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‘Ice Age 5’ Will Be A Smash Hit Thanks To This Hilarious Gag

What’s the funniest thing in the world? If you ask any feature animation studio in 2016, the answer would be a cartoon animal bending over and tucking its head between its legs.

This action is so hilarious that it doesn’t even need to be accompanied by a gag. Simply reference the popular yoga pose called downward-facing dog, and audiences will be overcome with fits of mad, uncontrollable laughter. Get ready:


I rest my case.

Blue Sky released the trailer today for the fifth entry in its Ice Age franchise. It is also the third trailer for an animated film being released this year to have a downward dog gag. The other two movies that offer this bust-a-gut comedy gem in their trailers are Sony’s The Angry Birds Movie and Disney’s Zootopia.

The downward-facing dog gag was pioneered by DreamWorks Animation in their 2014 movie Mr. Peabody & Sherman, in which Mr. Peabody, upon being caught doing yoga, responded with the classic line, “Sorry, caught me doing my yoga. You were expecting a downward dog, perhaps?”

Yoga aside, Blue Sky’s team does funny CG animation better than almost any other studio, and there’s expressive, beautifully timed comedic movement throughout the new trailer. The Ice Age series — much like theatrical Tom & Jerry and Wile E. Coyote/Roadrunner shorts — may be predictable and formulaic, but they’re also likable and profitable, which is why Fox can’t stop making them.

Fox will release Ice Age: Collision Course, directed by Mike Thurmeier, into US theaters on July 22, 2016. Watch the trailer:

  • Johnny Bravado

    Dada dadadada dada CIRCUS dada dadadada dada AFRO

  • Jonathan Lyons

    Maybe Sausage Factory will have the same gag, but actually have butt holes where they should be.

    • Inkan1969

      I’m still not sure if “Zootopia”‘s nudist camp scene will work: the gag is that they’re drawn the way cartoon animals usually are drawn, but to the leads it’s shocking because they’re naked. I don’t know; the joke feels too subtle and meta.

      • Netko

        Being naked while not really has been a staple of animal cartoons for a long time. e. g. someone like Donald Duck losing his towel after taking a bath and covering himself. It’s nothing unusual. It’s a common way of throwing in some visual nude/sexual jokes while still being PG.

  • Daniel Leyva

    didn’t brother bear had some yoga gags in it too?

    • aquapyro

      Yes but that was salutations to the sun and it was in a blooper montage

    • Kyle_Maloney

      Yeah, should I feel bad about actually laughing at that one? It was the only time I have. The fact that was in the blooper reel makes me feel better about it though.

  • meh………..I will pass this one, I have enough Ice Age……..

  • Milt Kahl’s head wobble

    Bless this site for sustaining its eagle-eyed animation trend spotting!

  • Why were his nipples glowing?

    • Tim

      It’s a yoga thing, you wouldn’t understand.

  • Elsi Pote

    With so many animators working like gypsies, jumping from one studio to the other and back again, you should expect these gags being a common thing.

    • Bob

      That’s more of a storyboarding/ directorial choice.

  • Strong Enough

    this must be an inside animator joke like the Wilhelm scream for sound designers

    • JazzyTyfighter

      Put it up there with A113.

  • Trinosaur

    I’m…. a little tired of Ice Age movies.

    • JazzyTyfighter

      I’m… a little tired of Transformers movies, but the public will still foolishly give them money just as people will probably give Ice Age 5 money.

      • Trinosaur

        It is the way of the world, unfortunately.

  • Inkan1969

    That’s a very basic sight gag that little kids automatically laugh at.

    • partyrobotmachine

      and adults