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Feature Film

“My Family and the Wolf” by Headless Productions

Another beautiful hand drawn film in development in Europe, this one being directed by our friends Adrian Garcia, Alfredo Torres and Victor Maldonado at Barcelona-based Headless Productions (Nocturna), produced by Paris-based Nectarious Films.

Look below to see the teaser trailer for My Family And The Wolf.

  • Beautiful work. I wish more animated films were made this way.

  • Looking at the teaser I honestly wouldn’t mind if the entire movie is about the hero’s awesome summer activities.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I’m more interested in this “wolf” thing that shows up at the end. That’s one thing about this teaser I like, you build up this great summer fun and then end on such a moot point that leaves you asking for more.

  • Skip

    This studio seems to only do amazing work, but for some reason can’t get their work distributed. Can anyone explain this?

    • Tak

      Regardless of how excellent & mind blowing your work & studio might be, getting know & or networking takes its time. It also takes time & being highly prolific to build up a good folio of works. Talent & good works usually get known by the right people faster than not, but what most folks don’t quite understand is that it will still… take time.

      Thumbs up for Headless Productions & for SPAIN!
      Are you guys ever considering teaming up with Sergio Pablos & SPA Studios?

  • If I was rich, I’d invest in all the Headless Production films. They’re gorgeous and seem very imaginative. How they have not gotten even more funding by now is beyond me.

  • Wow, that is BEAUTIFULLY done.

    Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    Bravo, can’t wait to look into the rest of the
    ‘Headless’ works…
    (GREAT name for a studio/collective, btw!)

  • Laura

    I’m dying a little inside, because they’re so good. Like cbat628 said, if I had money I’d spend it to the very last penny to produce their amazing movies.

  • Looks absolutely amazing!

  • Zeus

    Love it!!!

  • GO

    Beautiful work but any “collective” still needs a leader. Too many chiefs can be the death of a great company.

  • This looks very nice. Appealing, well designed and fluid. Bravo.

  • Wow!! That was beautiful. I want to see more

  • Tak

    Quality 2D animation.
    Everyone but America really seems to get it.

  • Tak

    Moving illustrations will always be far & away superior as a form of creative expression to that of Photo Real or Semi Photo Real CGI 3D.

    Why? Strength of DESIGN & Depth of DIVERSITY.
    3D Models can have this too, but just make e’m StopMotion, ParaNorman WooHoo! (I want to use my hands, not a mouse!)

    • Jackson

      Nice artwork does not a compelling film make. Strong characters and storytelling do. These fellows made an intriguing trailer. That’s easier to do than making a feature. Hand drawn, puppet, cg, clay, or sand–they’re ALL expressive depending on the artist using them, and no one is “far & away superior.” They’re ALL “moving illustrations.” But the general audience doesn’t care about that. They want to care about the characters.

      Here’s hoping these guys can do that and get the support to do so.

      • Tak

        Hahaha! Yes you are very very right!
        And no, I wasn’t even attempting to be reasonably impartial with that comment or trying to be farsighted with that age old tale of rationality taught to all animators about storystorystory.
        I was using that comment to express my strong opinions about WHAT I like & WHY I fell in love with art & animation in the first place & WHERE & HOW I hope to see Animation projects & the underlying technology progress to in the future. Like I said, I want to use my hands, not a mouse! Tactile Process!

        These, along with the murmurings about Disney’s PaperMan have me pretty jazzed right now.
        Aaah, the animation world of tomorrow!

  • Lib

    That was great.

  • Can’t wait to see what else these guys have up their sleeves!

  • E. Nygma

    Wow! That is fantastic! I would take a feature film in this style over something like “Tin Tin” any day!

  • Mick Collins

    Holy Cow, but this looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see it, and I will go out of my way to do so.

  • once again, Headless Productions creates another creative and beautiful masterpiece!

  • Skip

    I would be willing to bet that if the Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon offered to air a tv series created and produced by Headless productions, it would be a hit.

  • A lot of people look at Japanese animation and say that stylistically they all look more or less the same, regardless of which company created it.

    A lot of people can look at American animation and say the same thing– that regardless of what company or creator makes the film, the look always falls somewhere within the parameters of the American animated feature film “house style”.

    It seems that Europe doesn’t want to be bound by those restraints. This feature has a look that is light years away from “A Cat in Paris” or “The Illusionist” or “Persepolis” or “Nocturna”, all of which have very distinctive looks.

    Maybe the Europeans have a little something to teach us Americans about individuality and diversity.

    • Philosophy & Fly Buys

      Europe is a diverse array of tightly packed countries which possess a wide range of ethnicities & a long list of cultural history & heritages. All the more reason to travel if you can.

      The World is a book & those who do not travel read only a page. Seek greater knowledge through greater experience, not just of time, but of place. – Some Philosophical Yutz

  • This was animated entirely on tablets in TVPaint, if anyone’s curious.

  • Love it! Why worrying about Glen Keane’s departure from Disney when we can celebrate these group’s arrival!!?! Great animation ain’t dead!