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“Minions” Film Delayed Until 2015

Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures have moved the release date of the Minions spin-off movie from December 19, 2014 to July 10, 2015. The decision was made to ensure a better film. Just kidding. Variety reports that they’re moving the date to “enable Universal to fully exploit the film as a summer tentpole that lends itself to a vast consumer products program, games and theme park promotions.” In other words, they need more time to make fart guns.

  • Jorge R Gutierrez

    They should take as long as they need.

    • AmidAmidi

      At the rate it’s going, you may end up with the only animated film next year.

  • Mark

    Who will delay their film until 2015 next

  • JB

    Well, somebody wants to get the jump on Pixar =/

  • Laura

    What? They were a HUGE part of the plot of the last movie. And I think they’ll probably be “explained” in the Minion movie (although do we really need an explanation for them? They’re there for physical comedy.) I’m looking forward to it…should be entertaining.

    • Mapache

      That’s kinda the problem. The movie didn’t invest enough time trying to develope it’s characters and their relationships. It was all about the jokes and that means minions all the way.

      DM 1 was good preciselly because it gave us the chance to feel emotionally engaged. Also, it had a very dark adams-family-esque sense of humor and was its own thing. DM 2 on the other hand had… well, al lot of minions.

  • Remarkable Kanoodle

    “Few, but ripe.” – Carl Friedrich Gauss.

  • Mister Twister

    Please, Illumination, delay it indefinitely.

  • Roberto González

    I think the Minions are sometimes fun, sometimes irritating. They are overrated and overused, I don’t hate them though. Gotta say I think the picture in this entry is kind of cool, They seem almost a little off-model there or at least pushing the model for the pose and they look kinda funny/cute in this picture. I wish the animation of CGI movies would play a little more with the models like 2D animation does (and films like Cloudy, Hotel Transylvania and sometimes Kung Fu Panda do).

  • Sant

    “What’s with all the greed here? It’s unattractive.”

    -Uncle Jack

  • jmahon

    so is it the topic-du-jour now, to hate the minions? Are they now that popular that it’s cool to dislike them, and the more you do, the funnier you are?

    They might not be anyone’s cup of tea, but that movie didn’t make it’s money for no reason. It was a great film and unlike most movies that shoehorn a merchandise character into them, they had actual relevance. It’s not fair to hate on, or actively make a joke out of hating, a movie just because it’s become popular. Let’s not stoop to that level.

    • Mesterius

      I watched the first move when it was new and hated the minions already then.

  • Arthur F.

    The weekly “Rabbids” feel-alike serves as a kind of methadone for whatever actual audience is still waiting for the movie by then.