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Brazilian Hand-Drawn Feature ‘Until Sbornia Do Us Part’ Trailer

Hand-drawn feature animation from Brazil is gaining momentum on the international festival circuit. Last month the Brazilian feature The Boy and the World (O menino e o mundo) won the top feature prize at Annecy. A few days ago, the Ottawa International Animation Festival announced that one of the five features in competition this fall will be the hand-drawn film Até que a Sbórnia nos separe (Until Sbornia Do Us Part) co-directed by Brazilian animation veteran Otto Guerra (Wood & Stock: Sexo, Orégano e Rock’n’Roll) and longtime DreamWorks artist Ennio Torresan Jr. (Turbo head of story).

The film, which also screened out of competition at Annecy last month, is based on a long-running Brazilian musical called Tangos & Tragédias. According to the festival programmers at Ottawa, it “examines corporate dominance and environmental issues through the story of Sbornia, an eccentric and poetic country which is introduced to the modern world when a wall collapses.”

The other animated features in competition at Ottawa this year are:

  • Seth’s Dominion (Luc Chamberlain, Canada)
  • Truth Has Fallen (Sheila Sofian, USA)
  • Aunt Hilda (Jacques-Remy Girerd and Benoît Chieux, France)
  • Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange: a Rapid Love Story (Mait Laas, Estonia)
  • Mike

    I love it! Gives me a kinda lavish ‘Superjail’ vibe.

    • Fried

      I was just about to type that. It feels like Superjail with better draftsmanship.

      I wish I could get some translation or more info about it, since I’m just going by visuals of a single match being played, I have as much interest in it as I do any other sports match (Which is none).

      So is this story about the world or a character? They seem to be cutting to that spiky haired guy in the audience a lot but I can’t tell if it’s about “him” or society.

  • da

    [quote] it “examines corporate dominance and environmental issues through the
    story of Sbornia, an eccentric and poetic country which is introduced to
    the modern world when a wall collapses.” {/quote]

    And here I thought it was all about how Brazilians wished soccer was really played.

    • Baby Face

      where that came from? the brazilian way of playing soccer is softer than european style (which is pretty harsh), for example. I mean, did you have the opportunity to compare both championships?

      • DangerMaus

        It was meant as a tongue-in-cheek jest. However, since you asked. It was derived partly from a story I heard about a Brazilian netminder, who managed to be on the losing side when Brazil made it to the finals, quite a few years back. In the story, the man remarked that most criminals get out of prison after a few years of serving their sentence, but he felt like he was living a life sentence because people keep reminding him of how he managed to lose the World Championship. I figured that people who feel that passionate about a game that ultimately has zero relevance once it ends might also think that soccer should be more like a war game. Hence the joke. Sorry, if you thought I was being serious.

        • Baby Face

          don’t get me wrong, i do think playing with axes in hands would add some juice on it. no hurt feelings. i just thought it had something about Ultimate Fighting fenomena in your perception. about the soccer thing, yeah, brazilians never forget a lousy netminder. huge media manage to keep brainwashing population since ever on this subject. it’s a real-life-matrix, particularly during world cup.

  • Vilmar Rossi Júnior

    The story is based on a traditional teatral spectacle, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014. Hique Gomez and Nico Nicolaiewsky (who died earlier this year) are excelent actors and musicians who interpret Kraunus & Plestkaya, this two amazing characters coming from fictitious Sbórnia. And it’s important to mention the character design by cartoonist Guazzelli. Proud of this project!

    • AryMonteiroJr

      Didn’t knew Nicolaiewsky passed away! How sad, Tangos & Tragédias was great and I can’t wait to watch this animated feature, looks wonderful.

  • Ahmad

    AMAZING I can watch this over and over. every frame is beautiful. Thanks for the post.