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‘Samurai Jack’ Will Screen in U.S. Theaters For One Night Only

Adult Swim and Fathom Events are bringing Samurai Jack to U.S. theaters for an exclusive one-night event.

The screening, set to take place on Monday, October 16, will present the fully-remastered premiere movie from the first season. In addition to a high-definition restoration of these early episodes, the screening will include video commentary from creator Genndy Tartakovsky on the beginning of Samurai Jack and what the show means to him.

Ticket sales will start in mid-September. For more details, visit the Fathom website.

Additionally, Adult Swim announced today that it will release Samurai Jack: The Complete Series on Blu-ray and Digital HD on October 17. The five-disc box set will include newly remastered HD versions of all 62 episodes from the show’s five seasons, as well as never-before-seen bonus features and a one-of-a-kind metal art print. The Blu-ray/Digital box set will retail for $112.99.


Also, a season five soundtrack, with 22 tracks composed by Joanne Higginbottom and Dieter Hartmann and produced by Tyler Bates, will be available for digital download and streaming this fall.

  • Jack Newman

    Hopefully we’ll get a blu ray collection of Batman: The Animated Series down the line.

    • Metlow Rovenstein

      That would make sense. The show was shot on film; so if WB can get ahold of the original film elements and reconstruct the episodes, and scan the reconstructed episodes in 4k, it should be a thing of beauty.

      • Bart Crowe

        I would not be opposed to a one night showing of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm to celebrate a blu ray collection.

        • Metlow Rovenstein

          That would be good, wouldn’t it? All WB has to do is to market it at the right time.

  • Timothy McKenzie

    I love Samurai Jack and I just can’t wait to get the complete series blu-ray box set this fall! After all, Samurai Jack is definitely my most favorite cartoon show if there ever is one that I like the most!

    Kudos to Samurai Jack, to Ashi, to Aku, and especially to Genndy Tartakovsky and company, for inspiring me so much to pursue my own path to becoming a good successful artist, storyteller or filmmaker one of these days!

  • top_cat_james

    Re: the Blu-ray set – A lotta Jack costs a lotta jack.

  • Foolish Samurai

    This is exciting news. Feel free to check out the Foolish Samurai Podcast for all things Samurai Jack! We will definitely be amped for this.

  • Chicken McPhee

    I’m so down to get this.

  • Dante Panora

    it would be over 3 & 1/2 hours long, but I was kind of hoping they would screen the entirety of season 5 edited as to function as a really long movie. Cause that’s what the fifth season felt like, and theaters have screened films that are of similar length before, and if just for one night it might be worth it?

  • PinataPower

    YES! Great news!

  • Milan P.

    Not usually too big on limited screening events, but this is the first one since Iron Giant that’s gotten me excited! The premiere is a solid example of how to do a TV Movie/pilot.

  • Rafterman00

    Samurai Jack was the one of the few shows where no one could say a thing for the entire episode, yet would still say more than most shows filled with dialogue.