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Ralph Bakshi Retrospective Coming To Brooklyn in May

The taboo-shattering counterculture films of seventy-five-year-old animation legend Ralph Bakshi will be the subject of a retrospective this May in his childhood home of Brooklyn, New York. Between May 9-20, the BAM Cinématek in downtown Brooklyn will present “Cool Worlds: The Animation of Ralph Bakshi,” and Bakshi will appear in person for Q&As following the screenings of Heavy Traffic and Coonskin on May 9th and 10th.

The other films that will be screened are Fritz the Cat, Wizards, American Pop, Hey Good Lookin’ and Cool World. The retrospective will also include the debut of the trailer for his new short Last Days of Coney Island, a project for which he raised $174K on Kickstarter.

Tickets will go on sale soon at the BAM Cinématek website. Updates about the screenings are being posted on Bakshi’s Facebook page.

  • Kansas City FilmFest, April 9 – 13, will also be doing a mini-retrospective of some of Ralph Bakshi’s feature films – WIZARDS, HEAVY TRAFFIC and COONSKIN, and a skyped Q&A with him.

  • Elana Pritchard

    Ralph is a great guy and a great boss. I feel so blessed to work on Last Days of Coney Island, where we are actually still animating on paper and allowed (encouraged!) to bring our own unique styles to the table. I would not have an opportunity to work on a film like this if Ralph wasn’t such a tough-ass that he is still making real Art at 75.

    He has done so much good in the animation world and given so many folks their start. Everyone in animation should stop a moment and give this man the respect he is due.

  • James Madison

    Looking forward to this.

  • Mister Twister

    Dammit, I really want to go there now.