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Meet Michel Ocelot in San Francisco

French animator Michel Ocelot (Kirikou And The Sorceress) will be visiting the San Francisco Bay Area this week to attend the opening of his latest feature, Azur & Asmar. The film opens Friday, March 6th for one week at the Landmark Opera Plaza Cinema in San Francisco and Ocelot will attend Friday night and take questions.

Before that, on Wednesday night, The French American Cultural Society will present a free, public screening of his first feature Kirikou And The Sorceress, presented in French with English subtitles. Mr. Ocelot will introduce the film and do an after-film Q&A. That event will be Wednesday night, March 4th at the Landmark Opera Plaza Cinema, starting at 6:40pm. Anyone who is interested in attending needs to RSVP to with their name and expected number of guests. People are advised to arrive early for seats as RSVPing does not necessarily guarantee admission (like any promo screening).

  • D’oh! So sour that I’m not on the west coast for all these screenings that I see pop up. I first caught Kirikou and the Sorceress on a Macedonian/Bulgarian(?) station while in Europe and immediately loved this work. Azur and Asmar looks just as lovely.

  • chris

    Both films are excellent and Ocelot is an interesting and entertaining speaker.

  • The screening on Wednesday night is “sold out”. I love his short film “The Three Inventors”.

  • Walter Amos

    Also Ocelot is scheduled to be at the Azur&Asmar screening at the NY International Film Festival this Saturday, March 7.

  • AWW I wasn’t able to go to the opening screening. Oh well… at any rate I plan to see Azur and Asmur this weekend :) It looks amazing

  • messy

    Azur&Asmar while having some absolutely lovely design and halfway decent computer animation, is an example of bad storytelling. The characters are badly realized, and the story is, in a word, boring.

    It has to work as a movie first and animation second and fails.