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South Korea’s Dystopic Pooping Film “Aachi & Ssipak” Is Available in English

It took seven years, but the bonkers South Korean animated feature Aachi & Ssipak has finally been made available for American audiences. The English language dub was re-written and voiced by Ed Skudder and Zach Keller, creators of the popular Mondo Media online series Dick Figures.

Produced for under $4 million (US), the Jo Beom-jin-directed film was a flop when it was released into South Korean theaters in 2006, but has built a cult following owing to its well executed action seqeunces and bizarro scatalogical story. Set in a dystopian future in which the only usable fuel is human excrement, the government controls its citizens’ anuses by distributing addictive bowel movement-inducing popsicles called Juicybars. The two main characters, Aachi and Ssipak, are hoodlums who scrape by stealing and selling Juicybars, and end up being pursued by the Diaper Gang, an army of blue mutants led by the Diaper King.

The new dub, which was produced by Mondo Media, will be released by Cinedigm onto DVD and Blu-ray on March 11. Mondo is also using their ‘streamium’ online release strategy in which the feature-length film is distributed in weekly ad-supported chapters on YouTube while simultaneously released in its entirety on paid/rental services. You can currently view the first two ‘chapters’ of the film below, or purchase the whole uncensored film on iTunes, Google Play and MondoMedia.com.

  • Adam Buritsch

    This is very exciting news. I love this strange and disturbing film.

  • Erik Butter

    cant watch the video’s but this is what the word needs

  • James Madison

    This was an ambitious and quirky movie. I really liked it. I “think” I have an authorized DVD that I bought a few years ago that has English subtitles. I tend to like the original voice overs rather than the re-dubbed. I will give it a try if the new disc includes the original voice tracks and some extra features.

  • fucking wow

  • Inkan1969

    Aren’t the names of the two leads the Korean cuss words for urine and feces?

    • donguk

      Nope. Aachi is an abbreviation of ‘Yangacchi’ in Korean. It means sort of a little gangster or a bully. And the Ssipak is kinda curse like f**k or assh**l stuff like that. :)

  • truteal

    I’m in

    “re-written and voiced by Ed Skudder and Zach Keller, creators of the popular Mondo Media online series Dick Figures.”

    And I’m out

  • Harry Bastard

    Aw, goddammit guys, what the hell did you do to the freakin’ butt-rock soundtrack? It’s all freakin’ Dick Figures dubstep now!

  • Funkybat

    I wonder if the DVD will have the original Korean soundtrack with English subtitles? This looks super gonzo and visually stunning, I would like to see it but worry when translation veers into “re-written” territory.

  • Juan

    “has finally been made available for American audiences”… what, “americans” can’t read or what? jesus…