New trailer for Nick Cross’s One-Man Feature “Black Sunrise” New trailer for Nick Cross’s One-Man Feature “Black Sunrise”
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New trailer for Nick Cross’s One-Man Feature “Black Sunrise”

The new year brings a new trailer for the Nick Cross feature Black Sunrise. Nick tells us he has ten minutes completed. Every new image intrigues and excites us. I predict this will be well worth the wait:

  • tjr

    Intriguing, doesn’t even begin to describe it……I wonder how long we will have to wait for the finished film.

  • jgpunk

    been looking forward to seeing this finished… can’t wait. thanks for the tease, Nick!

  • christy

    wow!!! WOW!

  • Bob Harper

    Miyazaki on LSD – which is a good thing. I can’t wait for this, inspiring me to keep working on mine.

  • Old Man Father Time

    Close inspection makes clear some reusage of drawings in some shots, such as the head lifting up near the end of the trailer. It doesn’t affect the awesomeness of how it looks!

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    WOW! That looks like a hell of a lot of work to make… I liked Nick’s previous stuff.. Should be cool!

  • Billy Batz

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  • Another Nick Cross film?! :D :D
    /party cannon
    Seriously though, this guy is my hero. I’m stoked to see his next masterpiece!

  • very nice..look forward to the finished product

  • The quality in this looks like it’ll be one of those 15 year later kinda films…. Looks great though… Its awesome to see animators making films… especially 2d films…

  • This looks like it’s gonna be incredible, the design is amazing! only thing I am confused about is the plot, were does the wild man feature in all of this?

    still…don’t care, it’s so nicely animated

  • Rufus

    Looks fantastic! Can’t wait!

  • Ok I’m sold… get the cheque book Myrtle, this lad is making a feature next.

    My initial confusion is now disapated entirely. I was under the impression that the short was about a liquorice knicker bocker glory… literally a ‘Black Sundae’ … seems I miss read the blog post

  • Isaac

    Best of luck to Nick Cross! I hope this movie is not only critically successful but also a commercial success. He’s paving the way for the future of animation.

  • tomm

    amazing and inspiring. and hes doing it solo. very cool.

  • Neato.

  • i can’t wait! Go Nick!
    Loved how the guys in masks were jumping out the back of that van. It’s so energetic and a total treat to look at.

  • Pretty mind-boggling to think this was made by predominantly “one” guy.

    I’m still in “awe” by your work effort dude.


  • Looks fascinating, beautiful, and extremely individual. I see lots of anime influence which most features continue to avoid. I wish Nick the best of luck!

  • Doug

    Good golly! I hope some major company doesn’t scoop up Mr. Cross before he finishes this film (or that his other paying work doesn’t get in the way). This is pretty astounding looking stuff!!!

    Would love to hear more about how he is making this. A feature here on Cartoon Brew would be very cool.

  • Tess

    A headless horse running backwards. Confusedly the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.