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“Metegol” Trailer by Oscar-Winning Director Juan Jose Campanella

The final trailer (in Spanish) was released today for the Argentinian/Spanish animated feature Metegol (Foosball). The US$21 million film may be most interesting for its unconventional director, Juan José Campanella, whose last film El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes) won the Academy Award for best foreign language film. He is also a veteran director of American TV series like House M.D., Law & Order and 30 Rock.

As of mid-May, the film’s producers were still negotiating for an American theatrical release, but Metegol is set to open this summer and fall in Argentina, Peru, Spain, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and Brazil, among other territories. For more, visit the film’s official website or its Facebook page.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    I don’t speak Spanish nor am I a soccer/foosball fan but this looks like an interesting concept. Looks like a lot of interesting personalities. I want to see it sub-titled so I don’t miss out the acting.

  • vincent

    yes this a real movie, i worked in this film as a TD, it was a real challenge to make this movie like this in Argentina. We hope that you like it

  • molochmachine

    As a Chilean, I’ve always though Argentines (and Uruguayans) had the best cultures of comedy and senses of humor in the Spanish language, so stuff like what’s been shown so far just gets me in the funny muscle. Really looking forward to it.
    The concept itself doesn’t look overly original, but given who’s writing it and the bits of dialogue shown that weren’t pure exposition, I’m willing to bet this will be pretty damn enjoyable. Character design is solid, dialogue is well acted, animation looks really nice. Well done to you and your team, Vincent!