait to say hello to him & the other profs when I get back to SVA in September.

  • So I’ve heard alot of buzz about this band Plushgun that’s playing opening night. They’ve got a vinyl EP dropping the first week of August, but their dance-tastic demo can be heard at or your favorite p2p software. I’ll be sure to catch their swell performance along with the great lineup opening night (as well as the other two days of course).

  • Hey nockFORCE did an ad for Blockparty, it’s up on youtube:

  • I will be at all three screenings. Even though I didn’t get in this year, this festival is still quite special and brings together quite a diverse audience.

  • Sorry, Philip Glass.

    You may be playing for free at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, but it’s on July 25th. I have to ditch you for an animation festival with an afterparty, band, and free beer. It’s $9. I already bought my ticket, and hope you’ll understand.

  • Nice to see Doug Crane is still the man. I think he broke in as an assistant at Paramount in the late 50’s and his career just took off from there. Lots of animation on Ralph Bakshi and Shamus Culhane pictures alongside such vets as Al Eugster and Nick Tafuri.

    Crane may also still be drawing for Archie Comics – anyone know for sure?

  • “Crane may also still be drawing for Archie Comics – anyone know for sure?”

    He told me that he did work there for about 15 years & left. I don’t remember when or why he left, but he told me that he did. Hope that answers your question.