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‘Sausage Party’ Just Blew The Roof Off SXSW, Red Band Trailer Released

American animation is finally growing up. For the second year in a row, a major Hollywood studio will release an R-rated animated feature. For the record, this has never happened before, and whatever you think of the two releases – Anomalisa and Sausage Party – the availability of these films could have a far-reaching impact on the future of Hollywood animation – and perhaps an awakening amongst Hollywood execs that animation doesn’t have to be relegated to the kiddie matinee crowd.

Sausage Party, the first American R-rated CG animated movie, had its debut public screening at SXSW tonight and the reaction on social media was strikingly good. Sony also just released the red band trailer, which you can see below. Take notice, plenty of F-bombs are dropped:

Directed by Greg Tiernan (Thomas & Friends) and Conrad Vernon (Shrek 2, Monsters vs. Aliens), Sausage Party is described as a film about “one sausage’s quest to discover the truth about his existence.” Voice cast includes Rogen, James Franco, Salma Hayek, Kristen Wiig, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Edward Norton, and Michael Cera, among others. Nitrogen Studios in Vancouver, Canada produced the animation from a screenplay by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen, Kyle Hunter, and Ariel Shaffir.

Sausage Party will be released in U.S. theaters on August 12, 2016.

Here’s a selection of reactions from those who attended tonight’s SXSW screening:

  • JonLee

    Any skepticism I had for the movie was destroyed in a minute. By the way, some of storyboard artists (Todd Demong, Scott Underwood, and James Wootton) used to work on Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

  • John Snow

    First “American” R rated Animated movie… when it was animated in Canada….

    • AmidAmidi

      Canada hosted the service studio that produced the animation, but it’s still an American film story-wise and funding-wise.

      • tikkigirls

        it was animated in Canada. He did not commented about being produce in Canada, or being financed in Canada, he only commented on being animated in Canada

  • j____l

    What’s that „wise“ food person smoking a pipe at 1:30 supposed to be (I’m not from the US)?

    • Mike Cervantes

      He’s a bottle of liquor. It’s a pretty harsh stereotype that all Native Americans are heavy drinkers.

      • j____l

        m (

        Was thinking that it looked like a racist indigenious stereotype but didn’t think that it’s that awful. Welp #whyaminotsurprised

        Thanks for the clarification, though!

        • Mike Cervantes

          There’s already a Mexican burrito and some Irish potatoes, so I suppose this isn’t a film looking to shatter many glass ceilings.

        • Brian Wolf

          If the movie is anything like the leaked script, then the movie is like 40% racist caricatures. In the script, the native American character is named Firewater, and hangs out with a box of Uncle Tom’s Rice, who talks exactly how you’d fear. Two of the main characters are a neurotic Jewish bagel and a sexist Islamic(?) pita bread who hate each other’s guts. There’s also a joke about a bunch of sushi committing seppuku, just so we can get everybody in on it.

  • Lola

    Either Rogen & co. saw Foodfight, or this is a strange coincidence.

    • schwarzgrau

      CG food characters?

  • Elsi Pote

    Pot heads rejoice! Seth Rogen and Co deliver another hit just for you.

  • Mike Cervantes

    I came here hoping someone would point out the sideways-mouthed hot dog bun is a lot like the one from The Ripping Friends.

    • Anonymous

      I enjoyed this more than the trailer.

    • Trevour

      Yep, commented about that in the previous post. Glad I wasn’t the only one!

  • alt animation podcast

    Glad to see it got a good reaction! SXSW audiences are notorious for liking everything but I think this one was probably well deserved! cant want to see it myself

  • jhalpernkitcat

    This is like one of those old timey “food comes to life at the store” cartoons–only to turn into a complete violent massacre. It looks a lot better than I expected. I also love those poor Irish potatoes.

  • JonLee

    You were on the project as well?

  • Abdullah Zubair

    Music wise, they should have ended the trailer with schwing!!! from the song….
    Animation is okay, but I feel like James Franco is wasted over here….
    But there are too many awesome animations this year that I can’t wait!!!

  • TKeen

    The hot dog buns look like vaginas. Maybe that’s deliberate.

  • The_Purple_People_Eater

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

  • Harvey Rothman

    “Finally growing up”

  • Bart Edge

    It’s not my thing but I hope it does well and that it helps buck the idea that animation is just for kids. Sure we’ve come a long way with TV but not so much with mainstream film.

  • ddrazen

    It seems to me that those lionizing “Sausage Party” as some kind of breakthrough in R-rated animation have forgotten their history. In particular, they’ve forgotten the work of Ralph Bakshi, going back to “Fritz The Cat” and “Heavy Traffic.” Even “Cool World” should get some recognition, and that film came out in 1992, a full 5 years before “South Park” premiered on television. Maybe it’s just me, but to invoke “The South Park Movie” as a standard is an exercise in setting the bar really low.

  • BurntToShreds

    If this movie succeeds, it will be because of the prevailing attitude that animation is for kids rather than in spite of it. People will go to see the movie for the novelty of it being an R-rated animated feature and retain their exact same stance towards animation.

  • Hazel

    Foodfight wishes it were any other movie.

  • J.S

    Damn, it’s amazing!