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Trailer for “Blood of Eden,” An Iranian CG Feature

We don’t cover a lot of animation from Iran, but the quality of work that I see coming out of the country is constantly improving. This trailer for the animated feature Blood of Eden is among the more cinematically ambitious pieces of Iranian animation I’ve encountered yet.

The film, scheduled for completion next year, comes to us from Didar Pictures, a Tehran-based studio run by the three Najafi brothers—Mohsen, Morteza and Hossein. It is at least the second feature from Iran that is headed toward completion—the other, The Last Fiction, which I wrote about a couple years ago, is still in production as best as I can tell.

  • George

    Wow, even Iran can design more appealing looking human characters than Dreamworks!

    • Jason

      Hah I was going to type a big breakdown of some of the issues in this but I don’t think I will. These characters are more appealing than Dreamworks which is really weird. I know the concept guys at DW and they’re REALLY good but when the time comes for the models to finish, the BeeMovie ugly comes out.

    • Nic

      This is an immature cheap shot that compliments no one.

      As for this trailer, it looks beautiful! I love how textural and a little gritty it feels. I wonder if we’ll have an opportunity to see it. It’s pretty exciting to see great animated works coming out of the woodworks all across the globe.

      • Jason

        Immature cheap shot that’s accurate you mean? I love Pixar but I’ll openly admit the Cars franchise sucks even though it’s what makes them the most money.

        Being successful doesn’t make you immune to criticism or bad taste in design.

  • GW

    It looks like a good movie. If it ever gets translated and given a theatrical or DVD release, I’ll be glad to see it.

  • Jon H

    Interesting stuff, I actually really dig the character designs. Any idea what’s going on? I don’t speak Farsi and the movie’s website is down.

  • Always love hearing about animation from foreign countries, but these character designs are too “Clone Wars” for me.

  • it’s a copy of their “style” but not an improved one …

    • DarklingDragon

      I can see the influences, but I’m pretty sure Clonewars wasn’t the first animated movie to have characters in that style.

      Anyway, as a Persian-Amercian I love watching animation from different countries. Makes me wish we had film festivals in the area I live in.

  • luke

    Interesting title, I wish I could know what he is saying. Since the land that Israel occupies is often referred to as “eden” or such, this seems to me to have the potential to be a very politically charged animation, especially when it says you have to pay for it with blood… Perhaps I am reading into it differently and its all about finding a spiritual Atlantis or something, but I kinda wonder if it portrays the Iranian view of evil invaders occupying their home, “Eden” and a mans struggle to find or regain it with much sacrifice…

  • Seeso 2D

    The character design and the atmosphere remind me of The Prince of Egypt. It seems that’s where they got their influence.

  • Face

    Pretty solid. Lot of weight. Such different feel.

  • ehsansan

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