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The Golden Globe nominees – and why “Frankeweenie” will probably win

The Golden Globe nominees for Best Animated Film have been announced and Brave, Frankenweenie, Hotel Transylvania, Rise of the Guardians and Wreck-It Ralph are on the list. Congratulations to these films and their filmmakers.

My condolences to Laika, Blue Sky, Illumination, Aardman and our friends at GKids for not making the cut. Don’t take it personally – The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is a phoney-baloney group of journalists, comprised of a small group of people nobody has ever heard of.

Unlike the Oscars, the Guilds, the various film critic groups or even the Annies – The people picking these Golden Globe nominees are not professional peers. The Globes is essentially a big show for the public and the studio publicists; a big show for the broadcast networks and their advertisers (Dick Clark Productions owns it). Actors love it for the national exposure.

I think it’s great that the Globes recognize animated features – it’s the only recognition this group throws our way. But it is well known that the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press are easily swayed by high-profile directors and famous movie stars. Getting the big shots to attend their event helps their ratings – and enhances their TV advertising rates.

And that’s why I’m going to go out on a limb to predict that Frankenweenie will win. It’s the Tim Burton film. Everyone knows Tim Burton – especially international journalists. It’s not about which film is better, it’s about the big names… and the general public unfortunately doesn’t know who Mark Andrews, Rich Moore, Peter Ramsey or Genndy are. Yet.

I’d love to see Wreck-It Ralph or Hotel Transylvania get the nod. I’ve got nothing against Frankenweenie. Recognition of any kind is a good thing. But the Golden Globes are a shining example of “playing the game” in Hollywood – and nobody plays it better than the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The Golden Globes will be awarded on Jan. 13th, 2013 on NBC.

  • Justin Delbert

    Is that why Tintin won it last year, because of Spielberg?

    • Yep. You hit the nail right on the head.

      • e

        Tin Tin wasn’t even an animated film and it won. Sigh.

        • It was animated in the sense that it was moving pictures, but don’t let the awards shows know that because then they’ll start giving live action movies awards for animated movies. Crazy world we live in.

        • Feff

          Win or no win for Tin Tin…

          1) Mocap is a tool for Animators.

          2) It was an animated film.

    • Pieter

      Yeah…They let a film, on a comic book character that the average American has not even heard of, win just because it has the most well-known director…

      Ugh please, Tintin won because it easily was the greatest film on the nominee list that year. Tintin-bashing does seem to be quite popular here, doesn’t it? Even a year after its release.

  • Despite everything you just said, I’m still insanely disappointed that ParaNorman didn’t even get nominated. If there’s one animated film from this year that desparately needs the attention, it’s that one.

    • Geoff

      ParaNorman’s the only one I saw this year truly worthy of awards.
      I really enjoyed Wreck-It Ralph, but I just can’t get past the fact hat it felt more like a Dreamworks movie, opposed to Disney.
      Hotel Transylvania rounds out my top 3′ tied with, I’m kind of embarrassed to say, Madagascar 3.
      Brave, Frankenweenie, and ROTG were all huge disappointments, and rather dull.

      • Jody Morgan

        No love for Pirates?

        • Funkybat

          Sadly, most people seem to have forgotten about the Pirates movie. I personally liked it best among all Aardman features, it was way better than Flushed Away, and I even enjoyed it more than the Wallace and Gromit feature.

          Paranorman and the Pirates movie are definitely in my top five list for films this year, and not just animated films, but all films. The only movie I enjoyed more thoroughly was Wreck-It Ralph.

  • Max

    This is the second year in a row they’ve snubbed appeal for both adults and children with craft and effectively heartfelt storytelling for fart jokes and simplistic writing. That, and the year before those two they involved an egomaniac to host their animation awards. I think the Golden Globes are currently the stupidest general Hollywood accolades I have ever seen in my life.

  • Tim

    Counterpoint: of the five films, Frankenweenie has made by far the least money in the US box office, making just over half of what Rise of the Guardians (the #4 moneymaker) has made so far. So while it may be the most star-studded, it was also the least popular film. If you’re right that the HFPA wants to put on a populist show that will bring in viewers, it would seem they’d give the award to Brave or Wreck-It Ralph.

