"Book of Life" director Jorge Gutierrez. "Book of Life" director Jorge Gutierrez.
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Jorge Gutierrez Talks ‘Book of Life’ In Hour-Long Podcast

“Book of Life” director Jorge Gutierrez.

Jorge Gutierrez, the director of Fox’s The Book of Life, spoke at length about the film’s background and production to the website Del Toro Con. At the very least, the film promises to be the most personal and distinctive-looking major studio CG feature of 2014.

In the nearly hour-long podcast, which can be heard here, Jorge races through a multitude of topics including his personal source of inspiration for The Book of Life, his relationship with producer Guillermo del Toro, how he ensured his distinctive art style was maintained throughout the CG animation process, where the heart of a movie can be found (“Whoever suffers the most, that’s the main character of the movie”), and the three movies that his dad made him watch when he was nine years old to understand good filmmaking.

I’ve known Jorge for years, and he has an uncanny ability to convey his passion for ideas so that you become as big a believer in his stories as him. That infectious enthusiasm comes across clearly in this interview because after I was done listening to it, I was ready to run out to the nearest theater to see The Book of Life. The film opens in the United States on October 17th.

  • BOL_of_cherries

    Jorge is a great director and I hope for his sake that this film does great box office. It is his story, his style and his vision alone.

  • Really looking forward to his vision for this film!

  • tomm

    sounds really exciting

  • akira

    Yay! this sounds great from the interview. i hope future trailers are better. the first trailer came across like it was showing everything. you know like those trailers that basically show the whole story including plot twists. i’d like to see a trailer more like today’s disney big hero 6, which succeeded in making me start to care about some characters and made me curious and wanting to see more…. that’s what this interview totally did for me instead of the trailer.