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“Despicable Me 3” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” Set for 2017

Universal Pictures recently announced release dates for three upcoming films from Despicable Me producer Illumination Entertainment. The first film, untitled so far, is due out on December 21, 2016 and described as an “original animated comedy event about courage, competition and carrying a tune.” It will be written and directed by music video director-turned-film director Garth Jennings (Son of Rambow, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and produced by Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy.

Gru, Lucy, their precocious daughters and, of course, the Minions will return on June 30, 2017 for Despicable Me 3 , which is not to be confused with the Minion spinoff due out on July 10, 2015. And following the success of 2012 adaptation of The Lorax, Illumination will produce a new adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! It is being helmed by commercial animation director Pete Candeland (Gorillaz) and produced by Meledandri and Healy, with Michael LeSieur (You, Me and Dupree) providing the script, and Audrey Geisel, (Dr. Seuss’ widow) serving as executive producer. The release date has been set for November 17, 2017.

  • jonhanson

    It’ll be an improvement on the Jim Carey version but that’s not saying much. The Chuck Jones version is as close to perfection as you can get and even he had to add stuff to pad the story out, why keep making these features that just water down Seuss’ incomprable writing?

  • Christopher Smigliano

    ANOTHER Grinch adaptation? WHY? It was done right the FIRST time!!

    • IJK

      Chuck Jones basically remade his own Duck-Rabbit-Duck! short three times in less than 5 years time and remaking the Grinch every 15 years is out of the question?

      • white vader

        And what about the Road Runner?! He also would have done it with One Froggy Evening back in the day but couldn’t figure out how.

    • sarahmfighter

      There’s no harm in having one more. The first one will always be around as well. :)

  • Roberto Severino

    No thanks. I’m sticking with the original Chuck Jones version thank you very much and if I wanted to have my eyes gouged out and burned, I’d watch the Jim Carrey version. I don’t need anything that could potentially suck just as much.

    • Rufus

      Bringing Dr. Seuss’s widow on board would seem to preclude too many Jim Carrey type shenanigans. Looking forward to it myself.

  • MGarrett

    #ohforthecryingoutloud when will they learn. The Grinch is a perfect HALF HOUR show. It doesn’t need a feature to tell its story!

  • Well, if nothing else, Jennings’ Son of Rambow was quite good. And it featured animation by a then-unknown David OReilly (Please Say Something and the Adventure Time episode A Glitch is a Glitch), so at least Jennings knows quality cartoons. That’s always a plus!

  • George Comerci

    I’m not surprised that DM3 will be being made. Couldn’t resist a trilogy, huh, Universal? :) And I can’t WAIT to see the Grinch movie crash and burn!

  • ILDC

    I wouldn’t make either.

  • tredlow

    God, I hate the minions.

    Also, an animated Grinch remake doesn’t sound so bad, considering it couldn’t be worse than the live-action one.

  • Steven Bowser

    I hope they don’t ruin Suess’ story like they did with the Lorax.

  • Fbt

    DM3, yaaay more minion jokes to torture me, no thanks but I won’t be seeing this sequel.

  • Ed

    They should make a movie based on Seuss’ WWII cartoons.

    • James Stanley

      You mean like “Yeartle the Turtle” that was about Hitler and stuff

  • hitface

    i was a really huge gorillaz fan as a teen so im kinda interestd about candeland’s involvement, and honestly, even though I’m a huge fan of the original animated adaption of Dr Seuss by Chuck Jones, i’m not going to instantly hate one that i havent seen anything about yet.
    i think its really backwards and stupid to hate new versions of things i liked as a kid, and say things like “it was done right the first time so no one should try ever again”
    but i do wish there’d be more original stories and less adaptions of things.
    what ive seen of illumination, their animation is very good. the stories may not always be executed right, but i love how they animate so I’ll be looking forward to that, either way.

  • Kevin Martinez

    So, Hollywood can’t bring us any new ideas. I get that. But they can’t even bring us old ideas they haven’t already ruined?

    Third time is most definitely NOT the charm.

  • James Stanley

    No problem! Once their Grinch flick is out the way, The Minion makers will mose onto the Cat. There’s no doubt about that!