Tonight in Brooklyn: Final Night of Priit Pärn Screenings Tonight in Brooklyn: Final Night of Priit Pärn Screenings

Tonight in Brooklyn: Final Night of Priit Pärn Screenings

It’s the last night of Priit Pärn screenings at the Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg (124 S. 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY). Pärn is visiting from Estonia and will appear in person at the screenings at 7:30 and 10pm. Seating is limited at the theater (which is actually more a room than a theater), and most screenings so far have been sold out, so get there early if you’re interested.

One of Priit Pärn’s classics that didn’t screen in New York this week is Time Out (Aeg Maha, 1984), which you can see below. Parn elevates the visual non sequitur into an art form, and the film’s style remains fresh nearly thirty years later. A lot of animation today attempts to recreate a similarly surrealistic madcap tone, none as successfully as this film:

  • My god. Reminds me of felix the cat, but with the surreal turned all the way up. Really fun.

  • rnigma

    Reminds me of Sally Cruikshank, but has its own coolness.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      His work kinda makes me think of Klasky-Csupo (albeit, not quite in the commercial side of things as there’s more a personal vision of the animator at play here).

  • the Gee

    It got weirder and weirder. That’s for sure.

    Lot’s of wacky stuff though the beginning was a lot of nervous energy and that became very redundant.

    I’m sure that was intentional because it seem to blatantly allude to something happening to the main character over that period of time but the beginning was more annoying than entertaining.

    Was that a deal breaker? Nah. But I almost stopped watching it then. Of course if I had watched it in a theater, I would have endured it. So, that is a modern day reaction to the opening to say I almost stopped watching it.

  • Priit Parn is one of the most interesting directors in the history of animation. His work is so vast and diverse, it really deserves the viewing of more than one of his shorts. Whenever I watch one of his films, I feel like it was beamed down from another planet that is way ahead of our own in most ways… I wish I could have been in NYC for these screenings!