  • wever

    The fact that it takes years and years and years and years and years to just become popular to the point where ONE PLACE in the whole world truly respects you for the work you’ve done instead of who wins the popularity contest is the reason I haven’t pursued animation as a career as much as I had hoped by now. Thank you, world.

  • EHH

    I always considered the Globes a joke anyway. At least the Oscars have some merit.

    • The Oscars is an awards show meant for Hollywood, for people who work in the business. To vote you have to be a member of the Academy and have done some work in the field of filmmaking. Yet every year they seem to do more and more to try and bring in viewers, to the point where they go against their own ideals and expand the best picture category from 5 films to 10.

      I don’t think either show has much merit any more.

      • EHH

        I said SOME merit , not a lot. I roll my eyes at the Oscars as well.

  • Mike K

    If “Frankenweenie” ends up taking the award that night, I wouldn’t hate the idea of that. The film looked beautiful and I thought packed a lot of heart. Overall, I was happy with the majority of the animated films this year especially those that were nominated so it makes it tough to come to a decision. But, I think overall as far as the whole package I think “Wreck-It Ralph” is probably more deserving.

  • Robert Reynolds

    The Golden Globes are meaningless-Pia Zadora “won” a GG for her “acting”.

  • BlueFox94

    Go “WRECK-IT RALPH”!!! Hope you win the Golden Globe, Annies, BFCA, PGA, DGA, and the Oscar!!!

  • Sarah J

    If they’re picking winners based on name rather than quality, I imagine “Brave” would win, maybe “Wreck-it-Ralph” because they’re both from wildly popular studios. “Frankenweenie” may be Disney but being stop-motion turns a lot of people off. Just as well, people associate Pixar with quality. (not that they’re wrong to do so) But let’s face it, Pixar wins a ton of rewards every year. While I enjoyed “Brave”, I feel it was far from the best animated film of the year but it’s probably going to get a lot of awards anyway.

    Shame that “Paranorman” didn’t even get NOMINATED. What a joke.

  • Toonio

    This corroborates the correlation between declining careers and winning a Golden Globe.

  • I personally find many of the Oscar selections yearly just as insane and incorrect, but I guess that’s why everyone has opinions.

  • I’m really missing ParaNorman in this line up.

  • Dave, GKIDS

    A perhaps lesser known fact is that the Globes’ Animation category is restricted to only English language entries. That’s it. Everything else has to compete in the Foreign Language category, against live-action films like AMOUR, and RUST & BONE, which no other awards show emulates outside of a broad category like Best Picture.

    It’s bizarre. It seems like foreign animated films should compete in both categories they are eligible for, Animation and Foreign Language, in addition to the craft categories, Best Pic, etc.

  • I liked all the movies this year, but I didn’t love any of them. All Bs this year, but not any As. I don’t consider that as bad. At least there weren’t many Cs or Ds, like other years.

    Well, I didn’t think much of Ice Age 4 or Madagascar 3, though I got some laughs from the first one.

    I have yet to see ParaNorman, which I think it will be the best of the year. At least the character design is the best in my opinion.

    So far I think the best were The Pirates and Brave. I believe Brave and Hotel Transylvania are a little underrated while Wreck It Ralph and FrankenWeenie are a little overrated, but I’m not sure how I’d order them in a scale. I don’t think FrankenWeenie was dull, though. It did have some brilliant aspects (mostly the dark creatures that appeared in the last act, I was missing this evil, wild elements in recent Burton’s movies) but the fact that it was mostly told in an existing short kinda ruined the novelty for me. Also it was maybe a little more slow paced than it needed to be and could have developed the secondary characters a little more.

    Rise Of The Guardians was a good surprise, I wasn’t expecting to like it too much but it had some really good moments and charming characters even if it was probably not perfect as a whole.

  • christian

    It would be pretty awsome if CartoonBrew have it’s own Winner . All the readers can vote on what IS the best film of the year and see what cartoon lover really think who should win!

    • Funkybat

      A CB “Viewer’s Choice” award is a great idea. There will still be some political bickering and unfair dumping by one faction or another upon certain films, but at least a Brew vote (correlated to email addresses to cut down on multiple voting) would give us readers a sense of what the animation community itself thinks of the year’s output. The Annies of course do that as well, but a CB Viewer’s Choice would be a nice informal gauge of people’s favorites for the year.

  • miss christine

    people need to try to not judge a movie based on it’s media. whatever movie got the best reaction from people deserves the award.