Road Runner Float Road Runner Float

Road Runner Float

As a follow up to my post yesterday about the Road Runner and Coyote float in today’s Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, here’s the coverage from KTLA. Moderators Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks get points for mentioning Paul Julian (correctly) and Leon Schlesinger (erroneously), but earn a demerit for not pointing out Linda Jones Clough (Chuck Jones daughter) and Craig Kausen (his grandson) riding on the float.

  • Anna

    my inner 5-year-old was made so happy by this ^__^

  • Jake

    It was also peculiar that Edwards and Eubanks offered no pre-taped nor live comments from grand marshal Cloris Leachman, a departure from what that role embodied in previous years. I get the feeling Leachman was given the spot primarily for the popularity of her recent “Dancing With the Stars” turn, which is sad, given her body of work.

  • uncle wayne

    Thank you for the post. I was wanting to see it!! (But could they be MORE obscure with footnotes, eh??)

  • “Now who are those folks?”

    :( *sigh*

    When I think of someone with great historical knowledge, Bob Eubanks is not the name that comes to mind…

    Anyway, that was a beautiful float. I wonder if there is a Web site out there with pics from all the past cartoon-related floats? I remember that wonderful Beany and Cecil float from a few years ago…

  • Andrew

    In response to this post and the one about TimeWarnerCable, the Road Runner is the unofficial mascot for that cable service appearing in its commercials. It’s great to see classic cartoons living on in unexpected places… provided they do justice to them.

  • Fred Cline

    Congratulations to John Ramirez, animation artist and amusement park designer for his three float designs featured among this years parade entries. The most popular design was probably the one for the city of Huntington Beach with the family riding a surfboard on a big ocean wave. There’s more about this on Tom Sito’s blog. For more info, go to:
    and to see John’s sketch, go to:

  • cb

    You realize that on-air talent don’t do any research or writing. You have to blame the producers who actually research, write and give them the scripts/notes. If you expect talent to actually know everybody and everything about every float in a parade, or even what the heck they are even talking about while reading the news or presenting a show, that’s asking a bit too much.
    There are 2 other factors. The talent may actually have all the info in front of them but like idiots they will ad-lib stuff, mostly I think just to show off because they like the sound of their own voice, and often accidentally say something factually incorrect or remove info to make it ‘flow’ better while speaking. Also, time may force them to remove info while speaking.

  • No, I don’t think of Bob Eubanks as someone with vast stores of historical knowledge.

    I think of the guy who used to laugh uproariously at the stupid answers people gave on The Newlywed Game.