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SATURDAY: The Annie Awards

Tom Kenny, the voice of you-know-who SquarePants, is set to host this year’s 38th Annual Annie Awards, next Saturday, February 5, 2011, at UCLA’s Royce Hall. The evening begins with a pre-reception at 5pm followed by the Annie Awards ceremony at 7pm and post-award party immediately following the ceremony. All events will be held at Royce Hall.

This year’s Winsor McCay Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are Brad Bird, Eric Goldberg and Matt Groening. Among the presenters this year are animation legend June Foray, actors James Hong, Kevin Michael Richardson, Corey Burton, Jim Cummings and John DiMaggio. The complete list of nominees and award winners is posted at Annie A limited number of VIP Tickets (which admits guests to the champagne reception before the ceremony, the Annie Awards ceremony and post-award party) are still available for sale. To purchase VIP tickets check the Annie website.

General Admission tickets are available for $25 (this admits you only to the Annie Awards ceremony). General Admission tickets may only be purchased through the UCLA Central Ticket Office (CTO) at 310.825.2101 or UCLA Live or

(Photo above by Carol Wyatt, from the Voice Actors in the News blog)

  • Suprised Disney got nominated even though they wouldn’t participate. But this year’s Lifetime Achievment recipients are great choices. AND I MEAN GREAT CHOICES!

    Who animated the Genie in “Aladdin”?

    Who invented the “A113” inside joke to be later used by Pixar?

    Who won two Oscars?

    Who created the most successful and longest running animated sticom of all-time; broke world records by beating “The Flinstones” run, and invited a lot of great people to guest star?

    Who revoultionized cartoons from 1989 and beyond?

    Answer: these Winsor McCay Award winners!

  • Paul D

    I am attending this year for the first time and really looking forward to it! Looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making some new ones.

  • 2011 Toddler

    Oh will this be broadcasted anywhere?

  • Scarabim

    I agree. The Winsor McCay award recipients all richly deserve the honor. As a humble viewer of their fine work, all I can say is “Thank you!”

  • A.C. the actress

    Wish I could attend, too bad I’m in Indiana. I hope Adventure Time wins.

    Also, I’m very surprised that Lauren Faust’s My Little Pony didn’t get on there for anything, but maybe that’s just because I’ve become such a fan of it…

    • Scarabim

      Yeah, I wish the Pony show had gotten a nod too. It’s gorgeous and surprisingly entertaining – for all ages.

    • Steve Gattuso

      I’d like to have seen it up there as well. Maybe next year.

  • Trevor

    Don’t forget the VES awards this Tuesday also!

  • Ladybug

    First time in 5 years that I’m not attending – which is a shame since I actually know folks nominated this year! Not terribly upset, the party was the fun part and it’s way overpriced these days.

  • Black folks: Whatever you do, DO NOT heckle Micheal Richardson. Dude CANNOT take a joke.
    What’s that?
    Oh, it’s Kevin Michael Richardson?
    Well, that’s an entirely different affair then, innit?
    Folks of all races, colors and creeds: Have a great time at this year’s Annies! And heckle away!

  • AA

    Is this gonna be aired on local channels?

  • Matt Sullivan

    My Little Pony:Friendship is magic should have gotten SOME kind of award. But of course it won’t, because it’s My Little Pony and of course, that means it’s just a toy commercial to most animation snobs.

    I’d rather watch the new MLP than ANY other show on television. It’s gorgeous to look at and it’s CHARMING. It’s also wonderfully devoid of sarcasm. Pity it wasn’t recognized.

    • B-Man

      Hell, it wasn’t even nominated for anything.