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Open Road Releases “The Nut Job” Trailer

The animated trailers won’t stop this week. Today we have The Nut Job, which will open on January 17, 2014. Directed by veteran CG animator Peter Lepeniotis, The Nut Job is based on a short film he made in 2005 called Surly Squirrel. Lepeniotis also co-wrote the screenplay for this new film with Lorne Cameron.

The $45 million 3D CGI film is a South Korean/Canadian co-production between ToonBox Entertainment, Redrover, Ltd and Gulfstream Pictures. It will be distributed by Open Road Films, a joint venture of theater chains AMC and Regal.

  • Toonio

    Seems they put the over the hedge models to a better use.

    • Cheese

      That dog remind me of Luiz from “Rio.”

    • Ug the amazing caveman

      Agree. This looks too much like a sequel to that movie.

  • nathanimator

    Is it just me or was the lipsync particularly bad? Maybe whoever made the trailer didn’t put the proper clips with the right audio.

    • Tres Swygert

      I couldn’t understand why there were scenes their mouths didn’t move. It looked and felt weird compared to something that worked (like Garfield).

      • arghhh

        This trailer really doesn’t show the quality of the animation. The marketing people in their infinite wisdom decided to insert different dialogue in many of the shots, or even into shots which originally had no dialogue.

        The shots that were chosen for the trailer were more gag oriented and really not at all reflective of the quality of animation of the rest of the film. I was a member of the animation crew, and I can honestly say that we had a very talented crew, and there are a whole lot of really nicely animated shots throughout the movie. Unfortunately, that doesn’t come across in the trailer.

        The music that was used in the trailer in no way represents the film either. The film is set in the 50`s, so I can`t understand why some generic dubstep crap was used. I guess that`s why I`m an artist and not a marketer.

        • Chris Sobieniak

          I don’t understand it either (interesting the story takes place not the present, I suppose I should give the producers credit there not to have it be modern day and such).

    • cetrata

      The animation is so stiff as well.

    • Mayo

      It’s not the same lip sync. ( I’m an animator on this film) It’s not the same voice actor, it’s an impersonator. The music used during the dance isn’t the same either. Damn marketing.

      • HalSolo

        Thanks for clearing that up – it’s unfortunate that the trailer went that route, if what you say is true it really is not putting the best foot forward for this movie. Shame if its an original, quality animated feature.

  • Kristen S.

    That’s the deepest voice I’ve ever heard coming from a cartoon squirrel.

    • Harry Bastard

      I know, right?

  • Geoff

    The main guy looks totally like Hammy in Over The Hedge. His rat friend looked like Remy from Ratatouille after some slim fast.
    The trailer looks… Meh

    • Harry Bastard

      Might have something to do with the ol’ ‘CalArts’ look permeating almost all of North American animation, with a few note-able exceptions, o’ course.

    • rodso64

      Actually, I think the squirrels look a lot like the squirrels from Disney’s Sword in the Stone. Check ’em out.

    • Not only does he look like Hammy, the premise of this movie is incredibly similar to Over the Hedge. (Animals run out of natural food, team up to steal human food.)

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Is it wrong that after watching the “Free Birds” and “Frozen” trailer I actually found this one to be hilarious? I actually laughed a lot at the gags such as the transforming billboard scaring the heck out of the poor squirrel, the peanut brittle line and the pug wanting to lick the squirrel’s face and the squirrel’s reaction.

  • Screwy Squirrel was the best nutty rodent. Nothing can top this:

    • IJK

      No one should be allowed to make a cartoon squirrel, even one whose personality is the exact opposite of Screwy, because someone did it first and, in your opinion, the best.

      Got it!

  • SarahJesness

    … One of the squirrels in the background of the poster looks just like the one from Over the Hedge.

    • Tres Swygert

      My thoughts exactly.

  • hitface

    ugh, saw the prev for this when we were seeing cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. it was so awkward, and it made me so uncomfortable to watch…

  • IJK

    It started out really strong then once the dance music hit, the humor kind of dipped downward. The quality of the models and whatnot look pretty good, but there’s such a lack of acting. They barely move at all when they talk.

    This almost seems like it would be more fitting an an hour-long pilot for a CartoonNetwork show that goes on to feature a grumpy squirrel and his rodent friends (And pug) and their everyday lives in the big city.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      And let’s not forget the prerequisite fart joke I didn’t want to hear either but it’s there.

  • looked good…hate the music

  • Ed

    I saw a teaser for this a couple of years ago, on an LG TV in a furniture store. I thought it was already released in Korea or somewhere.

  • James Fox

    This is better than “Free Birds”

  • AnnoyedWithThisMovie

    What strikes me most about this trailer is how boring the plot sounds. A team of rodents plan a nut shoppe heist?? Is it even possible to get more uninspired than that? It must take a lot of effort to come up with a premise this dull and uninteresting. Wow.

  • Goober

    I didn’t think of Over the Hedge when I saw the squirrel (I think this one looks pretty nice), but the rat does remind me of Remy from Ratatouille. I like the textures but the trailer didn’t do much for me…rather dry I guess.

  • George Comerci

    Looks promising, it made me giggle. Guess we’ll have to wait for other trailers before we can make up our minds :)

  • Condescendan Jones

    Let’s all comment about how things remind us of other things and judge a movie before it comes out because this is the kind of thing we do here.

  • rooniman

    The poster gave me no hope at all upon seeing it.

    Then the trailer solidified that even further.

  • PGM

    Kudos to Peter for putting together a movie under great budget constrains. The trailer is not great but the movie is funny with some stellar voice performances and a better plot than the one that the trailer hints.

  • Mister Twister

    I am actually looking forward to seeing this.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Why must animated characters dance and mug to the camera?

    Seriously. Do most animators grow up being ignored? Is this how we beg for attention?

    This looks awful. Especially for 45 Million.

  • superduper

    It is much better then what is portrayed in the teaser.

    Hopefully a better trailer will be released.
    The teaser has no bearing on the plot whatsoever
    “thank the marketing guru’s for that”.
    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  • person

    No female characters. Nice.

    • IJK

      The pug wasn’t a girl…?