“Dorothy Of Oz” trailer “Dorothy Of Oz” trailer
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“Dorothy Of Oz” trailer

I’m not sure when this coming out, or who is releasing it, but Summertime Entertainment have made a trailer for Dorothy Of Oz avilable to the internet. Will Finn (The Road to El Dorado, Home on the Range) and Dan St. Pierre (Everyone’s Hero) are listed as directors, and the production is being handled by Prana Studios (Hoodwinked! and Disney’s Tinker Bell movies). Almost everything else about this film is shrouded in mystery. Everything except its all-star voice cast.

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  • victoria

    So Dorthy has to fight the villian from Kyrandia?

  • Sarah

    Eh. I’ve heard about the book version of this and heard it wasn’t even that good because of the fact Roger S. Baum only knows knowledge of the first book (Dorothy and her aunt and uncle ends up living in Oz in The Emerald City of Oz). Plus, I’m not crazy about the character designs or voices (Martin Short really?!)

    I’m more stoked for Oz the Great and Powerful.

    What most people don’t know is that it was a book series. Forty of them actually (14 written by L. Frank Baum). That’s probably why I like Return to Oz better than Wizard of Oz because it’s more faithful (hopefully with all of the Oz films coming out, RTO gets a blu-ray release).

  • Spencer

    I enjoyed Hoodwinked because it was unconventional in its writing AND its mediocre animation. This just looks like crap.

  • Dustin

    That song really touches my soul.

  • Samjoe

    Would it kill them to just follow one of the many books,
    that Baum himself had written. Please no more updating,
    slicing and diceing of his stories. There are too many that should have been made already.

  • TJR

    So far, I am just not into it. And I love OZ

  • Skip

    Looks like direct to DVD quality. Not impressed with the animation, I’m guessing that the Lions share of the budget went towards the all star cast voice talents.

  • dbenson

    Problem with Oz is that you have the original books, then you have the movie musical which most people take as the “real” version. So you usually end up having to “acknowledge” the movie as much as you can without rousing the lawyers.

    Expect Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman and Lion to be prominent in the ads and barely there in the film itself — much as they were in “Return to Oz” and “Journey Back to Oz — while the main plot follows more obscure characters not claimed by MGM (or Disney?).

  • James

    Definitely a direct to video film. Not bad, looks like a decent “just for kids” effort.

  • axolotl

    Not too many great kids’ movies also double as a critique of 19th Century Scientific Materialism. RETURN TO OZ kicks all manner of ass. I want to have kids just so I can make them watch it, hehe.
    This new DOROTHY OF OZ thing, I dunno…Admittedly, I watched the trailer without sound.

  • Gobo

    Absolutely agree. With 40+ books of source material, hundreds of characters, and an entire map-ful of races and creatures… why start from scratch with a marshmallow soldier and evil jester? I guess the answer is “money”, but if you’ve got the cash for Martin Short and Patrick Stewart….

  • zoe

    This looks like the same plot as the execrable Alice in Wonderland reboot – chaos and evil have returned to _______! Our only hope is to bring back _________! Actionviolence will win the day!

  • swac

    Too bad they couldn’t go for a look closer to the fabulous illustrations of W.W. Denslow and John R. Neill from the original Baum books. This just looks hideous by comparison (I wonder if that soldier with the floating head comes from Canada?).

  • Matt

    Shame to waste Lea Michele’s voice on a budget film like this.

  • Zac

    There needs to be a Wizard of OZ animated mini series based solely on the book. There’s so much good stuff in there, and reads very episodic anyway. You think it’d be easier to just storyboard out a completed story than it would be to come up with this garbage.

  • Sarah

    The closest we have to that is Oz Kids.

  • Ben

    I agree with a lot of you. There is so much source material, I’m just so disappointed that any attempt at bringing OZ to the screen has to be some new material. It would be like just making up your own Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter stories that had nothing to do with the books. People would be upset. Why are they not clamoring for the actual OZ stories? I love the MGM musical, but it’s really doomed any OZ project…

  • SKent.

    that soaring schmaltzy number? lol.

  • Would be especially great if it was based on the Eric Shanower/Skottie Young adapted graphic novels. Those are big hits in our house and they’re pretty faithful to the originals.

  • That ain’t cool

  • Randy

    It kinda had me, up to that God-awful, schmaltzy song! Then it was “Game Over”.

  • I’ve always thought that Denslow’s style was made for 2D animation.

  • Snappy

    I was interested until I heard that song and Dorothy speak/sing.

  • Justin Delbert

    Wait; I’m confused. Isn’t there supposed to be another Oz movie coming out only it’s live action and it’s done by Tim Burton?

  • admirer

    Will Finn is one of the great animators and an amazing artist. I look forward to anything he’s associated with.

  • Bob

    If you want any better argument that we are in a deep and probably irreversible cultural decline, it is this: two Oz pictures coming out at nearly the same time and both look like horror films. Have we forgotten how to have a light touch? Fun? Are we so drowned in irony and “dark” takes on things that this dreck is the best we can produce? I’m sure Baum isn’t just rolling over in his grave, he’s on a spit.

  • William Ansley

    I guess you haven’t read “The Tin Woodsman of Oz” or don’t remember it. You know, the one where Nick Chopper finds his own, still living, disembodied head in a closet, and has a conversation with it? The one where we find out the still living pieces chopped off Nick Chopper and Captain Fy-ter were assembled into a composite being, who is now married to the woman they both love(d), Nimmie Ammee? This Oz book, in particular, always struck me as being a great source for a horror movie.

  • Sarah J

    Ah, but don’t you see? They need to MODERNIZE it so today’s stupid audience will like it!

  • Sarah J

    The animation really could be better. Did they blow the entire budget on the cast? And I do think the casting choices are pretty weird and distracting. It feels like that big-name actors were shoved in just to bring in the audience, without really thinking about whether the casting choices were appropriate or not.

    And I agree with the comment that said this feels like that crappy Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie. A lazy story that existed solely to cash in on the popularity of Wonderland books and movies and games. Without much reveal of the plot I can’t say if it’s the same case here, but it certainly feels like it.


    Looks like a real snoozer…

  • Benjamin Arthur

    Was that a marshmallow soldier?

  • Okay, so apparently this is not based on any Oz book, the animation is mediocre, and the rendering is downright awful. Who wants to watch this?

  • wever

    You’re right in that there is another Oz movie coming out and it is live-action.

    You’re wrong in that it is not going to be done by Tim Burton. Judging from the trailer for THAT film, it looks like Disney brought back the same SFX crew from Alice In Wonderland, however, which makes me believe Disney’s Oz movie only came about due to the success of Alice!

  • Bob

    Yes, I’ve read The Tin Woodman — in fact, the whole Oz corpus. However, you are mistaken if you think the effect Baum wanted in the Tin Woodman was one of horror, fear or revulsion. If anything, the Tin Woodman talking to his old head is both whimsical and satirical. To see it as horrific is to deliberately misread Baum and his intent.

  • marbpl

    Re TIN WOODMAN OF OZ, the talking head scene is whimsical and satirical, but also profoundly disturbing in its questioning of what constitutes identity.
    — see Chapter 18.

  • Amy

    Looks horrible – characters are badly designed and animation is sloppy