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“Ted 2” Slated For June 2015 Release

Universal has chosen June 26, 2015 as the release date for Seth MacFarlane’s Ted 2. The original 2012 film grossed $549.4M worldwide making it the second-highest earning R-rated comedy of all-time.

MacFarlane, who recently purchased a three-story, 20,000 square foot Beverly Hills office building for $11 million, will direct again and Mark Wahlberg is expected to reprise his leading actor role. MacFarlane will co-write the film with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild.

  • This was inevitable. I see this movie is being thrusted in what will probably the most bloated year for movie sequels in this decade.

    Personally, I thought the movie was just…average? Didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t in love with it either. Though I enjoyed it a bit more than recent seasons of Family Guy.

    • Roberto Severino

      Same here. Seasons 10 and 11 of Family Guy are pretty much mostly unwatchable for me and Season 7 is still probably the worst season of Family Guy ever. The recent season premiere was surprisingly decent despite the cliched plot and that pointless dad breath stuff, but it’s pretty obvious based on other episodes that the writers gave up a long time ago with the HD era really showing how much the show has declined.

      Anyways, I’m not that excited for Ted 2 but I’ll watch it just to see if it’s somehow an improvement over the first one.

      • SarahJesness

        Agreed. I stopped watching the new episodes a few years ago. At the time (I don’t know if it’s changed then) they’d still have a good episode once in a while, but not frequently enough to keep my attention.

        Though I hear this season they plan on killing off a member of the main cast. When that episode draws near, I might tune in just to see if they’re really going to do it.

        • Roberto Severino

          Yeah. They tend to put a lot more effort into the Brian and Stewie centered episodes, but for regular episodes, it gets very formulaic and repetitive.

          I’m glad American Dad has remained really funny for as long as it’s been on the air, with the two episodes from this current season being a huge step up from Season 8 stuff. They aren’t as formulaic and often do a lot of unexpected stuff with the plots. In fact, I don’t even think Seth does that much with the show to begin with.

          They even made episodes about a singing Cee Lo Green hot tub and one about Francine’s ghost sex drive really entertaining. That show and Bob’s Burgers are the big highlights of Animation Domination for me.

          • SarahJesness

            I agree, I think American Dad is pretty underrated. It has much better writing, in large part because the people working on the show know when a joke works, when it doesn’t, and they know when to stop. The early episodes have a lot of recurring jokes that you don’t see much later because the writers knew that “Klaus hitting on Francine” and “constant political arguments between Hayley and Stan” would get old. They’re also good at consistency, which is appreciated.

            What also helps is that American Dad has more to work with. Family Guy is yet another show about a dysfunctional family. With American Dad, the writers can do a lot of stuff with the CIA missions and technology.

            But regarding Seth doing much with the show… I’ve been told the same thing about Family Guy, that he hasn’t been much involved with the past several seasons. I’ve been watching the older Family Guy episodes lately and it seems I forgot how good they were. So why the decline? Was it because Seth did less with the show, or was the decline caused by Seth? Sometimes I wonder if the quality drop was because the success of the show went to MacFarlane’s head.

  • SarahJesness

    Eh, I enjoyed the movie but I’m not a super big fan of it. I’ll probably pass on the sequel unless it gets really good reviews.

  • Roberto Severino

    Ted was an okay time waster for me. Nothing I’d care about seeing again and it honestly didn’t make me laugh too much in the second half of the film. Certainly funnier than the regular Family Guy episodes that are being made now in my opinion.

  • The_iron_gecko

    Are you all joking ? Ted was an amazing movie, reminiscant of the earlier series of Fg. If you didn’t like it, fairy muff… But I was in stitches laughing XD

    • Roberto Severino

      Not saying that I didn’t like it at all and neither did anyone else here. I really enjoyed the Patrick Stewart and Flash Gordon scenes, but they still could have done more with it. That’s all. At least no one here is flat out hating the movie and saying that it sucks and all. Usually when Seth MacFarlane stuff is brought up here, there are all sorts of annoying comments from both extreme ends of the spectrum who either love him or hate the guy’s guts.

  • George Comerci

    Wonder if it will be any good…?