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Dustin Diamond To Star in Indie Animated Feature from Honduras

Dustin Diamond, best known for his portrayal of the nerdy Screech on the ’90s tween sitcom Saved by the Bell, has been cast in the English-language version of an indie animated film from Honduras called tGUS.

The 85-minute low-budget production, directed by Terio Xontm, was produced by the Central American media company called Non Plus Ultra, who after 3 years of production, have completed the film and are trying to get the project distributed theatrically in Central America and beyond. Diamond will star in the English dub amongst a cast of American actors and voice-over talent that includes Jareb Dauplaise (Wayne in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) and Brina Palencia.

Described as a psychedelic homage to films from the ’70s and ’80s, it features two divine hounds—Skypuppy and Hellmut—wagering over the virtue (or lack thereof) of the citizens of the anarchic city of tGUS. The film announced Diamond’s casting and other details in an IndieGogo fundraising campaign which has temporarily been halted. The film has a Facebook page and below is the video about the fundraising campaign:

  • Terio Xontm

    Thanks for the note guys! We will renew our campaign soon, our landing page is: Cheers, Terio

  • Trevor

    Dustin Diamond starring in an animated film from Honduras and it’s NOT called “Dirty Sanchez?” Talk about a missed opportunity.

  • Matthew

    A lot of the 1980s Saturday morning cartoons haven’t aged well, but Saved by the Bell killed Saturday morning for me.

    And this is probably the only work he could get:

    • StephaneDumas

      I completely agree, Saved by the Bell along with some rip-offs of the TNBC line-up like California Dreams, Hang Time…..argh.

      A bit off-topic, but the way Drake Bell’s career goes mainly for performing Timmy Turner in the FOP live-action movies, I think he might follow the path of Dustin Diamond….