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New Poster for “Epic”

20th Century Fox has just released its latest poster for Blue Sky’s next feature, Epic, coming out in May. At first glance, you might mistake it for live action teenage adventure flick. What’s your response?

I also like how the Blue Sky Studios logo is getting prominent placement in the title treatment – perhaps to differentiate it from the Dreamworks releases Fox will begin handling this year? Whatever the reason, it’s about time!

  • David
    • Glowworm

      Exactly what I was thinking. The villain even looks a lot like Bunnymund.

    • great

      please, the whole tolkien-esque lore thing with elves, archers, gnomes, and talking animals goes way further back than Guardians…terrible comparison mate.

      • Nic

        Agreed. Trends appear in graphic design as much as they do any other artform. Not sure why anyone would make a stink about it.

  • Inkan1969

    Not quite. I can still tell that the humans are CGI characters, even though they’re barely cartoony.

  • Sarah J

    Pretty cool, I guess, but I don’t like how the girl is just like, standing there. What, no cool pose or facial expression or anything?

    • “No facial expression.”

      That’s what makes it a live-action teenage adventure flick: she’s clearly channeling her inner Kristen Stewart!

  • Tim

    Is that Robert Pattinson??

    • GSW

      No. It’s a giant slug. I understand your confusion though.

  • ben

    very nice poster. i think EPIC will be a very fun adventure film and surprise a lot of people.

  • JoneyFive
    • David


  • Ted

    This looks great! Nice to see any movie poster, let alone an animated movie poster with a sense of rhythm and composition. What a breath of fresh air!

  • wever


    The humans…… seem a bit too realistic for a CG “cartoon” feature. Aside from the slugs, this could easily have been made into a live-action movie with heavy use of CG for the effects and nothing would’ve changed.

  • Glowworm

    Is it wrong that the villain looks to me like an evil mutant bunny?

    • Buddiguy

      I’m not sure if those are his ears. If you look on top of his head he’s got a little head on it. Is he wearing the skin of a mutant bunny?

      • Glowworm

        I figured he was wearing some sort of pelt on his head–but it does kind of look like he has rabbit ears.

      • KitKat

        It’s a bat skin, judging from the shape of the nose on the headpiece.

    • Mark R.

      Isn’t he camouflaged as a bat?

      I think he looks really cool!

    • Polecat

      “Why are you wearing that stupid human suit?” Enter Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

      • “Enter Joseph Gordon-Levitt.”

        *Cough, cough* Jake Gyllenhaal.

        • Polecat

          Well, in my defense, I think they look like they were separated at birth. Thanks for telling me, though.

  • davo

    oh wow, look at that, they’ve tinted everything teal and orange……it instantly makes everything look so cool.
    If only holywood had some sort of filter they could apply to every film so that they’d all look like that!

  • Shazbot

    It’s still basically a Fern Gully ripoff. Pass!

    • Glowworm

      Sadly without a pollution spirit with the overly sexual voice of Tim Curry.

  • Pedro Nakama

    It’s The Rise of The Guardians poster. Really. Check it out…


  • I didn’t notice the simmilarities with the Rise of The Guardians poster but yes, it’s pretty close.

    I like it anyway. I’m not especially excited about the movie but I think the poster looks nice. It may not be super original but this kind of compositions are a lot better than the usual ‘every character running, badly cluttered or/ and making the ‘tude face’ that we got in many CGI movies.

    And for some reason I think the girls’ design kinda looks better here than in the actual trailer.

  • tredlow

    For once, I like the look of the human characters in a Dreamworks movie. Then again, that’s what I thought about the Rise of the Guardians poster, before I saw what the kids in the movie look like.

    • wever

      Um…. this is a Twentieth Century FOX/Blue Sky movie, not a Dreamworks movie. But then, you were probably joking.

      • tredlow

        D’oh! I get those two mixed up a lot! Yeah, no, then, I still think Dreamworks has only weird human characters.

  • The poster does look really cool, and make the movie feel more like a fun adventure. Most animated movie posters just have the characters standing or posing.

  • Aaron B.

    Still a terribly uninformative and unimaginative title for an animated film.

  • Max

    I give them credit for being different from many other animated posters with this kind of poster formula, but was expecting more green than the off-putting teal and orange.

  • LazyBoy
    • IJK

      Because that’s not getting old.

  • d.harry

    Look, it’s Bronnie Berry!!

  • Steven Marino

    This poster bores me. Doesn’t really excite me in any way. Plus the one-word title trend is really starting to wear on my nerves.

    • Polecat

      “Planes,” “Cars,” “Frozen,” “Tangled”…let’s play a game, boys and girls! How many can YOU name?

    • Animator606432

      Yeah the title doesn’t even sound that interesting. Epic? Really, naming your movie after an old meme on the internet. blah

  • Make as many posters as you want Blue Sky. I’m not calling that film anything other than “The Leafmen”.

  • Oh, dear God!…Another one of “those”?!! What would Sam Katzman do in times like this?!!!

  • Christy

    It worries me greatly that the snails are so prominently displayed. They’re about the same size (height-wise) as the boy and the villain, does that mean they’re going to get a lot of screen time? D: I’m just about done with talking comic relief animal sidekicks…

  • Anna

    how to tell its not Dreamworks – nobody is doing the eyebrow thing! .. you know the one…

    yeah, sorry, thats all I’m getting from this poster

  • Steve C.

    Something about any of the artwork I see for “Epic” here and in our local theatre poster, makes me feel “Brave..somehow.

  • I love this sort of new look for Blue Sky. Would have liked that the poster stayed away from the blue/orange soaking that most posters get. I do appreciate the strong bits of green in it though. I too am glad Blue Sky is getting more recognition. I’m also pleased that this film will be getting a much deserved art book.